So I am told that my position is a polarising one which is not true; the truth is that the evils of the Liberals and socialists especially is being laid bare here – we can see that it is much the same as sexual assault; the issue is raised all the time with those who know nothing about it, while those who do chase around and trap people so they can perform the act and in the same way they are a group of people who are concerned about somebody wrecking their finances to feed off their attention and get popular through some socially organised entrapment and so they do it instead and seek out those who will likely do nothing about it to do it on. I do get told that nothing they do is ever good enough for me but they do nothing at all; think about the economy for instance and say that Mr A has to invent a Television and then build a company that sells it, then at some stage somebody will gather up his statistics and papers and get off to exchange his assets with another company at the stock market and in that way a Financial economy and a manufacturing economy tended to exist – these idiots rather spend their time thinking of nothing else except how to entrap everybody at the welfare state except themselves and so it is not good enough every other nonsense that is being built up here around it without my consent – so what people are finding out a doing every stupid thing that the media wants them to do is that when entangled with my writing career, how it will go is that they will back off especially so when their ego gets hurt by the process, not some Polarising Royal position. They have fizzled everything into a state that involves a process where it’s about looking after the health in order to work for money which is apparently the only good part of their madness but even then the whole thing works around the survival of the fittest ideals that mean the bigger and stronger the richer a person should be but we now see them become obsessed with picking a fight with people they have never met and then all these disposition on which one is bigger than which that does not affect their finances becomes a state of affairs, full of media abuses and popularity insults. So I do get told my position is a selfish one but it is not, as I mentioned before, they do it because it is what they fear and so how to survive involve making a human shield out of those who are unlikely to react, what I am doing is the right thing to do; when entangled with mine, how it works out is that they back off not me spending all my days tolerating their stupidities, so thus I might deal with financial complications that their ego may not be hurt. It’s the same case we see all the time and the business of leaning on me and abusing me and having a need to see me naked so everything that is done can be done by touching me painfully which then ensures I run away from everything I work for when the pressure is switched on and then I get told that I blow hot and cold on the matter while they want to keep the attitude which has more to do with the violent lasciviousness of the society goons, that is expressed all day by trading only when they had sent out their stupid children to pass an insult or administer a punishment on me, their problem began to escalate when I dropped out of University and they started claiming I am mentally ill – it is how they got to complain to the Politicians everyday about their own mental illness, so the threats and abuses can be measured by what may happen if others got really concerned about their civil disobedience and social corruption, which is of course the basis of knowing evils you don’t want done to you so that you might do it to others; it’s the attitude and then the threats people like to throw at me all the time as though it is a really difficult task for me to set out what I must do to churn their tummy as well and terrify them out of those insolent saloon cars; suffice to say they need to show up around my concerns if they want to buy a Book and not to play with me. What we have is a decade and a half of the Labour Party especially trying to find out if the need for stupid self-exhibitionism on other people’s public image and the presence of their temperaments can outweigh the need to stay off government financial support and the streets, I am not the one polarising people. The most common of these stupidities is that link that seems to have been established between the self-expression of Men who are doing something to avoid financial problems that bring about tummy churning and my right as a person wholly to make a living by selling Books I write – the one that means the world can only have one or the other with their big mouth and a reason for it cannot be established. They always say they are trying to tell me I have no money and that I am no one but it’s not as if my finances were wrecked in Asia and then I travelled to the UK to be told I have no money and I am one; they are the ones that tore down my academic work between 2004 and 2007 so that I might end up in that position but are now finding they cannot watch their mouths for it; I do not think it is a problem, just when I tell them to clear my space and it is really important – sort of those times when a Police Office might say okay if it is such a big deal let them wreck your life so I can shoot them later for instance; the good part about that being that you do not try to make money or get by on the basis of the many things that happens when the Police Officer said such a thing and therefore means that you sit down and think about getting a qualification and finding a job but it does seem as though I have something to prove just in order to exist and now they know I am more popular than they are, they are able to see what Popularity does and I am prepared to make it worse until they give me my personal space back. It’s an old case; every time I meet them it takes me back to when I took my First School externa exams – it was the first time I had a sense of what the world was like, the first time I met people from various other schools in a wider sense pursuing a goal in the world and this is because they love to cling to my public image and we hear them blab about how I mess up their personal space because it will create an argument and buy time for them to continue – it’s not how anybody should make a living and I deserve to do everything I have done about it at this point too; it has become some sort of pass that for everything I do there is polarisation involved, there is always a flaw, there is always a hitch but I am not half that stupid – needs to clear my space. An example of things I can do to terrify them out of those saloon cars will for instance be one of those times when it tells me I have no money and that I am no body and that this is the reason there is a link between goons expressing themselves over tummy problems associated with a lack of money, would be a process of starting my own campaigns about how every penny they make is based on wrecking peoples academic work so they might climb on people’s public image in such ways but if that should yield results, the problem is the question of whether I would fancy it better than Church stuff which answer is nay; it becomes rather important that they stay out of my concerns.

