Hence the great old story is made manifest; governments need to have the criminals, so they can challenge Industries who want to profit from work they do with Families to find something difficult and worth achieving; since there are Politicians that like to target us, we have to take a certain position but either way it still means that the main source of low achievement and Corruption in Court is involvement of Men and stupid women from poor Countries who are in need of money all telling me what to do as insultingly as they can to plug products into my public life since they know Industries will support the loop hole in government and of course will be able to set me a difficult challenge too when the government uses it to deny them unreasonable claims. I do not have a problem with these matters, they are just the point at which appraisals here displayed are created for the Court.

I am told that I appear to be detached from who I am but I know I am a top Government Operative and this is usually expressed when Celebrities claim if I did not get into a relationship with them, I must have lost something important reality of course is that of what we see when I speak of wealth inequality and their idea of what it means is showing up to count pennies and end up with magic millions on my public image, pleasing a random crowd for custom of Celebrity products, while what it means to me is making sure I got paid by those who deployed my work to make money.

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