The great story whereby I have been made to confess my wickedness regularly is utter rubbish too; the truth about it is rather what I do to stifle any means by which they may confess theirs and do penance specially through anal sex because I have written books about it and want the books to get sold and the money deployed to restore the damage they have done here and now I can make them do bad things whenever I want - it is particularly beneficial for controlling finances and civil rights vandalism. The part where they make out the steps have been taken to an advanced stage to restrict my finances because I am a threat to democracy is utter rubbish too; in terms of that it is not yet clear to them and their girls I have had enough of them Ė it started out clearly with that story about how they will live my life until it is done before they can return to theirs so their stupid girls can feel special, so it progressed to a process where I am in the world of women and they will enforce ownership of such a world and now it has more to do with my books and how I got them published in an environment where men exist and now those men will make me a real man in a world where I will be one of the youngest hence anything I own, the more of it there is the better, thus restricting my finances upon having my books for blackmail is the last straw and I need a holiday away from them and their American led stupidities and those books are the only route to that Ė alternatively as it stands of which they have won none of the fights they have invented I will round them up like sheep and ensure they and their world of men is not a problem to me ever again. Their President Obama has always thought these sort of useless activities are more important than the White House itself anyway and I have given it way too much time to grow beyond its limits as well (I understand it is said I already have the world and have no need to sell anything but I do, except it is all tied up at the royal property and I need to find a product with which I can release funds I need - below is one of them).

The things I do are not marvellous, I say so to try and curb the sense of awe people have about it but you know, for me itís normal; I mean its intellectual property administration and the same way I speak of matters of government to the hearing of community idiots to create the shards that tear away at their souls, so they can turn up to persuade as it were, is the same effect that ensure the Political system is secure from all that nonsense about freedom religion they go off to Town Halls and Churches to organise in order to build an atmosphere that will help them find people to oppress which is now used to attack those who get off to show them how it must spent if they own it, claiming all kinds of nonsense about behaviours that are a threat to democracy and freedom and progress and so on and thinking their version of hate campaign will always be above every rule. So you warn them as much as you like about the girls in skimpy cloths at Church of course but it will never stop and though it is not your choice it will soon become a matter of life and death, until they have to deal with their own when you get female journalists as well and so when they complain the Gospel and its salvation can no longer be preached and its message of love is being overshadowed still with the sense that the blood of a person must be shed in order to resolve certain issues, then we know we have turned a corner and they know what their behaviour feels like too. Now the issue that is not being resolved around the matter are other things they do which means that women in Church tend to become the biggest barrier to employment for people like me because society had given us to them when they asked and we are to be used and abused to build a future for girls and we all know by the time it stops your unemployment problems will have become a major crisis that racist take note of as well while they talk nonsense about freedom; for now all have been resolved save demonically possessed white fat boys and black idiots they think are alright on media thinking they have found somebody whose right hand they want to move into and live in forever, save demonically possessed journalists hitting at my chest because they cannot get demons into my mind and so on, so that the whole case of the fact I want nothing to do with them and their continued and increasingly violent insistence on grabbing my attention for all the wrong reasons with the Church thing has come to mean so far that it is the shards tearing away at their minds and hearts for the time being just yet. So it has never really been an issue for me in a larger sense; itís like my company is called dog leash and it turns out people have been on account of its success putting leashes on themselves to spice up their sex lives and it has become a real issue of public image for me in a subliminal sense and so I change the name to dog leash with a clause attached to change the name from the name of a thing to the name of a firm for instance, so itís all Intellectual Property Administration and nothing amazing.

They do say Tony Blair towers above me and I like to go up against him when I really cannot win and we hear it from them like it was food, which it has become basically in a manner of speaking; the truth couldnít be more different as Tony Blair is really the reason I cannot have a life with my own family; what he does is invent spin Ė then at the end spend all his time to maintain it by looking into multiculturalism, he will never rest until itís a matter of a cauldron that contains it, then he can for instance get into a neighbourhood and grab some few home makers in it that maybe work in Tesco or something and toss them in there (I mean there are white home makers and there are black home makersand various ones from other backgrounds but Blairís target is always them multicultural ones, some are white and some are black and some are Asian and so on) and then make real trouble for them screwing with their kids as much as he possibly can and get off to be middle east peace envoy by pretending every alternative argument to the case wealth distribution goons make is actually a part of your left wing socialist career and all you have to do is go off to a Lawyer to sign off some Affidavit declaring your name as Tony Blair and then you will be exactly the same thing as he is and nobody knows how far he will go before itís all spent or why he thinks that when I stitch up the part where reality comes undone so somebody does not kill another and speak of voices in their heads, it means I can scared of tony Blair if and when he feels undercutting me at my instincts while I am at it is his forte and at the same time pretending the safety and security of his family is my problem. Itís not unusual for me in anyway; I mean itís a matter of walking up the local neighbourhood to see the things their media goons do bearing fruit in the sense that a parent has read your books and will never buy a copy and that is where their children rides a bike feeling free and threatening you at every turn if they liked to Ė so there is always that sense that there is no way of putting your head down to do what you need to do properly unless there is fundamental hatred for them on your part, not as a single person or group of people but an entire community of them the way they are Ė so it does get me thinking how I will make the bloody idiots prioritise between my books and their problems for my part as well anyway. It does get thrown around all the time that sexual abuse in the UK is actually news but it isnít; I am testament to what can happen when men take a liking to you, 15 years of unexplained unemployment because people are getting a feeling and it all started with a need to stifle my cause inside of me and cause it to burn because it is sweeter when stolen, maybe that means love is better when the giver is abused, maybe it means something more but what is clear is that they usually do not need any education of society form of induction to get to this stage so it must have been an ingrained business most of the time. Itís the story behind my view of racism that is said to be unfathomable which is utter nonsense because it has been war basically to simply set out a collection of support systems for female friends and allies and colleagues and now that it has been completed, their case with my finances continues and the reason can be as beeline as the fun they get from the way I react Ė so those views about what I think is or is not acceptable behaviour is going to get many times as bad when I build a public life on the basis of finding these idiots anywhere near my concerns on a public stage. I am still at a loss as to how long people do such things and what indeed makes it so amusing to them white and none white alike. The expression more times than they are asked on their stupid Media is that their idea of advertisement especially among others is to deploy my Property Equity and cash into my public life and rip my intestines if I get anywhere near it while they are doing so - I say they expect me to refrain from mentioning the loved it when they were sexually abused as Children obviously; their big problem being how they intend to explain to the world where and how religion is an evil thing - for my part am clear where I stand all together anyway. They do these things because they have been built up to it by their Wives and Children feeling tough thereof and when they want to use other peopleís spouse set me up as scapegoat as well while they complain along with their Politicians; so why people would think that when a Court builds up its Royal Prince they can make use of it is not exactly clear but that feeling they love to express that it was rightfully their own is what will be put to the test here for it was their creation and not mine as it were especially so for the Americans.

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