The tale of my opinions about people’s women and the way it will get me into trouble continues naturally but so am I aware I have issued enough warnings on threats people issued at me over the gimmicks their women inflict me with to deter this sort of nonsense. The most important pressure point at this stage is largely that we do what we can to keep civic living tidy for the tax paying public but whilst Law enforcement grapples with those who want to do crime and antisocial behaviour, Celebrities will pick up these crime and antisocial behaviour goons and run off a campaign to build a crowd that will develop those gimmicks where a handful of gits show up to discipline me over how I should behave until I did the wrong things and then it would get completely out of hand, to a whole new stage which also involved the Celebrities substituting me all together, but it then features the business of hanging around in public places to sell products by harming me and brandishing insulting stick gestures every time they enjoyed exposure to engagement with the general public. This is just one of the many ways they show up to pick up public work and make a total mess of it, then seek out a crowd that will attack those who have been responsible for getting it done and I am sure the idiots who keep issuing threats about my opinions of their behaviour are also aware that this was their responsibility, especially when they had gotten into a habit of telling me that the reasons they got away with it was to do with me being too weak to do a thing about it.

They speak of the reasons for their activities and we know its such nonsense that takes it up to a whole new level where we must make sense of who indeed exactly their stupidities were talking to – I have tried everything and there is nothing tying down criminality show business to any specific commitments in this place, while those stupidities about handling me continued to get completely out of hand. It is worth pointing out that there was nothing wrong with the entire world being aware that I am a Hermit whether they were famous, and it is a clash with them that I will certainly win as it were – no idea why we must have show business anyway, there must be some service out there that can provide the Public with a substitute entertainment as it were.

The truth of it is that I am well aware it is how evil works and that they are no longer talking like they needed services from an exorcist because their Politicians helped them to express their stupidities over my earning margins and social life, so they believe their actions to be part of civil living now because they are convinced that the manner in which some people have depended on it at the market place, commodity and work market alike would cause damage if people were detached from it or it was shut down and this is the only reason for their obsession with me, which really needed to stop, rather than becoming more threatening.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland