I am told that I loved to support these political disposition that fostered an arrangement whereby the UK was held together by force of Law and not democracy and consent but it’s a matter of a handful of people who look like character you found in a factory where they could never stop wrecking people’s lives and even the jobs they were given was a control mechanism for their behaviour, reaching a stage where they had decided everybody was so confused about what they were really all about, to such an extent they had taken hold of public perception and were on course to achieving a goal of securing a Country that exists in their heads. How does anybody follow this up by democratic means and consent instead of the force of Law? We know that School Governors that have embezzled School funds have looked like this, same as corrupt civil service staff and even fraudsters and fraudulent small business owners. That said, if they decided to develop a Political party where they gathered up other people like them who have been around the block a few time, really are old enough to know better but are unable to change a behaviour, to decide how the Country should be run because they thought they could do better, none will have prevented them from doing that, so it is still a question of how indeed Independence was not a deterrence, if they were already losing everything that they would have loved to gain from being part of the Union? Eventually we hear that I never pay a great deal of attention to the mobility issues which does not really apply as they will have been talking about the business of goons on the left who had a need to peddle my social life for profit that was required of them by companies that had paid them enough to make them rich, while the others on the right had single career publicity that involved a process where they showered me with insults and their stupid children got ahead of me, blabbing of the way that the space on the right hand side was a balance for what the other people on the left did, which then matters considering the damage they had done here.

It is as they say that the work I do is good but is now taking a terrible toll on my health while the only thing that affects my health is the fact popularity idiots loved to play up practical jokes and have now reached a stage where they needed to get about with their criminal friends spending all day camping around my residence and doing things that are supportive of stupid Celebrities who want to make money on my Public service at the Office. Not that they were a challenge as such since I always worked by making sure they were thinking of the same things I was thinking because I stuffed them with it, meaning that they cannot perform as much of their gold digging stupidities as they would have loved to and hated me because I had no money but despite that, am now the biggest problem they faced - same as the Americans who are always certain to facilitate this nonsense running out of time for the popularity and Celebrity gimmicks because they spent most of the time they had on me.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland