I am clearly not free of claims that I have not a clue what I am doing. The reality of course is a lot different from such claims i.e. none will ever explain properly the reasons the idiots responsible for such comments and statement will want to make themselves market daddies that were responsible for bringing the masses conveniences developed from a process of putting Royalty to work, in order to pile things high and sell them cheap, thereby getting rich quickly, what we do know is turning out as a consequence of this behaviour is that there comes a time when they are required by establishments that employ them, to hold market position for a certain period of time and this is usually when I get my absolution and the protection of my marital life, as it usually sets the stage for the time we get to see them answer questions on the acceptable ways to go into an Office and get a job done without bothering other people. This is what is really going on – none is saying that they shouldn’t sell products in these ways, none is saying that their Celebrities shouldn’t make films that suggest criminals are nice people, none is saying that their entertainment producers should not make entertainment that suggested social ills were the best forms of activity and criminals were honourable but they will no longer have the control – the control is gone and finished, done, every time they want to make entertainment about public dignitaries, they will have to ascertain how they were to gain control that allowed them permission for it and every time they were going to make entertainment that showed criminals to be nice people the same process will apply.

The p[persistence is usually a matter of inability to make sense of how quickly I will get this matter sorted, since we are living under threats and abuses of which none knows why American Politicians look like they want to tackle me by themselves, hence their hits had such a big mouth all the time, which are entirely a consequence of their own popularity. Assuming then that we have to live in a world where there was always popularity no matter what, we have not yet seen those stupid insults and need to flush peoples lives down the loo, blowing off a big mouth about being supported by insolent American money complain about my popularity. The control is finished, never again – I mean Trump did offer to solve this problem and they got rid of him, now I want to see what became of every American or American supported scum that got into a nasty habit of handling my concerns and they have begun to build a certain reputation with my social media because their insulting and entitled stupidities thought they had the right to – needless to say, I believe that pointing out it seems we always have to live in a world where there was popularity is simply enough for any idiot to make sense of.

Every aspect of this nonsense is a product of what I have allowed by means of not responding to it and every damage done to my career, as expressed by the way these idiots think they ran the world and therefore had to get me dealing with consequences of their popularity while they showered me with insults that suggested they were important and pillaged my income margins to make sense of it, supported by their idiotic American Politicians that really do nothing about crime all together but I really do believe they have refused to take the exit of shutting down the insults and keeping a distance from my Books, so there is now need to respond on the basis they talk too much (they did spread the problem until all of South America was engulfed in their gimmicks and we ended up with a Trump Presidency that thought it made sense to talk racist when this matter of showing shortfall of work their stupidities were meant to do to fulfil the dreams they drum into peoples ears all the time, while clinging to other peoples income margins, so they were able to get rid of him but their interest in me I guess is about to take a turn for the worse as well). It is not offensive that I am handling these matters, its just insulting when it shows up regularly on media, each time they want to breach my patents and get rich making people sick with civil and criminal disobedience, that they blow off the big mouth about how I hadn’t a clue what I was doing.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland