Now they say the political instability is too much for me which is utter nonsense, it is not; what we have is a collection of goons who think I am a novice at what I do, so the idea I am always being attacked and persecuted by Celebrities will never in their view translate into a process of spending whatever it is they are obsessed with around here on dealing with the wars and racism that will emerge from their insulting and abusive behaviour that turns people from normal human beings into something close to an animal. What they are concerned about the most is how I react when I refuse to do anything because the Politicians spend money they do not have to start their stupidities off for them whereby they can tell people they are not stupid people if they have been making money from their insane activities and therefore become impossible to reason with or tell off; but this part only leads to outcomes where politicians will never get the resources and way out of the crisis they have now created for themselves on the matter out of me it is a question that nags all the time; how on earth do you get government office fools like this out of such a mess? They normally use it to tell me there are reasons for their actions which are entirely my fault and it is becoming less and less and less ridiculous and amusing to cling to and borrow my public image until they are wealthy in such ways; however which it is usually the best indication I am not a novice as we know the obsession about peoples public image is usually a product of the fact they have had a brush with the law several times and at some stage like it usually happens a tired Police Office has warned them that being found again will result in some very personal moves and we all know all those criminal activities are a product of clinging to where others were born and grew up and had childhood friends and attended school etc. They like to say the Celebrities are a bit too much for me but apart from the fact it is usually a big case of something they can trap and abuse and control to make fame and fortune by insulting people which only results in outcomes where those who are stronger than they are such as myself spend their preoccupation on everything that prevents the crimes and abuses and racism instead, so they end up stuck on the left without any fame threatening people with a pathological fear of work, the big mouth only wants to see an example of what could happen if somebody did get themselves into a shootout that ended in deaths over popular and celebrity culture, so that the Government might have its hand forced to make Policy on it its the same story we see all the time where the most amusing thing for the society ones before they needed the Politicians and Monarchy to place me under some control talking rubbish about revolution that is a product of problems they create for themselves and prevent those they abuse from pointing out they created the problems for themselves and then getting provoked by heads of state who have a job to keep entire territories stable, creating an outcome where my position causes me to respond with a very special kind of anger every time they bandy it at me, it was a case of the most fun they can make out of community croons whacking me over the head while nothing happened and then we find them say that it is my fault ending up in their part of society as everybody tends rather to note that they are completely obsessed with those practical jokes at other peoples expense where somebody moved left and moved right and ended in the middle where others ambushed them and took their personality to make fame and fortune with anybody over a period of a decade or so hence what we have here is the Media and Celebrity ones whose insults have become a bit too much and we can see that they are unable to observe they are not out of pocket for stopping it, unable to observe that keeping their insolent comments off my Books do not affect their jobs, so I am wondering what will become of the whole show when it does. My point is that the instability is not too much for me, only their need to cling to my public image which is a tell-tale sign that they have criminal records and that my inability to tolerate it is the correct thing to do; the always speak of my Mum and what she does being pretty much the same as when they are spoiled by their parents so that they become what they are which of course it isn't, reality being that for most of them whose parents were successful because they are good people as most of the time that is what happens with good people, the parents do cut them loose to run the whole course of their insanity and then end up at the other side looking for salvation and we find that it is those who get involved with sex work that have actually identified the fact they have a problem and wish to take steps that prevent them from having so many choices about life available to them, while the celebrity idiots need to keep showing up to pass insults and abuses and threats at me to convince me that they are famous every day, thinking they will never get hurt for it. In the case of my parent; that would be a case where I am in the University studying Law but as soon as she finds out she builds a whole new existence with politicians over a case where I was supposed to be learning a trade; typically of which I remember my parents divorced when I was 5 and since then until I was 21 she has only spent a total of about 16 months with me, met her again at 21 and in less than 13 months my whole life was taken over by popular culture, on seeing that if you are somebody whose kid people are always blabbing doing stuff stories at will eventually burn her, she is very intolerant to any child that wants to live under the same roof as she does but what kills me most of the time is the part these goons are playing the matter, suffice to say that when I get hold of their own, it isn't the criminal records and the strange relationships they have with their parents that I will be insulting jobs on Media writing Books about whereby a living wage is not enough too.

