The theory is that I am very disrespectful and have never faced the issued associated with it but I am not in anyway whatsoever, these are a bunch of extremely entitled twats – they do not run the neighbourhoods and I do not have to comply with anything they were thinking and more so comply as to suggest that it was the same as the Laws of this land – the other gits in Hollywood never stopped claiming that they were nice people buying entertainment while I spent time trying to rub shoulders, showing up here to make mess, have not yet worked out what it wants to do with school shootings. The German influence idiots take it to a whole new stage which involved a process of getting people caught up in one fight after another, so what the victims did gave them needed ideas to top up a sense of security and show up in areas of Town that they previously would not have had the courage to, it is completely relentless and incredibly insolent, perhaps they will have enough security someday, so that their victims might get a break from them I suppose. It’s the same as those claims women didn’t like me because I did not have the necessary manhood, whereas what we know is that they were chasing promiscuous men for a relationship but had since turned their interests towards me, never mind official matters where if I married a divorcee I would offend Catholics and it I married Celebrity culture I would offend protestants, whereby we know while I am trying to explain the reasons people were taking pictures of their girlfriends blowing kisses at criminals on my social life, these two groups would have been off on their own gimmicks at my expense, if I were married to any, they would return from those gimmicks to fight public service operatives over me, thus not clear which manhood they thought would attract them to me as such.

They do claim they want me to disappear but most of these activities were a product of years of practical jokes that I had not responded, we have therefore seen a handful of idiots invent fun that makes a mess of my career and goes on to develop an abusive way to look down on me and is now talking rubbish about a wish to see me disappear.

I have warned the idiots who were very clear about how they wanted others to describe them, of the risk of getting all the responses in a 24-hour period for instance – the main problem being that we inch towards the outcome they would hate more intensely, if we continued to winnow their practical jokes from my Bookshop and its Clientele, particularly the market marketing and advertisement types which destructive capabilities were immeasurable but they had their careers tucked away safe from it and got into a habit of issuing stupid threats at me too.

Most of the way practical jokes catch up with me, to trash my career and finances and social life however is a matter of another group of gits at the Monarchy forcing me to serve, which is now as simple as a process where they ought to give the Politicians who ask questions about instability all the time, by making a case of instances where they think I am disrespectful and go on to do what it is my disrespect was stopping them from doing, I intend to do the same concerning their disrespect as well.

The gits ha since reached a point where they claim they needed to get into an act about my unreasonableness, I could not tell at this stage if ripping up a persons University studies and making his life very difficult to tell your friends that you owned him and everything he came up with to make money and attend parties, could be construed as being unreasonable, never mind the last 6 years being divided between us in the sense that the first three was a time in which I took up a private security Industry job and they spent it building a global stage community that clung to my income and social life, making me do their bidding by getting imagination fingers up my anus, the second three being the response I have provided for it which had set out an outcome where what it seems had changed their entire lives appear to have occurred over the last 6 years and they are not dealing with somebody who had a fat bank account at his disposal for it either; reasonable will be the part where they stopped telling me how to describe them when I said they were incredibly stupid people, who set out my career, finances and personal life, as the stage upon which most of the abusive activities they construed as the kind of fun that they wanted to have, to ease their lives and blow off steam, cease to make comments and gestures and references to my social life and public image when their stupidities were engaging with others and stop issuing threats at me where the big mouth never stopped suggesting I pushed them hard and they had to keep from making phone calls. I mean what we do with employers is to pick up the best talents we have developed in a school environment and go off to meet an important person who gives us a job role that is paid for, what happens with my Public image is that they make comments about it and play out the practical jokes which were unbearably stupid but had decided on how I ought to view it, which I would if they gave me an alternative word to describe it, then set out a version that they wished would decide what people thought of me and get off to claim my public image for themselves, leaving me with abdominal pain that causes a smell and gets their communities tackling me all the time because I smelled – this is being reasonable, I wondering if their stupidities raise the point because they want to be reasonable too. It needs to give me my space or I am getting there and will be doing so very quickly indeed.

The Celebrities speak of the same thing naturally but we know they will not stop telling me what to do, they have gone from getting paid for being popular over the fact these idiots hated my guts and although there was no link between the employees of a multinational company and a question of whether that company brokered equities with me, they had since found a link that will help wreck my finances and build up the sense the destruction wrought, was the way the Public wanted to engage with the product - they are now in a place where their famous stupidities were telling me what to do each time I got past a challenge that their practical joke idiocy that does not show up here to read something I had written rather than tell me what to do, suggested that I could not.

They do go on to say that this is what becomes of a little twit like me getting others to fight wars for me but they have not been fighting my wars, I am just completely fed up with the insults therefore since decided their stupidities had and needed to fight another one too. Every time I cleared it out like so, the stupidities will show up all over my career, social life and personal life again because they were bigger and their stupidities never stopped complaining more than I did. It is the thing that people end up thinking about, that the confidence for this nonsense is developed from an obsession for the way I stand up for myself when threatened, that foolish superior personality that does nothing when people attack it but will never allow the innocent a moments peace because it thinks its stupidities made it a bad person and such a character was an acumen, then I will wonder off to trashing all the Police had done for them and set about pushing them until we came to blows - this is where I need to be, if I need to face up the resolution for an assumption that my Bookshop will ever be successful if the practical jokes they want to play on it continues. Generally they are the same as the sex workers and the criminals but where the change comes is that they relied on my career to stay out of trouble with the Police, facilitated by gits getting involved with government to earn a history of forcing me to do something but then if a company brokers equities with me and as usual, their civil rights decided to get involved with that company, claim they owned me and set about suffering the company profitability issues at the market until the Company had ceased to associate itself with me, it is meant to be very harmful and when I set it out as a difficult part of market, I do so because we were dealing with an economic crisis then, a small price to pay for recovery but we are not anymore and their stupidities are about to end very badly, I need to get into such a position as to ensure that it does, along with all side practical jokes of civil equality and rights, that were either involved or took advantage of the situation.

In the end they claim I am being oppressed which I am not in anyway whatsoever. Just the question that now needs to be answered since trashing my University stupidities to get paid for being popular on my social life was not the end of such stupidities targeting me and we have been through hell and back, to end up in a scenario where an idiot builds up hoodlums to target me and decide whom I got into a fight with, picked up my privacy to play with cracked up out of my league and run me down everyday and gets the media to build places where people can go to claim my career as their own, the question of how quickly it happens and how easy it is for Celebrities to jump on a band waggon whenever they saw such things happening. In the end, the famous idiots were still picking up my PR despite being given numerous warnings.

I. Uno I

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