It is never really true that I am not proactive at handling matters at my Working Court at the helm - the fact of it is that it is where I work and I am in charge of it and nobody else. The main issue remains that allowing others to make use of me like they love to make out they want to is irresponsible, so is a process of allowing the women to languish over my absence and I have never allowed it, all that is said and done about it and with respect to it are entirely made up.


The general matter with globally created confusions is largely that of a matter of my behaviour i.e. I never allow a definitive sense of what I am doing to exist except for my customers; I do so in order to push the boundaries of those that work with me and help them gain and achieve the best, the result is that any fool who gets involved understands that what will happen is that need for nothing to be definite in their lives and also people using it to push their boundaries, especially profit margins and purses, so what they do is secure their means on media to run away doing what they like whenever they do and of course to wreck my finances knowing that I will try to prevent them from making any profit from their vandalism, which works so much anger when they get around making much obtrusion with it over how people do not like them but it is okay if they like themselves, which nobody really wants to know about and most people want them to get off from what property they want to handle recently with their fame and media, which is by the way not really recognised anyway - at least not here and not by me. 

I do not think that most people ought to be concerned about media stories that media bosses and high employees tell about how my work is never worth the paper they are written on because it is a process of extracting history that belongs to them; it is not surprising but to make the matter clear, as I have said before, they have done nothing in the last decade except report my person and my personality as well for all sorts of reasons including somebody that can take it to take their problems out on since he is a Christian and has got enough love to manage the hate when people give them a bad day and so on and they share these things with society like their professions depended on it as well – like they always do; I mean we meet them in Church when the ones they have spilled all over the world have dried out from time to time as it were anyway. So all I have done is plod on and carry on anyway bearing in mind getting an alternative job will simply have indicated I don’t want that part of my life anymore which is just as well because I would have been made to hand it over anyway which means keeping the job would have been impossible but keeping the writing career therefore means I must not be allowed to earn from it and it is the sort of provocation that their politicians glory in as well and hence like to brag all the time in public and so far because of what media enables them to do, don’t currently hate my guts as much as they really should. So the reporting of my person and my personality as well comes into play in the sense that not only are they able to access aptitudes linked to my personal and family life and career, they are also able to determine what people think about me and regularly do things to create situations that enable employers to ask questions at me that I cannot answer no matter how meagre the job with their media and regularly collect Intelligence on me with which to do so as well coupled with claims I sleep with peoples wives. If they have actually come through in public therefore to claim that my work is history I have extracted from their lives – it always therefore gives meaning to every supposition I have contrary to what their African idiots who are clearly my fathers and mothers have helped them to, that none of the writings or equities here are indications of insanity or anything close to it, bearing in mind also their Popular culture idiots cannot do anything except sing the Intellectual property of this company for a living and want millions from it as well. So I am not insane and these Equities are real equities – if the books are what I am selling then of course they needed to have been worth the customers’ money in the first place. Of course there is ample space for discussion on the corruptions of involvement and the insolent diverse communities from all over the world, especially countries you are not watching your back over too - there always have been. Naturally main concern is media and corrupt diversity of countries about which you are not watching your back - they never run out.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland