I am asked these questions on what the main problem with people really is but there is none. Just a matter with a handful of very silly individuals who believed that their finances should be prioritised over other people’s financial wellbeing and that it did not matter if it was the resources of victims that have suffered from the consequences of their madness being deployed to give them such things. In my case it had since become a matter of every stupid popularity twat with a sugar daddy beside her and other men who chase peoples private parts, telling me about what I can and cannot do as insultingly as the Media presence that idiots who have media jobs and never listen to what others are saying had afforded them to throw at me, claiming they know where my Books are, having spent the last 5 years ripping up patents and markets, they can now use to handle me for power reasons and I had better co-operated – at the same time their men ran off those gimmicks about paying a lot of attention to my personal space and body parts for those practical jokes and threats, insults and abusive gimmicks that will incapacitate me when I chase my career; giving rise to sentiments that it made sense to pick up social status matters and run them down until they had no sense of self but I had soon given up on it when their stupidities had abated.

It is an example such that three Hours later, they had begun again at the behest of idiots with media careers, who work their own gimmicks on account the business of being able to damage my Books when I had not co-operated was the power, they had created for themselves as well. Hence generally it is growing into a matter of popularity twats with sugar daddies at their side and a need to address me with those insulting and abusive girl attitudes they got accustomed to, which churns my tummy, looking for a deterrence of which when I set out one such and begin to hit them, it does appear there will be a lot of premises for me to stop doing so.

It’s not a complicated matter as such, the whole thing had sooner or later created a system where they hung about making a mess of peoples careers to ensure the money they had made them more money and the question was a case of whether a person who had Royal Office to pay attention to, really would make something of the business of getting into a personal relationship with them – however, as they have developed a habit of insultingly addressing me because they know they can blab their insults of which I have no idea how they got to communicate those stupidities at me, especially the part where they are entitled to do whatever they liked with my Bookshop because it will pay me later on which we all know never happens because they are always looking for crimes that had not been stipulated by the law and I had done everything to keep them out of my concerns and more so on the matter, I have no idea how to respond to it but the habit that the Americans have developed with respect to addressing me and making me sick, churning my tummy and making me vomit anything I had eaten would be said to had produced a social inequality disposition if I said that they needed to stop doing it, their need to continue however is about to produce an outcome where I found a way to respond to it as well.

They speak of two factors that served contributory reasons for their behaviour; one being that their stupidities fight my battles and the other being that they had business with me in a position of authority which I was unaware of. For the latter, they are simply a handful of idiots who put themselves in charge and have no clue what they are doing, no such thing as fighting my battles – for the latter they have been stifling my Book sales to raise funds and buy shares with companies that had business with me to control me and the warnings never work because I am not actually communicating the warnings to stupid people who had normal brains.

They claim the cause of it all is my cowardice and it’s the story that keeps coming up while the reality was this story of my life where a handful of idiots will bang away at my introverted personality as a habit, talking nonsense about violence that will be visited on me but never show up to perform it, after which a handful of gits who had no idea what to do with these cultural abuses and had no respect for me set off fighting my battles and showing up with ideas on which other fighting I should get involved with – soon it progressed to a process of getting these twats to make contact with me for the abuses and a business of clinging to my career and income to stir up a process where I got into a fight because they were men and always got what they wanted. So I think it has developed to such an extent that this business of daddies with their pyramid schemes and day time television advertisement, wrecking my finances was stopped and according to the insults and premise for continuation, I think the choices were rather as simple as a process where they either waited for me to completely wreck their pride and joy before they made those stupid comments or they stopped handling me, considering their social life currently already looks like they had dropped out of University too. I am told I could have said this years ago but it’s the complications associated with growing up, I pick up my own liabilities too, in this case the fact they make trouble for me while paying taxes, they make trouble for me while they are clients for somebody closely linked to my concerns, so I have to think about all these and they realise that ending up in a situation where they were so isolated that getting on my case earned them a legitimate response would not be in their interest and have been working hard to prevent it, hence we do not actually have a social crisis.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland