Now they claim they have had me on the smell issues which is utter nonsense as the smell issues simply puts me in abdominal pain constantly, then we find the idiots who hang around somewhere clinging to my social life and career, to send out a handful of low lives that had given up to life, to show up and feel comfortable with my personality and social life, boasting from a disposition where I never spend time thinking about the beauty of their personality and social life for such purposes as well, showing that stupid immense pride in the consequences of their insanity that can be linked to the fact they had a penis between their legs. Such that what happens thereafter is the twats that set out to work this nonsense with them blab about the smell issues they were responsible for and the way they have ended up annoying themselves and the violence that will happen quickly with a big mouth. I have been clear on the fact it needs to stop issuing threats at me, considering a real risk that one more threat might kick off a clash as well. They had a responsibility to keep an eye on those women they had brained washed to behave in the worst ways imaginable and have not done so either – needs to stop threatening me, needs to stop setting the trading agenda for a Bookshop I established to provide a service and pay my own bills, needs to stop contacting me and needs to leave me alone.

They do claim that I had no real way to control their behaviour and its utter nonsense as the first time round was the part where I got them stuck with me so they became too old to chase their popularity, for which I am now taking the heat, including instances where they put out the idea that if they worked hard enough on me and my social life, laying claims to my Public image, they would become rich people. The other idiots simply had to do it, the part where they paid attention to me for the purpose of transforming a Bookshop I set up and the fact I wrote Books for it into a means of handling and bullying me into coming up with ideas that fulfilled their dreams of power, whilst the question had become one of when it got to stop and where, the scumbags will not stop issuing threats at me, so its these threats that are going to set the stage for the way that they had to deal with me a second time round. The blacks have always wished that I behaved in a way that failed to recognise the fact they were here first and my actions had caused them to lose a grip of their communities and therefore livelihoods, they are about to get this wish and I don’t think that their insults and stupidities working the smell issues until it degenerated into violence will improve the situation either, I think that considering the facts, it will get worse should I come to any kind of harm from it. It’s always alternatively possible for people to get involved with others according to a sense of respect for the profession they got involved with and of course they think that the respect I show for theirs will last forever because of the dream to build up enterprises that are set up to harm people which will be passed off as legitimate businesses – then there is my absolute favourite; the culture people who think that they feel bad when they are harmed by goons that would get into a fight on their behalf and I shouldn’t be thinking about responding if that were to happen to me as well, thereafter I drop out of University and it got worse the way that those who would do violent things for you tackled you and the way you had to understand that pushing back was the worst thing you could do, so if I have, they showed up where I had done the best work for my career to make a mess that was profitable for them and their popularity gimmicks every day.

They do claim most of my actions and all I get up to is simply irritating and yes it is, it is meant to be irritating if they are a response to a process of feeling an abusive pressure that never goes away and keep creeping up to more private areas of my life every day, its purpose being that somebody who must be the world’s biggest idiot somewhere is pushing me into criminal activity from a distance where he did not have to take responsibility for any part of my actions leading up to such behaviour. The purpose of my activities is to stuff them with what goes on in my head to such an extent I didn’t have to live with their stupidities all of the time and the outcome is that they are now in a position where what goes on in their heads is such that they needed to do something with their lives, lest somebody took it from them and the risk is that I am now able to move into a position where I got imagination around their private parts and pushed them until they committed crimes too. Another example that causes me the bafflement when people say that my actions are irritating while I am likely unaware of it, is the way that I make sense of quasi criminal activities on the public lives of Celebrities – it was a small thing to handle at an Office, so they took it up, build up a crowd that will force me to do what they wanted, built them a media presence to claim my activities as their own by, took pictures blowing kisses at them on my social life and public image and set those pictures on magazines that showed up at the corner shops on account they were famous, except each time these gits got imagination around their private parts as well, I got threatened, which is mostly amusing until it is not anymore. So it does mean I am at odds with the media but being at odds with the media was always a residual state of affairs most of the time: the issue on point is that somebody would commit a crime and spend time in prison boasting about their revenge, once they get out, they will be met with a history of some woman getting up my social life and public image to make popular music which suggest the last time they got checked by Police it was passionate and the media will ensure they had a presence that helped them fulfil all their threats to the latter, so it only makes sense if I manage these matters too by making sure they had to carry these trouble makers and applicable activities everywhere they went, considering we are no longer talking about their need to set up idiots on my social life and public image to help people become more important than I am with it but a case of whether they are not set in a position to control my finances and therefore oppress me.

