I am informed the amount of hate channelled towards me was incredible but I do not think it that much of an issue, not that the famous fools who channel hate at me all the time were either clear about what they hated or had studied their supposed enemy well enough to say they were able to decide what I could get up to: the reality of it is that we have not even reached the part where I got to attack the Celebrities and their financial wellbeing to such an extent that it was fact without doubt, that they lived in immoral society and I did not, so their hate is wasted here, it is talking rubbish, looking for more of what it was complaining about.

It will not stop unless it really does, that it saw me do something with private security Industry and set about trashing my career because it was convinced I will never make sense of the way I am supposed to protect them for a living instead of write Books and I had to get out of bed everyday to face the nauseating financial complications associated with it, no chance of it stopping and my responses are said to be amusing whenever their stupidities took a break from blabbing about what they hated. I do get told my view of them dehumanises them as well which is not really the case as people are oblivious to the facts i.e. a 20 year career mess and banging away at me everyday to cause me health issues too, started from University where we attended together, they passed the exams and saddled me with abusive nonsense that will run me down all the way back to first grade, so they appeared to exist in a world that revolved around them in terms of career, currently, it seems that I cannot run a Bookshop in peace because I turned out to be a person in a can, so when people opened the can I got consumed and the story ended, so they have built a public profile where they waited for me to suffer a lot and arrive at a stage where I thought my financial issues were a function of others not being competent enough to help me with job and other processes, so I had to employ myself, which offered them opportunities to be famous and important with my social life and public image – so eventually when it develops into an outcome where I toured the leisure destinations to pick up the gimmicks built up there to put the feet up and pass insults at me that a bird will carry out, while it trashed my finances, as high up as it gets will be the part where some woman from the Prince’s Trust had to rescue them, the business of ripping up my career to build profiles on Media giving rise to results where they unleash their minions on me to threaten me with violence that will prevent me from thinking about handling them as well, picking up what I did to recover the career as a tool for self-improvement, then will they find out the woman from Princes Trust cannot protect me from them, the house proud insults that should have come from public figures that they are not and their minions cannot prevent me from handling them in the cities as well, only then will it stop properly I think.

Eventually the meaning in the end is that when the society gits get fucked they spend more money but we have not yet settled on what the Celebrities who are responsible for 20% of the career vandalism insults to make money handling my public image and Media personalities who are responsible for 60% of it and the journalists responsible for the rest, are meant to spend when fucked as well but we are clear that the main issue was that they had the bottom chasing public image and I did not because of my involvement with government, nothing brought on all of this nonsense save the assumption they wanted a response for it. The backdrop is that story that the USA rules the world but we can either pick up our careers and concentrated on it while the US rules the world or they wanted a response for the fact the US rules the world, which will make them incredibly uncomfortable – it is largely nothing but a bunch of other people stupid children wrecking my career and finances everyday for 2 decades, to make statements about being popular and therefore important, as much as their parents churn my tummy seeking outdoor activities where they got to feel as if they were my parents as well, it could continue making a mess of my career until we met over it, considering it was a matter of pandering to the prejudices of people who made the most of the media appearances in the neighbourhoods and being able to clip my finances and tell me that I will never recover and those people will not be allowed to read my Books unless its stupidities could do whatever it wanted with my concerns and spend my Royal Office on itself. On the matter of the US ruling the world however we know that the big stick practical jokes was a matter of the number of people in the US who had families overseas and the fact it was not as tightly controlled a society as the UK was, in fact we know that the Government fundamentally accepts that there were illegal immigrants in the Country and a certain area of the Country as full of them and that there was not need to pursue those that had not been caught, reasons being that if they closed the borders that people took advantage of, It would be more difficult to get to the heart of any issues when people lived in a world where families they had regular contact with, lived overseas in poorer Countries. We know that when we engage overseas in the UK it was a strategy, so it is not clear why these idiots are always trashing peoples careers over it, that said I am done talking at this stage and we are now living in a world where it needs to recognise the way tyrants use its popularity stupidities to boost earnings in American cities for instance, then send out their twats to keep an eye on me, if it prefers to talk about my career instead of its own, needs to stick only to facts as I am more practical a person about the fake news real news gimmicks.

The coward issues were a matter of getting their German influence idiots to run me down and get fingers up my bum all the time to ensure they clung to my public image and set me out as a coward, when raised, it needs to avoid changing the subject and when it thinks it is mad enough, will keep the mouth shut and do something about me for it. As I mentioned, it all started at University, runs me down all the way back to first grade, now I am exploring career options and it gets all over my finances to make a mess and set me out as a person in a can, people only need open and consume it and then it was done – we know that if they were weeping and wailing on my account for instance, my success would then have relied on which ones where left out of the harmful processes, if I harmed all of them, the mess made by disobediently picking up my assets to trash my finances making entertainment will cease to be a factor. So getting back to my dehumanising views of them, the reality is that it brings it out of people – career and finance damage caused by somebody who turned up near your concerns to say they taught you what you knew and there was a backup crowd that fingered your bum for it all day and they never stopped doing it over claims that you were powerless since they were larger than you were, here they do not have anymore excuses as they have had it for too long, careers subjected to something of a test for a statement somebody made about my ability to recover it if they damaged it, to keep it damaged and then steal it later if I recovered it anyway: we have now arrived squarely at the matter of which insults were profitable for them and the way it started since University.

They claim they were convinced there was nothing I could do about it naturally but the history is people needing whole civil services and parliaments to wreck my career and finances, so if they did, I would be unable to communicate let alone recover – I had decided that was history, they had decided they were going to catch and stop me when the stakes got higher and I made money from it, so we are about to find out – so far their answer for the problem is to run my life with social systems criminals built to engage with crime, so they could spend everything I did about it and ensure it came to nothing but then it will say the other person who claimed I could recover my career said something provocative and stirred a hype that predisposed me to more bullying with a big mouth.

I. Uno I

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