I am aware naturally of the bad things I am accused of causing in UK society and Politics but in reality of course it is always a matter of the temerity people have to make those accusations they do all the time: what happens in terms of my actions being a matter of being insulted by them, most popularly the bit where I am to let them get a job first before I do because they are older and might even tell me it is because they know my mother as well, claiming they know my culture back in Africa and so it has been that way for the last 14 years and I cannot get used to it and cannot let them get away with it, hence always a matter of waiting and tolerating them but only to a certain point, it does not mean that these kinds of insults and the part where they get on media to express them as if I buy my media equipment so they can talk through to me with is any less insulting with time - these are the reasons for my actions mostly and nothing else; itís a matter of being abusively insulted and my follow up revenge for it but for them itís largely a case of handling my possessions in a condition where I will have to avoid giving them opportunity and incentive for crime by keeping my mouth shut, staying out of public light and keeping myself away from financial success so I do not stir their attention and itís that sort of big mouth talk you hear from British idiots all the time especially when black, so that when it comes to it and I have no wish to tolerate rubbish from them or from Scottish Independence activists then there are a flurry of bad things I cause. The reality is of course that we have a Government that deploys Armed forces and moves into their place in the world, we have a government that flies gay pride at Parliament for days claiming it is civil rights, now they suggest they don't know that it is the fact they have turned their backs on morality that is breaking up the Country, they do not know that it is lovers of gay pride that are doing Scottish Independence. I for my part in the same way I do not see them talk to their popularity and celebrity culture block head children the way they think they can address me have made myself clear on where I stand about these fools and they have created their false confidence on media about being able to bully me and will build entire futures on that, it is not that much of a problem since I have nothing to lose and will soon put to the test what they were going to do it with but I will not tolerate these insults and that is all we have here not a process where I make bad things happen. I mean you can walk up to people and have them graft themselves into your personality in the most publicly abusive way imaginable but how does Government Policy foster their behaviour as a means of what they describe as socially controlling you Ė how do they turn up from parliament to make use of my work in the most insulting manner imaginable and hope I will become a figure of ridicule for their childrenís self-confidence: they say I am not in a good position but of course I used to be scared that if I donít get to walk up to the last MP I will determine had done these things for the last time and rough him up very seriously it will start from a joke and then become a frivolity and develop into all forms until it becomes outright oppression designed to ensure I cannot study or find a job but I applied myself to other means I do not worry about that anymore, now just that insults and the temerity to handle my possession and more so to a point where doing so is designed to handle my finances and it will end very badly in that sense too, however which I am not the one breaking up their stupid country yet. It is always said that nobody can handle them without creating them more incentive and opportunity for crime; I can, and the rest need to get off my book sales and set somebody they can handle up somewhere else or join them. Itís never about influence, itís always been about their insults and the fact that they already have their own lives before they mess mine up making it into a major preoccupation on claims making use of me is something most people have and they will not be denied - so there have always been deviant people on the left and they need to stop winding me up too.

They do say that Scottish independence is something that has occurred because of me i.e. I am responsible for turning up to tip people over the edge on how they feel about an executive that is not elected but that isnít true, it is about their need to steal and a government that will be predisposed at a pivotal point in history where somebody will be small enough to be man handled and have enough stuff around his person to aid them to recover from their feelings of inequality with those who have been more successful than they are at the same time without bothering about what people with extreme views will do about their victim because itís all taken care of and hence the question for them ranges from whether or not if they steal this Royal Estate it will be enough to last for eternity as that is what a new country is supposed to be for, right down to the part where I appear to be unbeatable and Scottish independence people are the only ones standing up to me to give people their confidence of idiots Ė which is mostly about the little ones being about how they must tie me down somewhere and extract everything about my faith from me by exasperate me and exploring each and every one of my feelings and teachings over a period of time while they talk nonsense about their own rights, then pervade them all on media and expect people to ignore me if I preach the gospel while I am forced to live off it at the same time on one hand while on the other expect some to get cross and have me beaten up for preaching the gospel which is a faith I have the right to practice and so it is until I do them as well and they want a new country to break free from me too which if they do will not necessarily mean they will not provoke me again and I will not get after them again, only that they think they are more powerful and given the conditions they want I should be beaten and this is the kind of fun we are talking about, it has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not a government is a government that people want, they say that because they are making it appear to be my fault that they make the decisions they make when we all know it isnít in anyway whatsoever, but goes right up to the need to steal peopleís property and have a government that works for them which has its own borders with which to prevent the owners from getting their Royal Estate back. I mean I wasn't even in my teens when Alex Salmon first campaigned publicly for Scottish Independence, he moved off to the US after losing spectacularly, now he is back to torture me and have it at all cost.

Itís like the story of faith in our schools and so on - reality of which is that I have no wish to discuss their faith schools and faith in their schools with them, the reason for that being that they know their competition with my faith which pervades it and annoys me endlessly is based on damaging my finances because it makes no sense and hence something they devise to create a bubble of involvement with me in a condition where there are no rules - they never listen of course and soon resort to civil rights and whiles to get their way by all means as if that is what the rest of us exist for and it always goes on until people bend them up the other way as well which is where I have no plans to make myself an exception to the rule either. I mean if I discuss faith in their schools with them, then what do I make of playboys chasing money, big girls in my service, extremism and the nature of it and all the others - they know these are things they need to have somebody they can sacrifice whose dead body they can gloat over and so on: my point being that just like the Politicians do express it, it can only carry on until messing me up becomes something that their children do for self-confidence and then at that stage it will be a story of messing with Politicians resulting in having your life flushed down the toilet just like they have no plans to stay off my personal life at present and they like to think I am not going to simply get from nowhere to flush their own down the toilet first of course with that big mouth but I believe I must have heard that from a thousand bastards by now as well. So when there are other who do say if I lived in Africa for example I would have no opportunity to brag it makes no sense whatsoever since this is all a matter of their laziness: we all know these trouble makers want only three things out of everything they are seen doing in public and will want to control your finances and personal life to have it too because they are evil i.e. having their hands on your finances as you earn it, making sure you cannot do anything about that and or about them, finally making sure the rest of the world thinks something entirely different from the effects it has on you is what everybody thinks is happening but those who say such things are rather a collection of some of the most lazy fools that the world will ever see and eventually we see that I am meant to have become so messed up that everything becomes as easy for them as a gesture or a body language or a wink and so on - but then again of which their laziness is nothing new, I am mentioning it as a matter of fact everybody knows it is legendary..

I. Uno I

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