It does not necessarily apply that when I speak of economic issues it is directly related to my Court, what is, is how the sexual lives of stupid men should be run otherwise they will get away with many things and others will lose their lives in the process and idiots will find it funny. So, the idea that we can get jobs out of the present state of affairs is an illusion. Those who own and run businesses now are not the ones we should be paying attention to. We would be mad to think that somebody who shut down half a factory during the recession will be glad to reopen that half when he is now doing so well during the recovery even though we recognize it will lead to a double dip recession. The way to create jobs is to encourage those who did not previously have a business to have one. The fact is that they are stuck and their businesses cannot do any better than before, so the question is, if five people get damaged for a business to make more profit , what do we get for it when we are not seeing any expansion of the jobs market after we have been working at the recovery for 3 years so far steadily?

Of course, I did spend some time paying attention to their needs, but this was because their ruthlessness and desire to play bloody minded with those who donít want to play it with them must also be respected. I did because it was the only way to ensure that a small shop that employs 5 people and cannot do any better except there is a recession and so needs to re-employ five when the economy is recovering have their stocks at the production line protected. So now that it is, the big business goons can go to hell together with their big boys who claims what I am saying is what socialists tried to do-whereas those gave tax payers money to idiots who had made out I am the one that does not do things academically on account they like to tell people they own me and everything I do like their property because they were planning to ensure that they work out their stuff which is that of making sure things are done with the manipulation of peoples energy and not academic work. So those that support them complain these days about mixed growth in the UK, I say they have not seen anything yet.

Yes, we may end up having 2 thousand entrepreneurs but at the end of the recession only 50 for example; it is what recovery is all about.

I have put my plans forward for when the government in worse case eventuality realises there is no growth happening in the economy and therefore decides to put money into it, the direction obviously should be that of younger entrepreneurs who have no links with those that do things with manipulation of energies and alliances with criminality, which they think everybody is interested in and therefore impose it on others as the power side of society, no matter who it isthey are or intend to be doing it to and does not therefore want to take rubbish of that nature from them. No other group of people will pay as much taxes for as long by the way as younger entrepreneurs would so it is in the interest of the government not that I care anyway there is something wrong seriously with some Politicians and there is no other route for the government to take a sustainable decision, more so certainly not listening to the whims of idiots who speak about help for economic recovery but own businesses which are by the way stuck and can either stay where it is and make profit at the level that it is or shut down and leave the market space for others, hence exist at a point where those who hold the future of the economy because they are younger workers and entrepreneurs can get jobs are all controlled by women people should only hear and read about in stories other people tell, be they true or not.

There isnít anything about it to know; the way it applies is that I can walk up to somebody and the reason of course is that he hangs around my market place keeping people out all the time and then try to sell him a product, all of a sudden of which the reaction is whether there isnít somebody round that can beat up this 'scumbag' and get him off his back. So, it is generally a matter of the fact that if I want them to repent, they bloody well will. Not a matter of facts about them that nobody knows which they know is the case; everybody knows as much as they do that they like to get involved with gangs so they can really mess around the lives of other peopleís children sending them on errands that is too much for them and until their lives are destroyed and those that worship them get a reprieve, they will not rest because they also think it is funny. I have made my stand clear to them so far about it without result and they continue to do it on my Intellectual property, empire and book sales every single second every single day and then make popular music out of it as well and have a party.


What do they mean by making sure nobody buys my books? They are always making use of it and then paying with something else but money as well; who is playing with them? Fact of the matter is that whether or not they like to get themselves involved with gangs then get out of it and get me messed up with it using what I know does not have anything to do with my work, office, property, books or book sales, that is just something their Politicians did for them to carry forward their insults into provocation and this is not getting through their thick heads yet as it were.

Setting up systems to drive people out of their homes in order to have social suspense to sell things to other people and get rich with, while complaining when I do the same to them is not quite the real economy is it? Not to mention the never ending claims that I am the one that gives them their feeling of home which they know younger people will not be very happy about because there is always a war out there meant to secure the kind of victory that is about the power to create a war that others are meant to fight because first people are younger and then they want to confiscate the homes of younger people but they love to do it obsessively about my work and tell people about it everywhere they go, inviting them to have a go at me for the beautification of their homes as well, that when they are black and share a skin colour with me I can do nothing to change and therefore cannot do anything about it and they therefore also have white friends does not necessarily mean I am supposed to be disillusioned about the truth, does it?

No one knows what the problems with the media really is either, they want a new country in which they will be able to do their social corruption as much as they like but bearing in mind there needs to be a country first before they can have social corruption they tell us first because they are monumental idiots or are looking for somebody to abuse to get rich which Politicians and stupid leaders will support. I for my part am not giving back that stupid society or that stupid culture or that stupid BBC or that stupid SKY; I must ensure I control how much they can make with their Publicity, since it now involves confiscating my Royal Estate and getting people to support their claims to it and this fight will gradually get worse as I do not see them dealing with any racism, only go to Norway to talk rubbish all over the place while returning to hold out on my earnings playing big bad bully and will not leave me alone, to create the government worker that has no pay for it, encouraging extremisms. Itís a job to job thing and this needs to stay that way and of course if I lose my Royal Estate, they will lose absolutely everything too including their stupid lives if they must for all that it is worth. The fight they invented with their greed and violence needs to take its course until it goes badly wrong and I have warned them already never to sleep with my women as that will push me to clear them out completely; those their stupid fantasies and all, which tells them they can lay people out at the work place and have sex with whoever they like. when this idea of sex that is not exactly a bad thing takes off no Law clearly can protect anybody's property from them and Politicians will never accept that they have noticed peoples finances get worse and worse because that will give those who should be suffering pain so that stupid men can feel good and think it is a funny, some kind of reprieve. It applies it seems that they know that Pornography is used by those who practice it to undercut them over the fact they have no limits whenever they develop those habits of theirs on other people's property and I must also do as much as I can to ensure that a process where they get into the industry is as painful for them as it should normally be.

At the heart of this is an old issue of actions I have taken to antagonise the United Kingdom Heir to the Throne but in reality the issue is a collection of very foolish men who think that he is to be a demi-God on grounds that a Monarch who is leader of the Church is such a lofty thing for them to understand, so is the idea of an Arch prince who is not a bloodline member of the family performing his duties at the various points he needs to, that it must apply my entire life needs to be absorbed into what is necessary to make him greater than he really is; it is a warning on my part therefore it is fair to say, I want them off my book sales and off my finances not just because it will close any door by which anything can be absorbed into anything but because I also need a holiday away from them and their stupidities which I will tolerate no further as well, as my body parts are not their plaything, notwithstanding of which the Police do pick up their media counterparts over paedophilia these days like the act itself it was some really regular and common occurrence anyway- of course they believe they know lots of wickedness and fascism and how to institute powers of a male society but I do not believe it has ever courted an interest around here either; besides which is the question of how low the Prince of Wales did stoop exactly when he is such a wealthy man, to work out how to make use of all I own during his coming reign by wrecking my finances to keep the aesthetics of my work open and commonly available?

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland