It’s a fact that gets so little credence that One has financial problems because I am a Gambler; I am addicted to gambling on the facts about the gospel of Christ not being a bad thing, on the poorer people that I am certain will turn their lives around at some stage and it makes me enemies which I incidentally tend to have met before all of the time. In like manner One tends to scuttle academic work each time it turns out the purpose of doing one and the idiots at ignorance and violence as they say that I am supposed to avoid with it have corrupted it has been undone or remotely tempered with as they are nowhere near being my personal Gods yet like they love to suppose they are and of course it is natural I tend to show my tendency for being a tyrant over the names and faces that appear to have made contributions to such an outcome.

I am not being bullied by the media in anyway – journalists always get off to address me not just because they know it damages my business but because they like to pretend we are mates and equals and it gives them a certain feeling of a fix that they need. It has never been a problem, only that it’s the day they think they want to back up their big mouth and the threats that never seem to stop dribbling from it that we will find out which one they are presenting as well – the programmes of their crap as it were. I mean in a general sense it has reached a point where they enjoy picking up responsibilities that mean their personal lives become swarmed by criminals in order to turn up on media and run the powers of the crowd demanding mine all the time and there are Politicians that have come to love it, so we have gotten rather used to their media that they work in to serve themselves as it were but the fact their salaries are enough to buy them expense drinks on which they can get to talk nonsense about certain people and turn out to enforce those opinions is what I mean which one they are presenting since this is not their lives or indeed their own homes as it were. They do say I keep myself alive and it has become an obsession which is utter nonsense; the truth and reality is this whole process whereby I have no natural predators so to speak and the fact they want my life and nothing more than that but the part that annoys me is that they got themselves to a point where they want my life by being such idiots and now they must wreck my life to make me come up with the same for them in a condition where I don’t have it as well and that is why this idea of a guy they hurt because he does something about the problems that take out on him becomes really important and on account they like to think my reaction is amusing I really do feel I am about to turn my guns on the media as well pretty soon since it is not normal to just get off and throw away 14 years of your time so that you never get to hurt people. I hear they say I wreck their businesses and then complain but it has always been a same story about them and their type and those women who are the world’s worst bullies that like to think they are the ultimate bitches and those stupid democratic corruptions of involvement that means those who care about others pay with everything; if I were to say I have equities in play with two or three Hollywood stars and that if somebody set up a business around them it would have paid off it would never have been my people doing it if media can come up with their own crap to take it over – so the attitude when they complain they don’t like their own lives is still the same as ever i.e. seek out servitude for big business from a Royal Prince using media bullying and it is something they could ever have achieved for as much as that their big mouth we cannot be free from wags all the time. The first trouble I got into with them was more concerned with how I sleep with peoples wives and then it progressed to racial gangs that will beat me up for messing them and then it progressed to gangs in poorer countries where people have enjoyed some of their salary that will do it, so I am sure they are on the throes of a marvellous idea this time.

Of course it is not true the claim I am prejudiced against other people’s believes and views; what is true is that each time an idiot wants to grab peoples possessions and put them on media where he can get rich with it in a condition where he is superior to such a person, he is not just doing them a moderate racist and nepotism if not white favour nobody asked him about, he is actually creating the necessary conditions to ensure those possessions can end up where the owner cannot go because it is too dangerous or indeed where people are stronger than him or her and he has a way round to it which is why others cannot breathe for the sake of their wickedness and the plans they have with it too. So the outcome is that my feelings are found all over peoples shops and peoples products and lamp posts in the City and so on and I don't mind for my part it’s just the test we are dealing with now which is concerned with how I am to back down when I see or hear their views and believes and they need to make me as well. They say it happens because I am confrontational which of course is a function of the frequency of times I am provoked by them every single second due to their media but the bottom line now is that of what it is they expect me to do about the fact they are afraid of me and what it is they can do if I do nothing about it. They love to claim it is a tool they deploy to rob the privileged of their privileges and to give power to the poor and down trodden but we all know that is a farce as well as it is never used to target the privileged in anyway whatsoever; what they say therefore is that they are the way they are because of social responsibilities they carry out but the only one I am aware of is the one where they get their business involved with the lives of others and then start to target people for interfering just by existing and so I needed them to understand I am like them as well, only that I am a Christian as a result of which there is a sense of morality to what I do as such i.e. do as it is done to you don’t invent new ones. This is usually where the story shifts to the case of those who are privileged doing something about the problems created by their kind of which those problems they are talking about is created by their kind and as a result of which you end up in that place where it seems the case that when people look like them, then the fundamental basis of their existence should be developed around making others deal with their social responsibilities for them as a category of people – so I am not half taken by their lies as they like to make out that I am; I mean the way it actually works is a simple case of the fact when people work for money so they can harm others with it they eventually start harming those who look after them and of course the reality is even more stark for big business who will now grab other people’s possessions and get the entire world that knows what their own looks like to believe that it is their own; so this is the story behind my confrontational nature – I mean you can walk away when they like to provoke you but you do get to a point where you simply stop running, for me it’s a simple matter of the fact I do not know them and they are neither friends nor relatives of mine and in my case they say I need to do something about the fact they are scared of me and I need to explore what they can do if I don’t as well: hence it is obvious what the real purpose of their activities with their mad media really is – I mean I did get taken by the lies that if the media does not develop spikes people will think the function of their existence is to handle other people’s civil rights but that had turned out to be a mistake because it did not take any time at all for them to get corrupt with the fact that I was which has brought us both to this point; all they really know is how to provoke people and they do say the reality is that they will never stop doing it until the quality of life for the privileged is changed and that is more important than the plight of the down trodden or indeed their sense of responsibility and morals. The corruption in itself is so acute in my direction that it seems to be their own sense of social holdings to get around really bad neighbourhoods and build up a link between me and they in order to look privileged and now they have reached a stage where they regularly boast that I am haemorrhaging information as well, this is the part they will never be caught dead discussing with anybody they tell their lies to..

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