I get told that we are becoming more like Americans in the UK, which is utter nonsense - what is happening is that the Politicians will not give it a rest about their Offices being the only apparent places in the Country where decisions are made which affect the lives of criminals half the time, while the other half the time taking everything from people because they will not be able to tackle the criminals they complain about so much anyway. It does seem that the US is the Country with the largest number of psychopaths in the world, so they are clearly not as clever as they like to make out that they are whenever they are being terribly silly like we must endure all the time. So it might be said that none of it is a problem for me obviously which it is not because this was an example of the reason I made my equities available to film makers and video games makers and all killers had to do was kill people in video games, which an environment was created for them to have fun like normal human beings - so the idea was that whenever people wanted to, they felt they needed to ask or get property equity from an Arch Prince, which is why it was made available to them.

I am aware all I say will only just make the Politicians worse but it is entirely normal - the way it happens such that when somebody is radicalised, he is placed in a crowd so he can kill some people and find out what will happen to him as well like we see of their terrorism Policy is an example of the fact that unless what happens whenever terrorism occurs is politicians getting blown up, there is that sense that no proper Policies will ever be made on terrorism because they are consolidating power over people they think hold a perception that they are not governing the Country; it might be a question of what their case is with privilege hunting, of what their case if with other people’s personal space, of what their case is with other people’s public image every day, of what sort of stupidities we are meant to classify these activities as in the end but then again, a little respect for what others do solves a lot of problems and they are learning small lessons at present, it seems the big lessons will change them a little better should there be one such occasion but while there isn't there is no point waiting for them to come up with anything because they never will: it has always been a matter of evil and of the lost and I know this story very well.

They love to tell me I need to make peace with the support I give to those who work in the armed services, which I do not; I am being groomed to fill a Chief of staff role and need to ensure I am able to provide such support - in the end they were warned about many of these things - they are warned about economic crisis based bullying concerning how others were trying to make money from the way their businesses have affected the world, they were warned about moving into my right hand and making me fight for my life in the neighbourhoods all the time, they were warned about tackling the religion that for what it is worth I am practicing in their own personal lives as far as they are concerned.

It is always regularly claimed I don’t know what people’s Political party stand for, the truth about it rather on the other hand is that of how there are people in their parties that will never have a sense of respect or regard for me, which is the problem in the sense that it means any private and corporate interest idiot can mess with my livelihood and earnings, take it out of their Political office and make it really personal as well. I have no idea if they do expect at all that I suppose when they are done, they will be getting around with their Royal friends next. Clearly of which nobody has ever sat down to spend a lot of time on teaching them very important lessons on those their insolent laziness yet; hence good they carry on like that taking it out of their offices to mess with my earnings and talk lots of corporate and personal interest rubbish.

For the media fools, complaining about how much I plug myself into their shows never improves but since claims the world will implode if my work is not confiscated to give prerogatives to their Political leaders over terrorism, nothing has really changed about establishing a media firm by which they get behind cameras to claim absolutely everything I say and do belongs to them, which is also violent as well. So, I suppose plugging myself into their shows is the very essence of manipulation as they say. It stands therefore the fact as has always been my work that saving lives is more important than a career or an ambition or an advancement and the activities of these individuals and the Political leaders that support and lead them show exactly why they have so much trouble with matters like terrorism and more so other brutal political instability of which the sustained daily vandalism of my work and the relationship I have with my allies day after day into years after years have not helped any of their case or causes either. The great idea of those I am meant to be afraid of is the same old story; it is as though my entire life will hinge on the fact that I cannot go up against their advantage and when asked what this advantage is they will mention violence and their size, so when asked how that will determine what my life is they mention access to my books. So what I have done since the fact I am a Prince and they are nothing is not enough prove I can beat up people that are bigger than I am yet so far, is to set out various skills by which it is possible to do so, which they have continued to develop a habit of sucking on my tits and getting on media to talk so much rubbish alongside their stupid girls. It is the same story all around since we all know you cannot tell somebody never to move into your right hand if he is determined to and is bigger than you, not to mention have what you feel about your person and property respected if they feel like issuing threats that you respond to, which provides their media scum what to squander and thus an activity they carry out every single second as well. I am a Christian by the way and it is the fundamental reason I need my right hand spotless. The other part where people who handle my personal and private security are responsible for their activities is apt as it were; since they are always on duty and each time they are I have no right to any kind of privacy whatsoever; hence I have to handle them as well so they can get that stupid media and any political fools that might play along, alongside it too. I love to indulge the evil freedom greed rubbish because it makes me look far wiser beyond my age as it were, not because I do not know it is dangerous and threatening and they talk too much and too much rubbish as well which needs to be shut down.

The story of how little I know of what I am doing is a very familiar one of course but the reality is as I have always placed it i.e. their plans to do the academic work has been my biggest problem hence the fact they belong in gangs has meant getting into student loans debt and dropping out of studies with a career in front on me to deal with - so doing the academic work is now up to them and I shall finish with the books and get back to my studies so they can cross me in such ways again since we all know people ought to attend college if they find they cannot keep their insults to themselves and stay off other people’s personalities from which they can read peoples careers in the Universities.

We do hear them speak of how the governments rhetoric on those who live on benefits is beginning to make sense to them and I wouldn’t know anyway since it is a matter of what people say as far as I am concerned and either way if they do get off to say one of those things we see them say on Media equipment that create a sense I am being pelted by vegetables while I have to do some government imposed work to earn my £70 pw, what I did when they did while I had to attend to a legitimate job will look like a picnic when I am done as well. I can see they believe the way it will work will be the one we have been doing so far that is all about punishing politicians who give them money every time they do it and feel like making me scream in pain to share my personal life which I have refused to share thereby courting their wrath and ending up in a place where they are sharing problems with me to have it anyway – all I can say is that if they are expecting me to write a personal diary that will not happen as all the personal diaries are full and none will be written any further in order to manage them as a problem around here; they are still living their stupid lives in my personal space, seeking the piece of the UK that is a function of my existence and running their stupid concerns around my company stifling the book sales for reasons that range from greed to one about reducing the number of super rich people in the world starting with those who have a potential for it and are still making out they control me by making me hysterical all the time. The story of feeling I am all that but getting into a lot of trouble recently is absolute rubbish; first concerning the media, I would not give up the power I have to manipulate them at will for anything in the world, so they can be proper bullies and their popular culture idiots can show up and push around their stupid mouths where it really matters to see what will happen with that too - in terms of what they mean, the reality is that of their fame and fortune idiots spending my property on themselves and that always involves the process of turning up to barricade my livelihood making out they know what I need and how it is to be done when they know nothing about it and even so if I create a social network profile and follow them it leads to trouble as well and I need to declutter but it is getting more and more impossible because they cannot see that the fact they are unable to do anything without involving me right up to their need for liberalist perverts doing religion on account they need to save their energy for money and through to their girls that cannot make advertisement without making sure they are addressing me in the process - they know nothing about it and the blacks especially need to leave me alone, otherwise I will keep using their lives for very difficult social and political matters so they can tell the difference when their nepotism reaches high places at my expense the next time. So it is not as much fun as it used to be anymore obviously, not as much fun as when it started and they were the bullies that needed to see if they have enough power to keep some 21 year old that currently has no savings to his name but has a temperament people can abuse to get rich out of employment and in a perpetual cash flow crisis to make him into an object of abuse; the Industry ones are a special case alright, I hear the nonsense they say about my handling peoples millions as their intolerance of those whose personal space is the answer to everything for them has reached a whole new level with that stupid media but all I have to say is that when they are given products to sell and advertise, it’s the products not the manufacturers or indeed me, they will leave alone my equities where they find it or they will continue to complain. I have reached a point where any involvement from them here since they have not got a clue what it is all about and I am fed up with these things I have no time for all the time turning up here to get done, must be punished and everybody can see it will be a big task with their fashion girls and self-harming advertisement idiots.

They devise these things all the time and none is amazing; the reasons they will take the criminal risk of handling my books without permission is of course for instance to provoke me and then find a way of claiming I am a threat to them on media and then doing something about a threat or getting others to because I have a personal life they wish to deploy to ensure they do not deal with their bad experiences while having to carry out their great and almighty celebrity activities, I am only saying the facts surrounding the story they tell about me getting into trouble regularly could not have been further from the truth which a little bit has been set out above anyway; it is simply not something I appreciate that they should turn up to take up my time and that of my friends and allies to do things for me they have not got a foggiest clue how to or what it is about, then get about feeling they have become so important my involvement with them causes them distress as well with a big mouth when I could not want them to disappear any earlier. It is not a matter about which there needs to be much over-thinking; I do not have black women in my Court for example and they might waste 12 years of my time having somebody to pick on to feel like they are ugly lovers who can show both sides of their stupidity and a celebrity culture to show for their hard work too but they do not know anything about anything about what anything is about around here and will have to stop following me around my way or their own - there is no such thing as getting into trouble around here. So clearly if their stupid bad history and stupid bad memories does not work with being a celebrity and does not work with turning up on a catwalk run way, they will hunt me down and have my Christian personal life as in what personal life they have made out for me by wrecking my finances and taking problems out on me and then telling everybody around the world about it, then finished off with making sure I am subjected to respecting it with a girly big mouth – so I really have no idea which trouble they suppose I am getting into anyway. I don’t think it is an issue as I said – I have a Court and I do things with them and every fool wants to do those things with me as well and know nothing about it but cannot stop hurting me if they have made their way into doing everything with my personal space basically and therefore is some form of self-esteem fix for them and so it is getting to that stage about which this story of me getting into trouble is the beginning where every involvement with me will be punished because all it does is damage, damage, more damage and then lots of laughs and I bet it will start with that great old issue of the reputation they think they should be having and the one they believe is befitting for me and my size with that big mouth. So, I am the one manipulating the media not the other way around and they are looking for more trouble. Obviously thy were stupid and now they are evil too and it is the sort of thing conflicts are made of and nobody is fighting one over me either for my part. I mean they are supposed to do everything they want to do using my personal space and I am supposed to pillage their own as well to sell my books; it is a big world and there is ample opportunity for them to live out their silly existence as if I never existed instead of turn up here all the time to find where I may be vulnerable and get on local and International media for it - we have heard them carry on the yapping but currently it is in their interest to ensure I cannot get a job lest a great injustice will have been done them that could drive huge numbers of people into mental illness but while they state that case they are still here creating problems for me and passing around the insults, wrecking finances and building me a poor man’s publicity especially the blacks, those know where my anus and penis is as well for good measure: some do ask if there is a particular reason for it too and yes there is - they are Children and relatives of tyrants that can afford trips to the UK for them by oppressing people and being corrupt with government funds and so on, so when they get here they become a different animal and the whole matter of those who do things for peoples civil rights or health and safety and wellbeing becomes a weapon with which to get rid of peoples best sons and so on, so getting after my anus and penis thing will remain the provocation but this is the beginning of the punishing of involvement with me, right up to stupid popular culture American idiots who cannot keep their hands off my possessions and lips away from my reputation as well, especially those that have day time television to play with as well, this is the beginning of a process of plugging them in so they can know what their class is - I am not getting into any trouble for having enough of them, they talk too much and the best form of defence is offence when they could always leave me alone instead.

So I regularly have to face this publicity built up for me that I am an insolent fellow by media fools, making me wonder if they would spend so much time on such nonsense as a Journalist being insulted by an Arch Prince if I happen to have paid them for the publicity as a whole but having said that it is nonsense that I have become rather tired of; I mean apart from their stupidities complaining that I am stirring up Political instability, what we know is that the racists and Nationalist were bullies at school who spent all their time on it and never made any allowance for academic pursuits which has now put a naturally distance between them and everybody else and it is not difficult to guess who has been doing the bit about giving them something to say, a means of getting about people’s lives and money to do it with when Journalistic idiots regularly get insulted by an Arch Prince – in any case of which adds up to the fact that I am just an Arch Prince; adopted by the Queen of the UK, given a Royal Estate to publicly carry out duties in service of the Church and the State which is a role that few others have while HM is the only one with a role that involves Politics, so I am just a Prince who needs to live that way and expect that he should be on hand when anything is expected of him but people show up here to be educated about their insanity and the power they seek all of the time, passing around insults that allow those whose insults can botch academic pursuits to gain access to my life and finding out they are no good when it comes to all the ways of handling other human beings we hear them boast about compared to me, so it is difficult to locate how I became the one that insults people while their whole life is made up of this nonsense and it is publicity displayed every day with no chances of letting others breathe the free air. The same applies to the Court of Journalists I have; the first time we talked about what they fancied of anal sex was when they enjoyed nothing better than to move into my backyard for the purpose of making fame and fortune while organising a process where black boys with big penises have sex with fleshy white women which I do not find insulting at all, considering it does not allow them to show up here to play with my body time and ensure I cannot have my Office to myself, supported by stupid Americans talking nonsense about revolution, now we know they will not allow the ladies at Court work because they want to lead and I need build an atmosphere of anal sex from it so they can live in a queer society as well. The same goes for a need to pick a fight with people endlessly that they have never met in order to expect society goons to beat people down so they can grab fame and fortune, turning up here to introduce me to how they live knowing that there is real possibility that stupidities and the tax evasion associated with the criminal ways they make money can easily soon become the one thing Politicians want to make a career from as a result of it – considering we know money is paper signed by central banking leadership to award them value they have worked for which lets them go to the shops to provide for themselves, while we know that the way their celebrity stupidities makes money is neither criminal which hurts members of the public nor a process that is not pathologically afraid of work and that there are a lot of unknowns in the middle, showing up here to talk nonsense about being insulted while it ruins everything we worked for to have the Country we have today with a means and lifestyle riddled with crime that the government is either unable to fund the processes of resolving or the law enforcement systems have not yet reached, blowing off a big mouth about the insults being insults so because their stupidities were famous and then pretending there was a possibility I were one of their fans along with it too, while reality is that I am far from such nonsense all together. Same applies to the celebrities I have at Court just getting around with what they do i.e. me and people who have entertainment studios with them in the middle being able to broker matters that help young people grow and develop in which process they learn ways of getting to those studios to make money and pay their way, being something everybody can gain access to even when what I have with them is wholly spiritual, while I happen to have been the one insulting people and it is even so still just as bad if I omitted the fact they have taken over our backyard and some of the celebrities have been sexually harassed or assaulted, talking rubbish at me in public places all the time. The same goes for that stupid society where they hang around sending out retarded minions to check me out all the time and blabbing about how I am afraid of being windy while we all know people are never windy 24/7 and that if they are, those responsible for it must be having some problem that needs to be attended to urgently while each time we find out what the problem was, it is their civil disobedience talking nonsense about opening me up so somebody can peddle my faith and personal life and public image to make money – and then on a regular basis here their retarded stupidities go from telling me I will lose my career because they are angry which was after and not before I dropped out of University because whenever they want it they must condition people and have it to talk even more insults that involve consenting adults, play practical jokes with my personal finances, they are angry and out of their depth because I want to set up and run a Bookshop on that stupid society to see what will prevent me from being successful as well – the other bits that appear on public places to make people sick all the time just being the ones that are most likely to blab about me being conditioned to understand the importance of Politics which means that they are not yet stuck with fat cats while fat cats are stuck with them as well and will never keep their mouths shut until they are. We see the same things concerning the NHS, such that while we all know that it spends a lot of money on drugs companies and we do not plan to lose the discounts they give us, while we know that it is a health service and not a hospital, the one thing we want to talk about is the wickedness of the Labour party all together, while we can see the NHS has become a victim of their get into the back yard of things that involve spending public funds for public good and make a killing attitude that can result in such situations as when a school governor kills those who blow the whistle on her for stealing school funds etc – we saw the same things about affordable housing where they build it up and then fail to do anything about sanitation and municipal governance, so when the Tories came along they discovered that they had no other Police apart from right to sell – I mean it is quite possible that reforming the NHS could be liked to Government Policy on environmental issues as we do not know how being are being affected by that as well but it is largely a function of when the government decides on what is the best time to make the financial leap. We see the same bits about my insults play out on environment issues as well and the whole purpose of somebody having a media job was to ensure that guy who votes in favour of environment issues at the board room of companies does not have a life while they squander my property with social and moral corruption and pass threats my way with a big mouth as well, which nonsense their families are unaware I have to tolerate from their insanity for everyday they get to the office and if they got hurt it will become a mystery that somebody out there hated them so much – we all know what we get from a Company that has a board room with a 50/50 agreement on environment issues is that one moment they plant a while forest and a weeks later they opened the taps and let toxic waste into the oceans and it plays up into the poaching aspects, right down to when some of the poached animals are a delicacy and we all know it’s those guys neighbourhoods could never understand finding it impossible to make their way in the world by getting a job and that any municipal government would take measures to control what happens with such resources if they were resources at all but with respect to the poaching altogether of which we find it’s the goons on the left who want to be famous and the goons the right who think they are more cultural than I am, doing things I have expressly disapproved and making it impossible for me to study, killing endangered species and talking nonsense about what will happen if they are detached from their comfort zones with a big mouth, while the other ones that are many times my size will not see that I am likely to make their own safe enough for me to practice on them anything they show up here to do as disobediently as they possibly can all the time – it’s what causes the murders to be so annoying since you already know that if you told them the hurt and pain of losing a loved one will cause you to become frantic and fuzzy about making sure those stupid saving do not grow by the time they are out of prison, they will chicken and not commit the murders at all which is much the same as what is going on when they kill animals pointlessly especially considering that most of the time, doing so builds up that stupid savings that develops into an incentive to show up on my case and pretend they have a life sorted out all the time; it meets an Arch Prince and sees a wonderful person and in a couple of moments it looks to the money it has put aside to do the careers of those who threaten its own using popular culture and has started a story about being the superior person but does not want to live in a queer and insulting society as well, while fellow idiots on media talk nonsense about Politics because they are not yet stuck with fat cats while fat cats are stuck with them as well. So, the insults were the bits about having certain kinds of sex with fleshy white girls to talk rubbish about revolution, the bit where they need to express their desire to lead was the one where journalists cannot work, and they have found they do not wish to live in a queer society. I am not actually as interested as they believe I am, in the premise that they do want to turn a new leaf; I want them to give me my space and keep off my Books – we all know it talks rubbish about being insulted all the time and if I took seriously its ability to get on that foolish media to do it, then I lose every process by which each time I complain about them as well I do not end up losing credibility because they have media to play with. The fact that we all try to avoid labelling people as criminals when we have not seen them commit a crime but the windy bits never really tell a lie about it and the fact that it I had people following up my activities to run systems of civil governance, they would have happened to be such people showing up here to make a mess of my health all the time being attacked by idiots who have an endless tale of the guy whose actions are always affecting somebody's job and career to tell, blabbing a queer society nonsense to check me out with retarded minions concerning the rights that bread winners have over me all the time (I mean the first time their Political stupidities started, I was being prevented from being an introverted person and criminals will rehabilitate with my Public image if I did not co-operate and it did not end well with what they feel concerning the driving around of those insolent saloon cars to wear frocks a secret society and pretend they control the City - now I am being prevented from selling my Books, led by stupid Americans talking nonsense about revolution and a plan for economic recovery that involves market I have built for my empire, as insultingly as possible while the whole process of not falling apart even if I lose everything involves making sure that they do not have it, allowing me to put my energy to something else if I wanted to).

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland