I hear I am in a difficult place with Politicians which is utter nonsense Ė the reality is that everything to do with peoples hurting and feeling sore all over due to abusive harassment is Politicians making them toe the line on account somebody has put some money into a warehouse somewhere and wants to get rich from it Ė so it gradually becomes something that you start to regard with increasing boldness in terms of handling everything to do with their finances and making sure they are afraid of letting you see it too; itís usually a case of the fact that each time they have a wicked idea, I am one of those people that look good being targeted and it is getting increasingly serious as well; I do not think of it as a crisis, itís the controversies I build around the whole thing handling the insulting and media ones who take the lies they cannot stop telling to National sources of information distribution and then they all show up on a National stage to find they can never stop telling lies getting loony but are concerned about the tummy churning aspects. Itís not really a problem, itís one of those issues that set you on a position where you look at the world from only two directions and one is to do with whether somebody who owns a business or wants to work with you is a Monarchist while the other is to do with whether he is a fan of Politicians making sure you are sore all day and people are scared of buying your Books even though they show up at your place for interest sake every day, to a point where you face the threat of homelessness because every part of your privates is hurting on account of somebody elseís violent distant abuses and lasciviousness that is getting increasingly physical by the day, like some second job they need to do about which they have not got the time for the wealth and social inequality issues their electorate is complaining about; thus I am getting bolder and bolder at making sure they understand it is not in their interest for me to know that their financial wellbeing exists too, so that I might feel good and my tummy my digest what I eat for a change. Itís not an old story just the abusive ways in which they intrude into and take over my personal space all together i.e. you see a Monarchist at the stock market and get along with him fine, see a fan of Politicians and every part of you hurts for no reason, then they wear suits and tell me I am dirty while I am actually trying to survive their filth that makes me want to vomit all the time, not least because they are sharing the use of my personal space too Ė I mean itís a filthy game they play where I am happy and I feel as though the entire world knows I have done something bad because they want to find out what it is exactly I am happy for as if it is up to them and then the bad smells will be the result along with threats of violence from them too Ė filthy on the outside and on the inside blabbing a respectability, making sure I have no right to feel good over money, wearing suits and talking rubbish at me about being dirty. Itís the reasons it happens is not worth discussing but it does have something to do with abstaining from work and then building up impetus for violence which when combined with saving your energy makes you dominant and then with that you can go out and grab the world for yourself, get the best jobs and have the most money but now it will not keep off my Books and stay away from my Public image space. They always love to claim I do not show that when people get hurt it matters to me and my time is coming too and it is utter rubbish; the reality is that whenever there is mass shooting in the US, the idiots expect me to become emotional about the activities of pure evil, so they can mock me and watch me weaken for it Ė what is true is that they are pure evil and in my case it went beyond the matter of why they need not be allowed to practice their evils in the neighbourhoods unless they are on their own families, is because I have no wish to fight for my life all the time in it and developed into something about media obsessed with causing some kids to be taken over by demons and sit about telling the fortunes of the Men who create industry connections and have an obsessive narcissism that those who know what matters will support; it didnít end well of course and that is why we ended up in this situation where I got worried that if I moved on from it others will be attacked since they are very fond of making me breathless by blackmailing me all the time Ė so itís an old story where each time there is mass shootings they want to mock me and see me say something that shows that I care, I care about the power of evil and what it can do, which of course is not what happens every time I open my mouth to talk about it; itís not unusual Ė there are the evil ones that are good at killing people, there are those that are good with money wickedness such as the processes we saw that led to the global economic crisis in 2007, I have always been good with these other self-seeking insolent bottom chasing popularity and media madness ones and itís an old story where they keep off my Books and clear my space. Itís the other stuff they have damaged you see Ė like the films I brokered equity for were good but because they paid for it the people who took their money for something that was not evil had to pay for it, which is common place in the US when they are not talking rubbish about how much of the problem is about Gun control instead: so it is an evil that understands where I am coming from and will not let a day go by without complaining about my Books, claiming it is the reason the balance was upset and they have been busy with the extreme forms of their pointless wickedness we see get credence only on media where they never stop fighting the government until a tyranny emerges and then they can get killed for my right instead of fight for it. So itís an old case where they enjoy the corruption of involvement with my concerns a mid-size gangs madness involving a process of being cooler than I am and very perverted forms of personality competition that have finances attached and involve some gimmick with violent gangs, usually leads down the path of deserving a bigger version of all I have and do to match their size - so it can stay off my Books if it wants or it will continue to expect a different turn of events from its behaviour, which will never come.

I do not think it is a crisis, they always say that they stirrup problems and escalate security matters for me while reality is that each time I go shopping I find abusive behaviour which is to do with that stupid woman that wants to handle me in order to be in all the places where she makes money anywhere she turns was head of security - we see these days the shops are full of blame culture idiots who spend their time on nothing else save telling lies, hurting my private parts and chasing my tummy and anus all day, the violence over the so called bad smell of which never really happens. In the end, they are not members of the Court whose involvement with me is usually instigated by the parents or those who have not had parents approval will end up causing a bit of stir, they are not the fans who get around pointing trouble maker immigrants in the direction of the jobs and money that they seek if they must have it by abusing people and stirring up blame culture and provocation that will bring about local conflict, so itís impossible to understand why their interest in me reaches the extent that it does, right up to the point where they watch me while I sleep as a function of perverted community cohesion - so this is supposed to have been their escalation, about which they are likely to go off and die over my civil rights instead of fight for it. There can only be so much financial complications through which they can dream of gloating over my body while I work hard for a living I suppose but they are not escalating anything, just one of those issues about which I generally mention stupidities associated with the fact that enough have not died yet to cause a deterrence. Itís not a crisis for me as such - the great old story is one of a case where somebody has to make use of my work by taking advantage of me in order to trade and then when it has taken years to settle what his problem is the Women with whom he should have settled some quality to ensure a pipsqueak like me does not win against him will then become the new problem I have to deal with - which is usually not a concern if it not about how Women who are interested in what I am up to fancy them that much, so cracked up out of my league situation winds them up because this is their own lives all together but in the end it is usually a matter of thinking only the men are relevant and then when finished with those find yourself stuck with the women at a point where you are too old - so as it stands, they might want to stop showing up here to mess with me instead of get a Book, if they think they have a cause whenever they complain - itís the nonsense socialist Politicians spend even tax payer funds on apparently, so people can never tell them they are bloody idiots. They do say I am a complete disgrace which is utter nonsense Ė itís a matter first of when I want to do what I need to and then a matter of really foolish people who intrude into my life and concerns to get me from the person I am to the person that is unhinged and then the person with an ego and then the person that gets involved with the various stupidities happening in their society and then the person that proves himself through violence and can use very beeline nonsense such as the archaic and outdated Church activity that will not put food on my table while heir insanity is going to get me closer to prison all together to do it due to the idiots at government Office that we have and the scum we see on media all the time; then we hear them justify it on grounds of which part is my fault as well while the only reason it happens is the fact they are evil and this is not Sodom and Gomorrah or other places that are so evil that God has to destroy himself. I mean they do say I am bereft on any kind of moral authority because they are scared, not enough have died to suffice obviously, it got real - bad things can happen to good people and vice versa an insolent ego with which to handle others, a reality dawns. I really wish their stupid Politicians will ask them to keep their mouths where their money is located and their fingers off my anus.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland