I am told that the war is still on while I believe I might just be able to get along with my own concerns and its utter nonsense, there are no wars still on; what is really happening is the fact that I am not going to stop all the behaviour people have devised towards me which damage my Book sales and my earnings in a single day, so I have to take a breath and enjoy the ride until the job is done – everybody knows contrary to what the insults suggest all the time, whenever it feels as if the age of 50 is a luxury for you, it usually means you have been very successful and they have found a cure for their pathological fear of work which involves squandering your property by building you a less likable personality with Media and Popularity culture, so contrary to this idea I am full of self-pity, I really am a very happy and satisfied person who knows he has achieved a lot where many before had failed and needs to stop them ripping up the finances with their involvement stupidities instead of accepting what my leadership looks like and behaving with due respect over it.

The women are nothing unusual – it is an old story of what they believe they had become accustomed to while in reality we know I can get accustomed to the business of debilitating the Men that would have attacked me on their behalf which they continually complain brings about an outcome in which they were unable to be real women while the need to get involved with me, pass insults at me on media to tell me what I must do for their wellbeing and plan a life on my finances still seems appealing in every way imaginable. I mean they do think they were women but visit your parent at an Office and come across those things they do which makes no sense but is nice in order to run the career that provides family finances, walk out and meet a couple that have lived together for years without getting married, walk down further and come across women from Church making statements about such couples who live for years together without getting married and then further down you come across a popular culture git that gets on public places to tell you what to do and plan her stupid life on your wallet garnished with Men that will come to her aid if you dared to do anything unusual and have them tell you they were real women as stupidly as possible. I do nothing about it most of the time because it is the same old problem of male involvement with my concerns – 12 years of making a statement about my Court being female admittance only and having them give me the response they can be a part of anything they wanted – so this is their problem not mine but it is getting to that stage where the insults these female goons channel at me was to be made to cease to be market viable.

They claim it’s something to do with the sense that there is a Bum at the Monarchy while what happens is that I spend most of my time in a Hermitage and according to Bible teachings have no plans to stock up on Money, rather set out parameters that ensure I made money whenever I needed to pay my way – it then works well with people who have either by nature or circumstances ended up in a living that means they must take the money issues at home and family at their own pace; if these goons were not wrecking the finances, they would not have been complaining about a Bum at the Monarchy in the first place and the sermon that they need keep off my Books and stop following me around has not yet appealed to the abusive and insulting stupid fun they want to have with me because my person and deeds excite them, something they think hides their wickedness very well and allows them to live a life that agrees with their twisted nature unquestioned because I have enough of the moral high ground to go round, as stupidly as possible. It then feeds into this idea they hate me because I provoke them while the real reason goes back to when the purpose of the media was to crush my spirit and put a social veil over ‘the light’ that came from me and when that failed they resorted to Civil rights abuses because they thought none had the intelligence to handle the kinds of stupidities they invented with it, only to end up with somebody that is clever enough to make a career out of gathering it, hence they have resorted to building me another reputation that says I am rude and badly behaved Royalty and due for punishment, while I have also decided some of the abusive ways I described them the way they put it to me will never stop.

Some people have said I have a difficult existence and it was never meant to be this way which I don’t; it’s challenging, not difficult – Racism is evil but the ethnic minorities actually do behave in a way that means you need a task force to control them. This will be the part some people say I am complicit with racism naturally but I am not – what happens is that you have some racists and before you knew it half of the racists will be reasoning with you on a certain level because of the insults of the ethnic minorities not least that which is channelled at you because they hate your leadership but want you getting off solving their stupid problems, while the other half will be unhinged; this then feeds into civil rule society where criminals endure such a difficult existence that they end up deciding to select somebody that they take it out on and how a White person is full of promise one moment and the next they are racist all together, meaning that some people do need to give up Public work operatives a break as it were. The racism and other forms of discrimination were even so according to the way I have made my life an experimental point for it, something that people who have a pathological fear of work but would only accept fame and fortune, expensive homes and nice cars as the gift that helped them pay their way in the world and will do anything to get it, so we find their whole lives are fundamentally built around the business of getting others to work for them – the ethnic minorities have now pointed out enough times to add to their nepotism being practiced at people their stupidities consider themselves to be superior to while racism is raging out of control around us all, that the racism bit where they got people working for them to make them rich is something they desire but do not necessarily want it practiced on them because they were equals of those who would have wanted to do so.

We have seen it feed into the idea that the reason I can do whatever I like is that White people pet me and let me get away with it, while reality is that having been the past 13 years of my time have been spent on their obsession with my personality and how to get rich quick by taking advantage of it, as stupidly as possible; the emerging facts of how they do it is the business of dropping out of University at some point when their abuses continued to follow me about – developing some society power that allows them get an imagination up my bum instead of get jobs for money, by which I will do everything they wanted instead of work for their money of talking about it which must be avoided as it is one of those things that brings the worst out of people which they find amusing –  the fact they never thought it was time to move in for the kill in my early thirties until I had started to grow sideways which rather meant that although their insults got worse following me around this the more successful I got, this was the age in which if they stuck a label of bum on me, it would made sense and then they will build a community of goons with ideas about what to do to me and become me in terms of my public image thereof. This to normal people would have meant that ending up in the same place as them to add to that business whereby other people’s racism builds up that nonsense they are my brothers and sisters because they come from the same race, was a dangerous thing – hence the theory of their insults and wickedness is usually that they believe they can handle me, the truth is that they cannot; what happens is that Politicians spend tax payer funds on them to help them with self-confidence and what beats my imagination the most is the fact that at such a stage they really do not need me in their stupid lives anymore.

They do speak of the fact I never pay attention to the reasons they hate my guts but it’s hard to when what we have really is a process where this business of white people petting me is more a matter of the society of my race deciding how my personality that can make people rich through popular culture is to get off University and sit around somewhere sharing the wealth – the outcome is that their idiots get off at Industry to buy equipment and venues where they engage with the Public extracting money from my public image, which soon gets worse as they deploy the money to get involved with any business that associated itself with me and has now become something I am going to break for them as well as I have no wish to keep getting educated on how their gangland violence and drive by shootings we hear them talk nonsense about all the time is created. Other reasons they hate my guts will include the fact they are just twisted and evil, as I mentioned before, it has not been able to crack this one, so it want to make it suffer and the only reason we are doing this are the things I have been provoked into saying that they can play with until it is a threat to my life, like the spawn of Satan. The rest is largely complains of what I did with their society just like the women complain of debilitating the men that would attack me for them which makes it impossible for them to be fully developed women but the need to handle my income margins, handle my Books and pass insults on me at Media is still appealing – their own will be the part where I ensured they had fame instantly and since my bottom now hurts because of it, I can see they have been trying to communicate and are not abusing me, destroying everything around here over the use of my personality most of the time anymore; it works for me all the time because it means that every time they set about building those communities of idiots that will force their will on me and tend to have ideas about what to do to me being discussed all day long, they become famous for the lies, lasciviousness, insults and gossiping, while my nagging behaviour makes them homosexual and the Church business cures them of it, whereby if people do not want this outcome need keep away from my earnings, keep distance from my Books and stop following me around. We can see this on a personal basis kills off that myth that I am ashamed of my roots – while the other German influence nonsense generally means that their reliance on power that makes rich and make poor instead of working for money means I am always getting targeted and smell like what I ate endlessly because they have no wish to get a job when they need money and if I started chasing it as German influence the problem would have gone away a long time ago, suffice to say if they tackle me over the smell I am really going to try hurting them seriously for it too. The German influence bits where if the UK abdicated responsibility in some parts of the world, to allow Germany wield influence it would not have meant the UK and Germany shared National interest, thus very distracting nonsense like the women who pass insults at me about what I should be doing to make them comfortable and build communities of men that will handle me over their needs is so distracting I cannot concentrate on other things, this nonsense has not yet lead to a case of distract me while I distract you so we may find out what it is exactly you can do – what we have instead is a Bum at the Monarchy whose finances they had pillaged, yet it makes sense that every time they think it is in their interest for me to be more dignified, I can always respond with not being aware German influence was unable to or had not yet succeeded at doing my thing.

I do get told it’s incredible I play with these things but I am not, I am just talking about minding my own business bits all the time when I know if I interviewed them – one part would tell me their power is the imagination that goes up the bum and ensures their victims do what they want to make them financially comfortable instead of work for money and this is the power they devise by some society to get what they want – others will point to busy body opportunism that makes you think the age of 50 was a luxury and so on, so we know if I chased it in its own right and more so on a religious platform, it would not have been a problem for me in anyway whatsoever all together but the reasons I don’t is that I detached their stupidities from mainstream living and everything they do to bring it back in has to amount to direct unlawful activity – so what I am now left with is a business of returning to my real self after years of the consequences of Politicians telling crowds they had the right to own my personality due to the business of making decisions that affect the lives of criminals and thereby deserving it, which made my person debatable and the business of people deciding which parts of me they want to grab possible while the Media goons set about their self-appointed bits that ensured I was never allowed to be on my own. It’s the same me that cannot function without the understand when it blows up all around you stay perfectly still and hope for deliverance from God – so this gets taken away by crowd abuse based financial vandalism and they don’t like my response for it too. So we find the blacks have said I am ashamed of my roots because it is the place where people can stop me from grabbing attention all the time, no willingness to discuss the abusive use of my person and how it gets worse when the Royal Family takes me in either and we find it is then said that I allow the bad things to happen then set about doing something then which is not the case as people are more interested in that business of whether or not some prancing person getting attention at the Monarchy will have that thing that is usually done, done to them and it will hang around a question until they eventually do it, such that now some of them have been turning to homosexuality because they keep making a mess of what I do when I am aware idiots have been linking peoples body fluids to the business of getting rich for example and its dirty and slimy, drooling and not corrupt by corruptibility, putting all their effort towards making sure I am always too disturbed to look the part of the introverted personality that gets me into trouble because people want to be me and I have been showing I am still in control after they had become homosexual, it does tend to turn towards another question of whether it was the protection of the sanctity of family at the Monarchy that was more important than such gimmicks in the first place. The Media ones will be the bits that will take a certain position and love me because I am criticised behaviour at the Monarchy but then lingering is the question of whether Journalists are the Monarchy in the first place, looking for more of what it is complaining about.

I. Uno I

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