So they do say journalists do not want to be enemies but that is all well said, what we find that is they pick up my work and make a case of themselves on Television, even when I have a social Media profile, what happens with it is that they do what they are supposed to do by following it with any opportunities they get on Media and especially for the abusive males ones, who even tackles those that have done the whole thing in a way that shows that they intend what they are doing to mean something to me or indeed become an outright threat for those who follow me on social media all together about which its impossible to work out what their problem is, we see it develop from me being hit boy whenever they get a news slot they do not want, to those stabbers and shooters that are just as bad as they are thinking they an argument that allows them do whatever they like with my internet or social media based business and it takes the need they have to control and abuse me and get rich through black mailing me with things I have done about society and culture and crime to a whole new level, just like the Industry ones like to brag all the time and find regularly that they are nothing if they do not have abuse of women or environmental destruction to blackmail me with and it becomes fair to realise and mention publicly they appear to consider it important and necessary to screw around with me until they get hurt or killed so people can say it is surprising since they were rather nice on Television. All I want is for them to do their celebrity and journalism without involving me, we can all see that when 60% or more of their jobs involves screwing with me, I do not have a sense of normalcy around anything so it is logical that this was the outcome when such a situation was made to exist despite all I did to prevent it, talking rubbish about my sexual habits which refer mostly first to the fact the grown up ones are always getting certain black boys to have certain kinds of sex with certain white girls on social media or on video, while the younger ones and middle aged ones show up to ensure nobody can do their jobs for reasons of hurting bottoms on account they want to lead so its the part where it will create problems for itself on the left and on the right and panic and lash out at friends and enemies alike and look after number one by seeking out a scapegoat that draws the attention especially when it is seen doing one out of a situation where a problem never existed at all but it is the bit where they do not even want you to mention they created a problem for themselves in the first place otherwise you will get beaten up that causes the temper to develop. I want them to do their jobs without bothering me or I will find my own things logical which I may do to inflict punishment that causes them to go straight as well; we can see that a social media troll no longer fearing the fact that if he or she pricks me I will hammer their own in the real world as well provides a lot of ideas on how to handle the scum on media that is responsible for it as we can see there is really no reason for such things except pure wickedness and apparently difficult to locate how any normal person would make out it is amusing like we see them do. So I get told that I play around with it all the time and this is why it gets completely out of hand but I don't, there simply isn't much more to do about it; I mean I spend everything they think they can control to make fame and fortune on the crime and racism and violence and war issues anyway, so they are stuck but it is still impossible to just spend time on their media jobs without tackling me because it is part of the process of a life they have created for themselves so I have done everything to prevent my whole life and career ending up somewhere somebody else has a big red button to push and I have still ended up in a place where it is impossible to just go out and secure employment to finance my Books because it has failed, not in the real world but in terms of their own personal decisions only, followed quickly by daily abusive publicity; so I really need to deploy those parts of my mind that develop punishments that can make crooked people go straight as well to begin with but so do they also know I am sitting somewhere with a picture in my head that says we lived in the 60s and there were people grooving with large slums carpeting huge areas saturated by culture and the media was stuck in the Middle; prize being the great old case of a need to blab wealth inequality issues and make use of an Arch Prince that Diplomats and overseas business interests are allowed access to when they have to see something wonderful in the UK, make use of one abusively and destructively, make it really common on a daily basis with a media job. Of course I do get told I just enjoy tackling the media and the Celebrities which is not half as true as the fact I am always stuck with fools that are very proud of their ruffian image because some daddy character wants to make me into an old man that wishes to attend school while he climbs social ladder; at University its a wonderment as to why they consider it to be important but out in the real world it is a problem that the local shops have to deal with every single moment for obvious reasons. The idea this is a never ending problem is not real either; we can see that there are Nationalists and bullies that have taken over the fame thing there days and not least the leadership that the US President provides if it is not getting them letting other be and doing their jobs professionally it is difficult to locate what else will. They would say I have just polished racism to make it more acceptable which is utter nonsense too; by the way of which in terms of racism supposing a government was paid by the Hour and they had to ensure people were safe, the question would be whether it meant bravery to dislodge people who know they are psychopaths and have spent most of their lives doing some bullying, which has now prevented them from getting high flying jobs like their age counterparts and then looking at the other end like you have not got an alternative solution for it. A question of what is the role of a government if it had to host a party for prostitutes if it came to that while avoiding a reputation that reverberates all over the world that it hosts parties where it says the wrong things so its guests get stabbed and killed by a mob. So, does not mean that Mr Trump's leadership is right? That is for those who have seen the evidence to judge; I have made my decisions and more so will not allow it to be taken from me by terribly insulting liberals that are responsible for the messed up society we have today somebody's entire existence is never right as far as they are concerned and it only gets serious when telling them to keep their mouths shut also involves telling them nobody is born homosexual. They always say I do not fancy homosexuals which is not really the case; reality is more a matter of the fact I will be persecuted all my life and then when I say anything it is not listened to because homosexuals want to say that if I say something one way somebody will use it in a way I did not intend or that if I said it another way somebody will do something I did not intend or that if I acted in a way that suggests I am capable of violence that protects me from robbery, people will rob me more to find out how I do and so one eventually finds out he has ended up with a reputation that says he needs help from external sources all the time, which nonsense the media can play around with, which is basically the profile of a criminal; hence that nobody was born gay is always a good start. So, does it show that I hate homosexuals? Of course not - they will be homosexuals any time they want to be homosexuals anyway, its never up to me; we all know if a pastor stood up on a pulpit placed right beside a rock star doing a Gig, the homosexuals will be the first to start the war, so they have their ability to worship company CEOs and Rock stars etc and so tend to go into Industry villages where there are lots of shinny products you cannot buy until you had placed your order on the internet, then their bottoms will hurt so they might have homosexual sex but when they kick mine off, that nobody was born homosexual is usually a good start (the idea I am not a force for good while people cling to me and persecute me and hold me down somewhere so the years might add up on me and make me a figure of hate as they cling to my business empire and make excuses that allow them shrink it to please themselves is another good reason nobody was born gay).

So they do say I am homosexual myself but do not wish to come out and it is utter rubbish too; what happens is that people build up an open secret they share as a whole society over me and its a very violent form of gossiping which society goons can then make into a case about my anus and penis and tummy - what happens when I have mentioned it is that I mention it in a condition where I have put information to culture and society to run a Bookshop with and so the angry society people who want to play practical jokes with my finances will take it up to Media where an idiot that cannot mind his business transform it into an even bigger form of violent gossiping that is about my anus and penis and tummy; so we have reached a stage where they have been informed of the disconnect between their jobs and comments about me, between their jobs and insults in my direction, between their jobs and time spent on my concerns, I for my part can remember that there is not a single time that I have had anything to do with Media which involves the Male population on it all together, so it is a very old form of antagonism that will not give me a breathing space until it actually does. It feeds into the case where I would never have survived if Hilary Clinton won the election and it is utter nonsense we know its Mr Trump's Presidency now hence the reason I have reverted to a life of what the Christian ignores when he wants to get life or look after his family but because I am single, there are those stages where I think I want to build a history and that is why I get involved at all if Hilary won, I think I would have found myself in a place where each public appearances helped to pay for all damages done here behind the scenes and that way we would find out if the US would not have tasted a Hung Congress for the first time in history. They always say I speak that way while I cannot control what my tummy does; reality of course is that I am not eating properly, so I have this difficulty running along with how much energy I have and how much demands are being pushed at me so the assumption when they cannot let people be is that if I were confronted, there was no way they would have gone home well informed that day, that I had not fed myself well enough to grapple with such stupidities as the fact they wanted to lead. We see it is the same things about my Court too; the part where I do anal sex routine with Court members gets them out of stupid Men chasing their bottoms because Men want to lead and this is the bit where it is said I do things that do not go along with rules of Monarchy and an exception has been made for it, the other bit is the bit where I pick up on their pornography so they can match black men and women on certain kinds of sex and show up to say they have been working revolution on me on account they know where my Books are and of course they always say it is a war the Americans are leading against privilege but we can see that what is happening is that their insults have created a society split between law enforcement and normal people and criminals but what they have become concerned about is that Royalty has somebody that applies too paste on their Brushes and wipes their bum when they use the loo, hard to see how they are fighting privilege with the behaviour we see them exhibit. I am for my part always getting into trouble as such because it is thought that I do not want any of these privileges and that I have been doing it myself while others have National security jobs to attend to, which is not actually the case, what is, is that they have been making extra trouble with Media and Celebrities because they know where my Books are and there is soon going to emerge a part of the Royal Court that wants their guts for it on a regular basis too.

In the end they say it is bad Economic PR for the UK but of course it is not; if they tackle me I will tackle those cultures and societies as well - they can see that the US President is a big fan anyway and so are really keen to make out one moment I cannot make my own decisions while making out the next that he has hijacked all I have and I need to be bullied into doing something about it and we have Global Security anyway. Eventually I hear people just want to see me care of which I am willing to but simply do not have the right parameters; I would care if they were allies of mine that have a relationship which goes all day way down to the way they pursue their matrimonial chores as a matter of what I am doing and the various aspects they wish to handle in order to build their family wealth and leave some inheritance for their children - I mean we also hear that Brexit was a disaster but I have not lost any allies of this type in Europe, what has happened rather is a case being noted where if people vote in favour of environmental issues they get attacked by the Media and Office space antagonism becomes National Media issue undeservedly and so the French Environment Treaty which the US President pulled his Country out of was always full of such cynicism and usage in equal measure..

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