They do claim I am now on the verge of losing all I have and it is utter nonsense, we know the history to be one in which each time they wanted other people’s property, they spoke of an incoming King – the King is here and we know that their abusive behaviour has never once changed unless their finances were being tackled. It is not true that I am in a dire situation either, just something about how Media and Celebrities will progress from breaching my patents so badly, if I advertised my work, it would be a waste of funds to have done so and now how I can get back to owning my Bookshop and its earning margins facilitated by the patents, so that it was possible to decide which of my activities I wish to put to a money spinning venture, from the work done to convince the public that the best route to their financial well being was the jobs market and supporting the Businesses which made it possible, which work I must finish first before I started earning in the first place, the problem is that we have done 6 years of telling the famous off the illicit business of preventing it – usual case of waking up one horrifying day, to find that Celebrities have written cheques for your career and had taken up a position of social leadership in society with no clue what to do, the part where they had become famous too, so I could work the same sort of insults, would be the areas where we came full circle. The details are the various point at which in terms of popular culture for instance, there was a period of obsession over every young women that got involved with me, we are now at the stage where I had to pay for the fact they went into other peoples studios, to be used as tools for extracting money from my public image, about which they got some money too and therefore had to pay for it - the film industry was more a matter of the idea I should have been taken advantage of but people were too weak and those who wanted to get it done had to take charge and hell hath since broken lose, their history being that they got involved and none remembered inviting them to do so. It is usually a matter of what is asks people to do, such as I would be free of their gimmicks if I decided the society gits who turned up to express the idea that channelling abuses at me was their right, loved sexual abuses, whilst I knew the stage which encouraged it was set to suggest that my type of body fared better, as stupidly as possible, since it would suit them best when it came to a processes of inflicting pain and suffering on others, the abusive women needed to spend their time with the gits that tickled their fancy the most in this condition and they were both not the main problem as the Celebrities were, but I would have achieved something incredibly important in terms of discrimination, so I do not think they had any thing in the form of evidence to show that more of their insults and stress inducing abuses, tended to prevent the smell issues to do with the endless complain that other peopled stank.

Eventually it arrives at a point where the main [problem was to do with the famous, where none tended to see it is presumed, how disrespectful feminist Celebrities were, if they decided that they could not have a Prince, so they would deploy my career publicity to get money from idiots who spent the money on awareness that was built for my career over another career so I never got paid, attach themselves to a hunk and build a crowd that would make sense of some ways in which an inferior man was getting all over their private relationships, which effect is that since my finances were not designed to be successful as a single person, nobody likes half a deal in a personal relationship and I am left single. It is entirely classic but generally a matter of some need to pick up more of my career publicity to buy more claim I am a coward and experiment with men in this place that is creating most of the persistent and prevalent problems like a reckoning for the insults of the men and their girls. It is like a reckoning that needed be settled between myself on one hand and the men along with the Girls on the other, especially the type that seems to have married the wife I should have married at the Monarchy and brought this nonsense from whatever hell hole it kicks off everyday into my public life. They do suggest I am playing around with Governmental power naturally but the purpose of forcing a Court of Female journalists was to ensure 'I like to attack women' was thinking about something else or putting up his activities where the Police were likely to be located and that there was space for single mothers to thrive and I could find myself in a comfortable marital relationship, as a product of what becomes of instances where somebody liaised a New Career with my Office and this would have been the effect at the end of everyday when the public had been educated on what the affairs of the day meant - these gits on the other hand took over to make money and are so untrustworthy that sex workers turned up to serve me and Travel news was stripped of its intended purposes, besides the question of whether they were required to damage the structure or shut down its effects because they were making money by it uninvited - that said, history is that I did once pursue these fools over their interest in my concerns all the way to the Holiday destinations.

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