They always follow on everything with those insults that could be helped by my attitude was a hindrance, but we also know their kids are now passing insults at me over an ability to act before the bad things happens, after they had stifled Book sales for work, I created on ageist financial bullying some 11 years ago, hence it really is their money madness specialty. I personally do not think much of it as such, since it’s largely behaviour that is caused by the things people needed to do to facilitate social immorality where they got to do strange things with sex outside of marriage – one of the issues I counter by making sense of the actions of criminals on their social life, so my spouse will want to do it all the time, lest I solved public problems to end up being punished by them because they had benefitted from it. I do get told that I work as if I am panicked about something, but the purpose is to ensure that I am able to drive them into criminal activity as well, which they will try and avoid and thereby show up somewhere to enlist in armed services and fight my battles, which is currently the way things worked. I really do need to stop their lifestyles being an Achilles heel for me by finding some alternative to celebrity services, which the Public would go along with, to stop them showing up here to set trading agenda for my Bookshop and cling to my Public image and social life for it. The other question concerns the reasons they carry through these activities – which is that in my teens it was more a link between joblessness and a lack of sexual activity, in my 20s it became a matter of what I could do about government office nepotism because depending on my finances and a process where it became their main money making tool at my expense, now their Politicians have helped them gain access to my income margins, which is preferable to outright wickedness that makes them appear to have need of services from an exorcist.

It starts out with their industrial idiots showing up to teach me how to write Books because they liked what I wrote, then it progresses to the stage where Celebrities wanted me to get into homosexual relationship after the need to handle my Bookshop and set trading agenda that made them money had become a subculture, a homosexual relationship by which I may obtain permission to handle my own social life and public image. Same as the story that I am oblivious to the little facts on the ground while I am well aware of how it applies that a woman for instance will think what I am doing matters, when she walks into a dinner, she meets some men and the men can see when she thinks what I do matters, there is excitement and hope, so the excitement and hope is due to cause smell issues and the women will be attacked first before she got to punish people over the smell issues, once done, she will have become too weak to protect the excitement issues and they could do whatever they liked, hence the big mouth at me all the time, that I wouldn’t say what I say where it mattered and their need to handle my concerns is developing into a case of the way that the fight will begin and they will wish I did it as they would like me to but it would never happen that way. They do claim these activities tended to mean they had been able to control my finances and oppress me while what I have been trying to avoid is a process where I had no choice but to set out deterrence positions and hit them hard enough to get results, especially the gits that keep putting up money leverage over my Books to get people trading in a way that will cause me to lose something Royal and something important. I do not worry about it too much, it is an old story that people who speak to me like I am some servant they had accounted for financially might only have been doing so because they wanted a Book from a Bookshop and wanted me to sell it to them, but these idiots and their Celebrities and Media have not been buying anything. The other ethnic minority fools never say they set it up for the racists naturally, they would boast at this stage that they have been teaching me lessons and it’s the way that one part of a behaviour will lead to outcomes where the Head of State decided they were big enough to handle their problems and they showed up here to fight my battles because they think they could handle me, while the other was the part where the insults will reach a stage where an idiot clashed with gangs that were too big for her stupidities and we will find body on the beach with puncture wounds, wondering if puncture wounds can cause death, before the Pathologist had to explain there were 20 between 5 and 7 inches deep – it never keeps its big ethnic minority insults where it is appreciated and never stops when its most convenient. The rest of the time they claim I will die when I screw that stupid culture while it is mainly a matter of their ignorant rivalry, which trashes everything here and gets to that stage where they say Queen is Queen at Buckingham Palace and they were Queens in neighbourhoods, and you will want to rip their heads off. The cowardice issue was an old story about paying for space from a handful of scum who then set about showering me with abusive nonsense that will get me working private security industry to look after their property while they clear the streets of criminals by getting idiots that had given up on life to live with me and share my personal space – I mean we are now only left with the business which belongs to the daddies and how I felt about everything concerning those, all the way to advertisement, over this gimmick where I spend my time clearing out consequences of their stupid popularity and they were unable to understand why I am offended by the fact their need to ensure local hoodlums made contact with me, gave rise to outcomes in which I couldn’t account for the way 3 years of my time had been spent, adding to their history whereby I had dropped out of University on account of their stupid interest in my concerns. The rest will be the idiots that work it for them naturally and it’s a matter of how I ought to conduct myself to make their stupidities comfortable, which I respond to by setting out the way they had to comply with reality, giving rise to popularity stupidities that were likely to attack me for telling them what to do and the smell issues were the part where the scum had ended up offending themselves too – the violence which have not happened because they have not made the move as such and I should ensure it ends to solve my problems as well when they fucking do.

So it’s a matter of a series of deterrence points – the ageist goons setting out leverage money that allows people to trade at my expense, the idiots that pick up my social media and websites to set trading agenda and make their own money at my expense and the Celebrities with a need to undercut areas of my career where they think they can spend money to boost their own replacement profit for it, meaning I need to find some substitute for their show business if I want to be taken seriously. The Political idiots say that my arse is theirs and I understand, save we will find out when it gets as serious as what I want to do with the lasciviousness on which their community businesses are run too, the insulting twats that show up here to get imagination up my bum because I ought to make way for the way they want to live at my expense will be the catalyst for it. they do say I am very destructive and have been allowed to get completely out of hand but it’s not a matter of getting out of hand but more a case of these fools having showed up here to address a 21 year old as though he was a child whose bills they were responsible for 20 years ago, they are still at it to such an extent that the abusive ways people handle me and the exhilarating ways I respond to them had become the corner stone for careers that some unfathomably stupid people wanted to have. So it’s a case of making something from the fact they are out of their depth too – set off the events where they pillaged and I dug, I dug and they pillaged and when we reached the bottom we decided what we wanted to do on the basis that I am always likely to be successful depending on whether I didn’t have or had as little as possible a history with their stupid selves – a younger me would have completely wrecked their Industrial communities over the private security industry gimmicks where they cling to my income and point criminals my way all the time but it seems that over time, I had picked up affiliation with industry communities of my own as well, so it’s a bit more complicated and I have to think about other people. The rest usually come either in the form of the gits that play with my social life to get paid for being popular, having shared some of the money with communities, decided on the assumption that they had become public figures, or they were utter fools who spoke of selfishness on my part while they did not have to sacrifice personal decisions for anything.

They do suggest my main problem to be that no matter what I did, I didn’t have the money to make sense of my work and its utter nonsense because I had a trust system and people always work with a trust where it pertained to the applicable person in the interest of such a person – I could scribble gibberish on paper and sell it because people wanted to see what I did with a trust system, even if they would have hated spending money on it later but I lose money because these idiots set about making sure the part where people might have hated it was effective before people paid for it and we have now entered into a stage where it ceased to be as amusing for them as well, because I am not only seeking deterrence factors to make them suffer too but am also making sense of the reasons they ran their own careers the way that they did, to reciprocate processes – thinking about it more deeply, it seems I may have unwittingly performed a public service. They do claim if I pointed out they were the worms not the early birds, it is a statement that may backfire which is utter nonsense too; what really happens to create this sense the British are difficult to understand because Celebrities are things that thrive because of the British but the British are strictest about how they are to be handled, while the truth of it is that Celebrities had no wish to work even when there was guaranteed money and guaranteed fame, they would rather build a crowd that helps them force themselves on others, then set about getting the public to access another person property to become characters that were getting paid because they were popular and had provided such things, hence the Public would engage with any advertisement, any product, any endorsement that they came up with and I have had enough of it showing up here to illegally pick up my Bookshop and set agenda on my financial success to make money, it’s difficult to live with one’s self for rewarding them in such ways. There really isn’t a crisis although I talk like there is one – simply a case of this problem associated with a good sized crowd thinking Celebrities were a viable replacement for what I am doing and the abuses that had led to this result, such that when I try to move them on and they resist and attack to claim that they were entitled to because they were more popular, I really do feel so angry I cannot concentrate on anything. So, I must move them on – they do say I am deluded and have not got anything naturally but so do they say that my view of celebrities does not apply to all celebrities and yes it does not as I believe I have not done a thing to warrant this abusive and destructive interest from criminality show business and criminality celebrities. They do claim that this story of me having not done anything to attract them is not derived from reality and it is utter nonsense too; we know the women that make popular culture over my social life and public image make it about their behaviour and that of their families and friends, especially the criminals, so most of these activities were meant as revenge but then again, the boyfriend wants to sell class a drugs, so my bottom hurts and they cannot keep their imagination off it; is this then how people sell class a drugs, perhaps it is the way customers are recruited, maybe the way trading associates are? All I know is that I have taken action because I am incapacitated and cannot chase my daily concerns and their interest in me will not develop an amicable ending should it proceed in this manner, especially when it is already built up to this stage where market is done through sex and violence, about which their stupidities got to handle my social media and websites to see that the sex and violence was worked at my expense while they hung about the market handing in body bribery to secure the proceeds.

I. Uno I

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