Again this matter of Villains who are so corrupt they need the brilliance of Heroes to get around their evil business with is not an emotive issue, we are all very familiar with it and the Industry ones have no respect for my Office at the National level because they say they are getting rich and famous but above all a time will come when this whole process of realising they will never get what they demand from me will give rise to a condition where they realise their mates and others who never had a chance have got ahead of them and everything will depend on the need to get it at all cost and that is why Company Markets must be prepared to extricate Book sales from it at all costs as well, such that it shuts down the whole thing; in my view if successful I will be doing the world a service and they can keep whatever piffling money they have out of Industry and leave me alone: it is the good old issue of Political fascism as a means of getting by which these goons always deny in public places every time but forms the majority of everything they are seen doing in public, as if I was born into this world to wait somewhere to have things done to me by them as it were with a big mouth and of course we know I can get attacked for reasons that are made up as people go along for years on account they are trying to ensure the cover up pays off but we all know that also means the biggest problem they have is the aesthetical aspects of my life where I sit in an office to administrate a Company; so if they worked for their money they know they would not have had the energy for it and they will touch neither myself and or my possession no longer as it were and this of course is where the matter is supposed to come to a head and then they can deny their fascist activities rather than stop and get on my book sales every day and the blacks, the civil right mongers of them deserve everything they get, not up to me to ensure they don’t.

We hear that talk all the time of the problem there is that I cannot deal with concerning Media and Pop people and even Politicians to that effect – I wouldn’t know anyway since the reality is that all they want to do with their time is seek the services of my books but ensure they never buy it, they want to be able to rip it up, lay out like a carpet and trample all over it, then share with others and become popular and important or even wealthy or all of the above, so I have to take steps to prevent that from happening. I had completed a run off of the things I needed to do in order to be ready to start selling my books by the end of the last year, so I am really keen on paying attention to my finances and getting my books sold from then on – so it is a simple case of the fact that the patents will be enforced and they think I am bluffing while their behaviour is amusing to them, which I don’t mind anyway, all I am saying is that the owner of the books is around it now and if that is not important to them they can continue and stop complaining about the outcome but if it is, they know what to do and they know what is acceptable behaviour. I am not saying it is a problem for me; in the last three days alone two very big issues have come to play on the matter – the first being my position on terrorism is made clear through my books and its contents but they will not be good with the benefits of my books, no, what they want to do is make sure the sales do not happen, then lay the benefits and contents of the books out like a carpet they even share with celebrities who are wealthy enough to afford the books without realising they did just so they can get pictures from the celebrities and splash them on tabloids and glossy magazines, then wrought as much destruction as they can on anything else left of it and share the proceeds with others, so they can get to tell me I am running around in circles, from kissing the bums of Obama people to that of Hilary Clinton and so on looking for trouble with a big mouth: now the most recent issue that has emerged of late is the matter of strangers in other people’s lives, concerning which Royal Prince sets out security equities and packages them into writing but whilst they make noise about harming somebody over the problem, what they want to do with his services is hand it to celebrities for free and they want to do that, serve themselves with it, destroy everything they have not used and share with others to get followers and fans of their own and we still remember they really like to tell me that people like them who hate the NSA and security operators in the US should actually have been my biggest fans and I have no idea whom they suppose they are talking to anyway or what it is indeed they want from me but I do know that I don’t want any of their problems being solves or resolved because my books offered a solution, I priced those books more so to exclude them in the first place; apparently they want a welfare state in the US as well which I suppose I owe them some debt of helping to bring about as it were, for those that are successful in that Country are stupid hence the reasons they are as it were.

They do speak of this case of the UK being such a diverse Country it does not do to subject statesmen to Christian practices anymore but the reality is not just that whilst Christians tolerate people and their sinful ways and homosexual communities, nothing anyone or anybody says will have the power to change the fact the fundamental premise on which homosexuality operates is to keep moral people off financial sustenance because it is sweeter to mock and abuse them that way. As for the part where the UK is a diverse society all together, I was there when they began these lies and they have now as such reached a point where they have told it to the Public and the public has now told it back to them, so it comes with its own systems and prognosis and means generally that it can become a version of truth they want to believe but the party that really annoys me is that they know it affects me adversely and that there was a set out unnatural plan that created it but are still doing it never the less; so it is true there were points in history where Christians were provoked into violence but have we ever heard of a homosexual that Christ or even the Apostles who wrote the Books if the New Testament which told people not to behave like homosexuals murdered? We have not but we have heard countless times of the social effects of the murder of Christians in order to please crowds again and again and again; it even appears what they are doing in the modern age is offering us Christians a choice to go along with their stupid modernism or get undercut at the most basic of our instincts such as feeding etc, which is why you cannot get a job unless you have sex depending on how much of you they can make money from if they simulated acts of cleaving it. The UK is therefore and has always been a Christian community and a very, very diverse one at the same time. they speak of this their perspective on the left all of the time which is not that much of an issue since they have the sensibilities around where they were born and how they grew up and the events that led to their present characters and can decide which of those they want to get famous with; using mine means that people have to behave, especially when they see that they are damaging my academic work and need to give me space, damaging my livelihood and need to give me space etc, otherwise they are not having or using any. This is usually where they tell me I talk so but can do nothing about the violent people; where they spend all of their time on nothing else but disrupting my concerns and collecting my career, which is also something they cannot protect from the violent and then once they were done handing that over turn up to find out on a regular basis if I have been killed by it, pretending absolutely everybody will find their stupidities amusing, creating this insanity that goes round and round and round in circles all the time – so it’s all very well with the violent people that can work and pay taxes if we use them in the proper way and these goons need to keep off my income and the Book sales by which I make it, so they don’t get made to as well. I also hear this talk of me being safe than sorry because I am in charge and it is not true as well; I am not being safe than sorry, it’s just the reality that it is my duty, just like a lot of idiots want to discuss what I think I am which I am not all of the time these days as well – my duty to ensure that the violent people have careers and jobs but that I am in control of what they do with it and so every time I do my work and set out my products these Media goons and celebrity trouble makers that complain about these things all the time will be the first to destroy it. Just like Industry people and Politicians – in terms of the former of which they say I put out equities to entice them and when they are interested withdraw and mess them up, whereas what really happens is that they broker the equities safely but soon after will end up with employees especially he client ones such as celebrities and TV Personalities and Media, that cannot do anything with attacking my websites and my Books and my income, to get off speaking about my role in terms of US/UK relations which I was quite certain was clear and obvious enough as per the reasons our relations with the rest of the world is not fundamentally securitised being that of our relationship with the US, which is usually the point where they tell me the world is not big enough for two super powers and I don’t mind, since it is not mystery they are stupid but I would love to gratify it further by making it clear it is the safer bet, so that we do not get bombed at some time because we have a history of slavery and slave trade right up to the highest levels of government  and so when the Industry people get off to support them in such way, I get the sense that they want to control me and therefore set out to control them first. In terms of the Politicians, those have always been very good at giving cash to the ignorant and all it really does is create these people who live in entire communities based on the savings they have and the next thing and person they want to abuse in our to double it at the market place and until these savings become something I pay attention to as a fundamental problem I have to solve, I do not think that ripping up my Book sales will ever cease to be so much fun for them, especially the Americans who have become quite used to doing their talk shows with the topic of telling me my career has always been done and it is the same way we see them fool around at the secret service, where I cannot just buy my phone and use it and when people crash my phone to create those bits of seconds around absolutely all I do, that causes me to become dissatisfied with it, so that can get off in public places to glorify themselves on what they have spied on, they expect me to forget it at a later date, when they are in need of something really important and people will never get jobs and careers unless they have sex with black women; so we find that the CIA and FBI have taken this disobedience and insults thing on which these Political goons want to build everything, to a point where they never ever listen to anything anybody says to them and then turn out to complain all of the time for the consequences too, all of which are not that much of a greater worry for me all together considering everybody’s bottom is hurting and they need to keep off my Book sale income and let me get on with it if they do not mind as well.

So their story can now change into a full tale all about how I am being beaten and taught a lesson by older youths every day as a result of a lack of respect for those that are more successful and older, which has no basis on reality; the reality that 15 years ago I mainly spoke about my work in terms of academic plans and that was soon to be cornered and the process financed by Politicians, to secure a condition in which I was trapped and dominated first before I was allowed to do any academics leaving the idea of getting a job if ever I did up for various kinds of stupid negotiation will all sorts of subliminal nonsense at social level on Media and it has now given way to a process where I must leave my facts with them so that they do not make excuses about deploying it and why they did not expect consequences for doing so and that means getting involved with culture goons and society goons over absolutely every single project and the way to ensure I am not always sickly was to sell the Books and make enough money for regular blow out holidays after the job has been done and this money part is where they must get involved with my personal space and when they had realised they have gained a history, start unprecedented corruptions of involvement that means I am always having to face the prospect of doing one thing after another after another due to their laziness and needs and this is what they are boasting about at the moment – the cowards that will show me evil exists around this part of my engagements and it is utterly stupid and it is utterly lazy and it is utterly useless and we do hear them speak all of the time about how they now have me in a condition whereby I can do nothing about it, whereas such a condition would only have been the one about their disobedience and above all their insults especially the anus and penis ones, which will be deployed on Media to ensure their image as losers dissipates; the one that means enough insults and disobedience in my direction will decide what reality actually was and then when they handle my property I will do nothing about it, they love it so much they think what I do at my regular employment work is the worst I can do and have no wish to heed the warning I was already starting to nurse fantasies of seeing them spend their last penny of fuel in order to get home, so as to get pleasure from creating an atmosphere in the Country which suggests that Men are struggling financially. It is usually the point where they get to tell me I will suffer even further for my unreasonable demands of which I am not making any i.e. once the job is done, my patents say I and only I have the right to earn money from it, hence the part about writing and selling Books should come as second nature not a process where I listen to being punished in the morning, I have not begun to do anything unreasonable yet as it were. They speak of a positive side to their stupid involvement of which there is none; I only want involvement with People who stand up for me if there is need to, who help me sell my Books if they can, and or just sit around doing nothing while I am allowed to get on - these goons do not fall into any of these three categories of acceptable problems..

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland