So we come across this tale told that time and again there are those occasions where it appears my games with other people’s women might come to an end and then I will go and kick start it all over again but I wouldn’t know, I mean the fact I have a Court and they are family to me and all I do is not to say I will not have a wife and children of my own but that is all blurred and mixed up because of women who get involved uninvited and will not take a rejection for an answer; they excuse it with those claims that younger men who like women that are older than they are will always inevitably end up with a divorcee and for that to happen in order for them to have a love life there needs to be a broken up family somewhere but it is all built on the misconception that I am not aware that I am the one manipulating and controlling the media and not the other way round – so that they really have no way of justifying the problems they have created for me in the last decade which has happened simply because they point a camera on a member of my Court to televise them reading the news or making documentary.

The whole stupid thing about making me some kind of scapegoat whenever black people do bad things in the UK when they have got neither the means nor the guts to do it as it were it something that will never be understood; Jamaicans and some twisted really insolent small tourism country African idiots have been the favourite people in the world for the British for years and yet for every trouble they make it seems their Politicians must try and make out it’s on my head when my parents come from Nigeria for instance and I have never seen the idiots in my life. Having said so people were there when the Labour party insisted year after year month after month to spend tax payer funds travelling overseas to create a place for themselves for being able to oppress somebody from whose temperaments they will extract trappings of power that will secure a feeling of being Political power for idiots like them all over the western world, people continued to support it without a care in world, paying no attention to my concerns that tribalism was moving from Africa into white communities with impunity because of it – so yes I might be the guy who sets out that if I want to travel off to Africa and am messed around with there will be trouble again but it does not mean I want to do it for them as well then does it? They do say I fear these things because it is what I am vulnerable to which is utter rubbish too as the reality is that the Labour Party is a National institution full of people that are either bloody idiots or compulsive lairs and generally think that going off to wreck people’s lives is a pass time fun engagement while thinking terrorism and racism is supposed to be a problem we all share on claims they make that others are to blame for it as well; yet we know that according to history wrecking people’s lives is never fun and is something people get to murder for concerning which I will definitely extract my pound of flesh from them as well for my part, the involvement with all the goons whose lives they have wrecked in the past because they are trying to be powerful – it is never true anybody here is scared of tribalism from Negro countries finding alliance with racism in the UK, it’s only a matter of concern that we have sleep walked into this matter and do not even have records in our heads as to when wrecking people’s lives became a National phenomenon exactly and so they do point to what I have done to their party which only causes me to mutter a take that too.

The story of being a threat to or attacking the Unions is never an emotive one, it’s a matter of the fact if something makes trouble for me I will want to get rid of it and if I get rid of Unions it must be as incompetent as hell and if I cannot while it is still trouble for me it must be because there is something about me I need to change or something about them that is attacking me, hence I need to resolve it with them; so if they are rather fond of games like setting me out the guy Politicians can do whatever they like with so Unions can get what they want, their first problem is that of what happens if I consciously refuse to co-operate no matter what and their second problem is that of an enemy they need to keep down after that. It’s not unusual, it’s just that whenever people get top level civil service jobs it serves as something they can deploy to make themselves wealthy; if they play their cards right they can gain access to all sorts of contracts and for the period they hold the office make a few millions and retire early if they wanted but when I walk into the job centre they deploy mine and fail to protect me leaving it to the dogs because of course they tend to deploy it on account it is not something that helps me find and pay my way and climb social ladder if need be as it were – they can simply exasperate me and deploy it. They do say I live out a very useless existence and like it when I am flattered by the media for it but it is largely first a matter of MR a gathers some girls and they decide what they must do to get rich this year and that involves handling my earning margins and never ever listening to anything concerning how I feel about that if the happiness of teasing and abusing me is making them look beautiful on media and tabloids, so it soon degenerates into Empire versus Empire story that we are now dealing with at present. The other is the matter of when people catch me out; I may suffer damage like that on a global level to my work and possessions, only for people to make an excuse for one more global level damage when even they are too shy to give me a job to help pay the bills and the name of that excuse is the Unions for instance – of course it’s only natural for me to feel it is not sacred and I don’t want them to piss me off as well. I mean it’s a simple story about a difficulty to understand why some people tend to think products sold on the basis of happiness developed around the premise of somebody else being made to suffer intense pain, on account of you is the best but then again of which when you look at it in terms of the fact they always put the worst they can offer out there for people to buy and reserve the best for the great and good to make connections and expensive parties with which is why they put people in their place at random as if it was air they breathe and so on, then it makes sense all together but then again their women cannot listen to anything anybody says he does not want them to do with possessions – especially me; they say my reaction makes them beautiful and when they handle it my reaction makes the controversy that emerges since it is not legitimate publicity, even more lucrative and so it will not stop until I develop the same habits as well which will be well measured against the violent side of these things that happens more often than not unlike when One has to deal with people who have considerable intellect to show for their part. Antagonising the Unions therefore it not that which happens by magic: they do say I have no way of defending myself from them which is not the whole truth of course since I had made it clear I am whole sale into the selling of my books as I had finished most of preparation last year but they are still doing that routine where they have seen 200 pages of a 300 page book on a web preview and when I ask what they will do now they have seen good stuff they decide they will keep it and make out the reason to be that they have so much money I wouldn’t mind and it can only continue until I own their own as well and then what I have done so far will start to look like a picnic all together.

I. Uno I

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