I have been asked that question of what happens to be very different about the people we vilify at the Politics and civil rights but itís an old story about what we say and do not adding up, as compared to what happens to them when it goes horribly wrong. So I will try to be as detailed as possible i.e. for every gimmick associated with wanting to get into a position of power to control others, if what Government operatives say about self-appointed interference from them was not enough that is, we have Military Operatives thinking of them as characters who believed that Military jobs were toys their stupidities could play with, while the Police was the ever present danger to them because the Police needed to get some respect generally Ė where I find myself will be the part in which I am not really party to armed services or security services in general but I am caught up in the tricks people who work in those services play to get their jobs done and we all know what this means, we know what they are trying to reverse, we know how it endangers my safety. It does not just stop here either, their view of military work being people who kill others but the rest of us know that people who have seats in Submarines are PhD holders if they didnít have several before they went into training, we know that those who did not pass their training have only two opportunities to seek a seat in a submarine, we know how much work a person had to do in order to fly a plane and we know how much work a person had to do to fly one and fight and enemy in 6 months Ė we also know that these idiots do not have PhDs or several PhDs, we also know that they have never flown an air craft outside of video games. In my case however, they now own my Royal Order first of all, especially the entitled Americans playing games people make when they broke equities with me over social, municipal and public safety but eventually we find that if this Office was a safe place for me to work and study, there was no way they would have complained to such an extent other peopleís quality of life was affected, since it is clear that when people create toxic communities and hang about shaking me up to threaten me with violence because I smell, the answer would have been to update people involved with what I am doing and continue with public service but they took that away and therefore hang about complaining of assisting me by complaining every day.

The Politicians have said itís not clear how getting stuck with Celebrities helped my cause but of course itís an old story on the fact public dignitaries do not normally hate Celebrities, however considering recent events and ways that celebrities treat Public engagement, this love is likely to turn to hate very soon Ė so if I were the low life public dignitary that nobody wanted to get involved with for obvious reasons and it was quite obvious that I was, then there would be a process where showing I am not emotionally attached to them and shutting down their Celebrity culture from here, would mean that they got involved with Public dignitaries the correct way. Some people have said they would love improvements for me to come rather soon but I have no idea what people believe has not really improved; what we have here is a case of the fact that these characters have never gotten involved with peopleís money the correct way and have never handled anything according to purposes intended in their lives, the biggest damaging effect was the fact I dropped out of University and this is their Celebrity history too Ė I do chase it up and end up in that situation where I am left with a state of mind that suggests perhaps the best course of action is not to lose my temper but think of them as bullets I had to dodge, however which the history of financial and academic destruction here stands; so as long as they and their daddies continues to gain access to aspects of my social life and this Hermitage where financial and market incentives were involved, there will be no success for my Books and if I have to burn their Celebrity culture to make this happen, I do not believe I have been given choices.

They claim they are out to do my thing and its utter nonsense too, I am more worried about the series of issues that get them complaining after they were done expressing themselves as a handful of self-harming gits Ė the build-up of things that happens around me which target me in a threatening way while none is really responsible; the outcome whereby they had taken up criminal interests in the way I handle my concerns to build up and run off at me on media until I am so incapacitated I cannot chase my daily concerns, outcomes such as people getting involved who want to cause me harm, while they showed up somewhere backed up a crowd that enforces their need to access my income margins. Itís an old story that Celebrities are insane Ė as none would see Books that others had written and set about building publicity to suggest their understanding of how they should use the Book bearing in mind their attitude and need to handle the writer as well, was to set a stage for a process where what the writer and publisher did was where their new fame was located, normally minded people donít do this, they really are in need of medical assistance and I am done passing off such facts. The culture and society popularity gits on the other hand are just stupid, which added to the insanity of the Celebrities was a slippery slope that had to be avoided if I had Government Office at my disposal Ė I would like it if they saw that we are not mates and set about keeping a distance from me, refraining from making comments on my social life and not handle my Books, as there is ample prove that it will get worse if this continued. There are questions people ask as to what I suppose makes Celebrities insane and itís always the old story of the way that they dream of being protected by an entire army like Government operatives are Ė so they must have apparently gotten caught up in one of those situations where decisions were made and lives were lost but whilst we government operatives would think such outcome was a failure, hence we are exposed to consequences of such things, the Celebrities were caught up in the glory of an army that existed to serve them and it drove them insane but I am tired of having my finances savaged over their insulting sense of entitlement as well thereof.

They do claim I ought to lay off celebrities and mind my own business which does not make any sense whatsoever as itís the sermon I have been preaching for years; I donít know exactly when they think I ought to run a Bookshop properly if it is now in their hands for the Bookshop to be successful anyway and I am fed up with this nonsense for my part too. Itís an old story about how indeed any person would look at another personís livelihood and construe the service process to be a means by which they goad and bully and drive the owner into a character that fights their enemies for them anyway but itís a sense of entitlement associated with their very bad upbringing which their parents are no longer able to sustain, showing up here to threaten me with a big mouth all the time.

The part where they say I brought it upon myself is the main issue here all together; I have my own specific trading equities and do not understand why Celebrities think that setting me out as a bad leader who oppresses people while they got to pile things high and sell them cheap, putting out the idea they brought the people freedom and equality, beats my imagination and especially so, now that they have brought it up need to get their own legitimate trading equity Ė this nonsense where moving away from my hermitage and from making statements about my Royal position as a point at which to begin improving themselves, whereby moving off to live their lives over pipsqueak like me is too much to take, is really going to end in a lot of trouble. We have seen the other aspects concerning public work as well; set out wealth equity, some woman will show up to trade with it and they will get off buying the products until I got into trouble, which does not necessarily dispute the fact that ladies first is the right thing to do Ė what we have when they claim I brought it on themselves is a case where their daughters handled my wealth equity, my bookshop is split between client services and their need to get me into a fight with those who provoked their entitled stupidities, which has happened on social media again, so when the daughters put up products on my wealth equity, they bought it until I got into trouble, which I do understand completely as it were, human beings are really this stupid obviously.

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