It eventually comes down to those gimmicks they want to express on how much they hated Millennials which omits the fact that I am famous but cash strapped, so I am likely to end up in hospital and never recover when a crowd of ten people who really loved me, caught me up on the streets and hugged me, which is supposed to be an extreme expression of classical wickedness – then there is the need to work that nonsense where they are constantly imagining that others would work for a pension and lose it just as they were about to retire while some were a special case that their stupidities wanted to ensure the business of having made some money and lost it did not happen before their sufferings begun because they were only allowed to see how they would get about making it not allowed to make it either way. This is the story that shows them to be a handful of stupid Nazis but the one that happens live is that they pillage my career and finances to set up the younger generation and legitimate recipients of their ageism finances at the Markets which was the lesser half of a problem that involved the process where the thing that needs to be done to ensure whenever people got involved with my Bookshop they were petrified for 24 hours every day has been done again for the day even as I am writing this, ‘it has been done again’ and their celebrities never stop following it up to make it into a trend ‘it has been done again’ as it were.

They do claim that I am now done for and finished, which is utter nonsense as it’s all a dithering on the fact that I either have to accept the choices I have been given by famous idiots i.e. that I got into a fight with them or accept the life they had created for me, especially as they can go behind me to handle my Books like some sort of contact point by which they can bend me to their will. It has developed to such an extent that they now make a lot of publicity about accessing my Hermitage and Royal position which makes me arguably the only person at the Monarchy with a Royal Office that Celebrities can access and build publicity for how it should be used by the public – the clash therefore is inevitable unless something changes and the idiots do suggest, using my career to do women and men’s totem all day, that I didn’t have a chance, whereby I think that annoying them to such an extent that this claim was rather obvious if it be true is the way to proceed and when I get there we can begin. The problem has always been that show business had fallen on hard time and the way they accessed my work to make show business in the past is the source of all these, they are just too important to work for the hard times, so if they need to shut down my finances and make short insulting videos which convince their stupidities advertisement is made that way, as a response to me making statements about how much of it does not affect them and their families, then it is what they must do, not the first time that the scumbags have organised their career in that way and we know they had publicity which shows them off as a handful of idiots, which of course I had no wish to be a part of, for the responsibility involved, I need a break.

I do not think this matter is a crisis. It is meant to be the revelation of the evil that drives Celebrities. When all other processes of making me suffer for being a morally upstanding person had failed, my career, health, personal and social life ends up in a legal and social no man’s land, where people can do anything, they liked. I mean we were adults and if somebody had sexual fantasy about us we would feel it, since we take leave of our personal thoughts to chase work and earnings and would likely have experienced a process where somebody told us what to do every day for decades, what then happens is the idiots who share my personal space with abusive communities and get imagination up my bum, being awarded a Media bubble for it and I ended up in this situation where the scumbags can punish me for the good things I had done as such, where any progress made with career offered somebody else a self-improvement and they claim I was victim of divide and conquer because there were no consequences for the times they wrecked my Bookshop to claim they knew where my Books were located and it was something close to my heart by which they could fulfil a fantasy of controlling and handling me for their own ends, then shows up here blowing off a big mouth the chances I didn’t have. Take the USA for instance, approaching this issue will hit you hard with respect to the older women and the younger women (as if you were about to liaise with Mother and Child), then you end up with a mistress and somewhere in the middle of all the chaos, somebody stabs another 20 times, the Police picks up the pieces and digs deeper to find who did it and bring such a person to justice and we go to see the full extent of how much the fame idiots were driven by demons literally. In my case they say I live an existence that is less than perfect but we know what happens is that the way they tackle me and my career had meant that this business of being anal sex love was a defence mechanism and the women who claim they spend time having anal sex with me as well used it for the same purposes – their case was to set out the way that they were western men who could get involved with any spiritual situation, corrupt it and build democracy, to any extent that they wanted, now they had exposed it, are asking me the fucking questions with a big mouth.

I. Uno I

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