This is usually a matter of claims that some people are determined to one day find out what makes me tick and they never will – what makes me tick is the fact that I may not have known a person’s name but my academic work will be trashed on account that their stupidities were popular and then it gets bad enough for me to feel their fingers up my anus; it is indeed like a motivation, my actions of which they complain of every day. Not handling other human beings especially when rich and stupid does not exist in their scheme of things and we are not mate either as it were, they do need to let me be as such. People pass up this game of seeing an opportunity to gain power over others and taking it, all the time and they too needed to start practicing.

I have been told it would be nice if I found a permanent way to handle these issues but permanent is the fact this is a matter of a handful of gits inventing ideas on how to make me suffer their problems because they saw a Book I write and were full of insults and sense of entitlement associated with their popularity, such that they thought if they built a crowd that will help them entitle themselves to my income margins among other pressure points they would make much of their wickedness while each suffering on my part will get me coming up with answers for their problems. It has nothing to do with me whether or not it has been built up on media as a subculture that featured the way criminals thought of how I handled my concerns, since however they decided they will not be shutting down, we do have a problem. I mean on a fundamental stage the culture and society gits, armed with Politicians who claim they are nice people who only need money, will wreck University studies here to continue with a business of putting me through a lot of suffering that will get me making sense of insanity that passes on their left and right hand side, then when I do, I will need to explain it to the Head of State – none of these would be happening then without the Politicians who claim they are nice people who only need money, doing it and leaning such weights on the talk of the talk abuses they are so fond of – nice people who only need money when those who claim it are complaining everyday naturally as it were. They really need to lay off the way that the rest of the world works apart from our little Island story; it only shows nobody is stopping them from shutting down their stupid insults and returning to their German, Japanese, French and American interests.

They do claim there is little I can do about anything from a puny Country and it’s an old story about cracked up out of my league building atmosphere for getting imagination around peoples private parts which looks really good on their stupidities, now having suckled an Arch Prince’s order and social life long enough to look like he has had some of the great in the great Britain, he believed that fighting its stupidities wouldn’t mean that I was trying to hurt them seriously over it all together. It’s an old story where it cannot stop handling people – difficult to tell if it had an original problem that caused it or its need to handle people brought about its problem but we know it is stark raving mad and its stupidities would be the obsession with peoples private parts, which insanity was never about to get worse when it made itself a danger to others. Their friends in the UK claim I am a weak leader but have not worked out how it turned out I did not think popularity was the problem but would not mind burning it to the ground, if there was a need to ensure that they got involved with public dignitaries not take over Government Public living - the process itself has begun with a case of getting stuck with them all together.

It is the reason I want to burn their Celebrity culture. I mean I know some neighbourhoods are terrible and there could exist a situation between my position and the twat next door – it is usually one that can easily be solved by the way I arrange my bed but we now know that the need for celebrities to goad me means that I do not have control of what exist between me and twat next door all day and that the idea it didn’t matter if I dropped out of University because I should be getting into a fight with people to make them feel special is something they are still doing. So the reasons it has gotten serious is that I am going to burn the Celebrity culture because I spend all day clearing out this nonsense and smelling of what I ate, I have not been able to account for the way the past three years of my time have been spent because the famous idiots and their fools corrupted state provided security, fooling around with CCTV. This is the weak they are talking about. The point is that I have not been able to account for the last 3 years of my time because it has been spent clearing out perverted popularity and criminal interests in my personal security and the way I conduct my concerns and they have said that this happens because I am a weak leader on account I have not been seen getting involved in a violent situation and it is gimmick that is about to stop as well; so far we have seen the Celebrities hand a lot of money to the Political system, so we expect the what they did next gimmick to come of it, for my part I have asked the question of why indeed we need to live in a Country where people had popularity to play with.

They do claim there is no way to get out of current matters and its utter nonsense as there are no current matters – what we have is the outcome of their abuses and insults and the fact these practical jokes are about to stop the way that I want, a way that will show we are not mates and they need spend more time with their own mates. The talk of me being a real brat is nothing unusual; we all know it’s a story of sugar daddies on the right ripping up my career to boost their incomes and sugar babies on the left ripping up my social life; the daddies will reject their daughters who will force themselves on my Office for it, both hated each other and both loved each other and I was stuck in the middle getting burned, so unless I had learned nothing from dropping out of University and intend to spend time talking to people like a street corner hoodlum, the plan to cause them a lot of pain and suffering on this and the plan to get away with it should be the way forward. In my view it is either that they had no wish to stop it by themselves or they had gone too far with the abuses and publicity for insults, to stop and therefore need my assistance; we can see they believe I am done for while in reality, it is about to stop only when I roll back the 8 years of supposition that ignoring them would solve the problem because they were stupid enough to progress the problem and ensure it ended in this way.

I have been told that I am now able to grasp the pressures of Government Office which does not have roots in reality either – it’s all a different face for the same problem at all times; the one that shows up to fight your battles dropped off the radar after school and is looking for money he obviously earned – the one that shows up to take part in National service and leave all other responsibilities for you was the one that got bullied by the one that dropped off the radar after school – the one that shows up to claim you doubt you are a weak leader was the one that can only respond to these matters by beating people up because he puts himself in charge and has no idea what to do while he had no respect for Government leaders which has its uses – the Politicians will be the ones that have run off the civil and criminal disobedience to a point where HM responded to these gits but they would say they had done nothing to cause an eventuality where half the tricks Government operatives deploy to prevent ideological idiots making a mess of their public service lives being ruined, in fact, as far as they were concerned, they have not done something right in decades until now.


They claim I have not actually stated the problem itself naturally and yes I have not; it’s the one same problem where I am hated because I am a coward who didn’t care that others were in charge and I had to serve them, now having spent time practicing how to be comfortable on the left, sets about pleasing the Monarchy by running off Governmental Equities that set the stage for big problems to rely on any goon that sets about Country ownership gimmicks, which HM really likes. Pushing it naturally brings about outcomes where Armed Forces will really like next time round since it generally means that this process where I was not bothered when they fight my battles was largely due to the fact that when it relied on them and they got worse, it was a tendency to find some National enemy they could occupy themselves with.

So it is said that I appear to have hit a dead end on these matters but I have not – we are simply trying to settle the exact reasons Americans perform this nonsense, whereby I wrote a Book, they know where it is located and set out a country where people can get paid for being popular because I wrote a Book, it had patents attributed to it, my publishers had a venue and there was public awareness built up for the Books, so these were vital facts that added up to the way they wanted to exhibit themselves, secure business endorsements and get paid for being popular, armed with at least 70% shortfall of work they were supposed to do to fulfil dreams they drum into other people’s ears with stupid civil rights movements all the time and at the end of it, a fool whose children want to play with my livelihood is the main reason my market place has stalled, in order to please the children at the poor neighbourhood playgrounds and facilitate processes where such stupid children could make money because his stupidities had a media presence to fool around with. I mean I have my own trading equities for instance whereby there is the problem with the daddies ripping up my career to get rich and sugar babies working the above mentioned issue every second to get rich as well and if I am meant to detach the work I have done here, then I am meant to eliminate the most important work I have done for my career, hence the reasons my Books looked the way they did, which is another factor on the reasons I am struggling. There are other equity systems like the wealth equity bits where ethnic minorities got involved to create this effect where it’s possible to control crime more securely and it’s possible to control certain matters in the academic environment, when white people do it’s possible to control more comfortable dissidence and probably terrorism as well. Now we ought to ask these idiots who waste no time in informing me of the way their Country rules the world and therefore meant they ought to adopt a position of leadership where they forced me to serve their silly children while being supervised, as stupidly as possible with a media big mouth issuing threats at me which suggested that anything I did to oppose them will lead directly to war. I mean the US government used to control this problem of clearing out public matters in the US leading to stage set for new ones, on account these gits couldn’t stop taking advantage of others to make money, through justifiable Political Office corruption and as soon as we got off assisting with that, they have now located a new gimmick, while Obama got into the White House to provide them a lasting platform for it. A two stage history has now emerged from it, one bit has been completed where their abuses and hated for the British usually meant any person that associated with the British will have their lives trashed without their knowledge and all they did to recover would only lead to more problems, it eventually came to a head when seeing people with families encouraged them to describe people as cunts, which will go all the way and affect the British, so now it has and it has stopped as well. The second part will be the blacks doing it, looking like they would fancy it affected me as a continued with my Office into the future, setting the stage for me to decide their children and grandchildren after them will provide hospitality for local community markets i.e. the way they know what such neighbourhoods look like but wouldn’t stop those insults of shaking me up all the time, claiming I smell and then resorting to the name calling when the violence that was meant to happen quickly had failed miserably. It’s nothing unusual; I mean we have various instances where an Opera singer for instance cannot stand the sight of a popular music star even when they were in a Cruise liner somewhere in the Middle of the Ocean with no land in sight – I mean we don’t really want to ask what the reasons are, I can only say that unless I am responsible for another group of stories they can tell about the reasons being that we lived in an unequal society, there will be no success for my Books. Their gits in suits will be the bits that can never be understood; the exact reasons that no matter how abusive, hurtful or offensive the need to set out a stage where they piled things high and sold them cheap on grounds of forcing me to work for the poor while they were the ones bringing about the life of equality, as their own trading equity – since I began to work on the issue more vigorously, the fools had ceased to talk like equality champions and are now talking like they want some of mine, clinging to this process of building crowd markets by showing that their money was more important than god if I were financially worse off and this is the sort of stage that suggested the process of stopping them and their American friends picking up service processes of my Bookshop to develop something else on Media that will make them better off will likely end violently. In retrospect, they are now at a dead end with the popularity culture all together; it is the realisation that either the process of working me will be too much to allow them get paid for being popular or that they were too old to be popular either way, which creates the high levels of frustration. They do claim they were told the UK is a nice place to live but have been disappointed but then again, they were here to take advantage of people and make money which is none of my business and therefore precisely the point - last I checked, I was not the one complaining.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland