The direction at which I get angry about things which they wish to know about is that these women I am supposed to have been worried about all the time which they pretend to back up and give lots of money to get up to all sorts with while they gorge themselves on corruptions of involvement,do nothing with their lives but seek out men that will take all kinds of rubbish from them. One moment those are on the right so they can threaten those that suddenly feel they are more beautiful than women and the next they are forcing themselves on others while looking really ugly and doing it so embarrassingly and without reservation to completely ruin peopleís lives and have new beauties in public places because they know they are really ugly and screwed up as a result as well and the basis of this with each plan for security I have created for my friends having changed to a matter of the new kind of sex they want along the lines that the men on the right not treating them well shows how it happens all the time and it never ends and never stops; if asked the reason, they will tell me it is because of the way my father does with women in Africa as if that will erase the things my father used to do to bully her as well.

This is just a quarter of the problem too because there are also these white trouble makers that make out the way I was raised is superb and in other to preserve their superiority I must be made to wait until they have raised their kids like that then added it to the advantages so called which their kids have over me, so they can be proud they havedone well and therefore are good parents and it always works first along the lines of ruining Christians financially so they donít raise their kids for them with a big mouth i.e. when they have arguments that have a proven track record of ruining a Christians finances knowing it is provoke the Christian they bandy it every time on public media and brag about the effects then complain to the Politicians especially about the attacks moral people levy on them and then there is the other side as well of things like making sure they get my books without buying any. Which is of course the old story; the idiots think so much about getting rich they do not work for it and nobody knows how else they intend to be rich therefore, just like they think about things that do not belong to them so often that because they belong to and are being made use of by those who own them they tend to have inferiority complexes because they are immoral and also reach out for things that are beyond them for more times than they work out how to move on with their own lives and this will either be other peopleís problem when they are younger or a midlife crisis that will terrify and intimidate younger people when they grow older and then as they become important and have a social voice a means of attacking the Church that was allegedly responsible for ruining their parenting skills while expecting that because the rest of society has a problem with parenting skills because of their bullying that they will be and should be able to sit back and work it out in harmony. So thereafter they are always reaching for things that are beyond them until they have inferiority complexes they take out on everybody and when they are black start a fight with white people over my income so often that my income will depend on them and then they will think they control my life because of your skin colour, then start thinking it is funny for example which I always know they will and take steps to ensure they do not have such fun but Politicians express their vanities at that precise point then forget where the fight is later on as if I am their equal as well, especially when they get on media to show off, which really makes me feel a certain way when their stupid kids stand at the market place counting cash and making out they have great ideas which involves owning my personal life in order to get involved with rich people to sell them things, while their parents have come unto money they have not exactly worked for and will get themselves into trouble because of me with it.

Their Children do not want to do anything else with their time but like their fathers to use my job and earnings to tell me which race I should be with because it is assumed that there are more of them and that it is the place to make quick money, so they can be the ones that make the quick money just like their fathers; but this begins to show its true colours when they want me to be overwhelmed with problems especially concerning religious and circular society, so they can get involved with rich people after they are through with their education but then it takes a twist and they want to believe rumours that their enemies bandy about, so they can issue snap judgements at me and make me set out the road to the lives on rich people on their behalf which I cannot remember myself taking kindly to as well to do it on their behalf.

Their women on the other hand are all about media and alliances with the other set of fools I described at the top, then using media to over work me, which becomes their power to control my health with the help of media idiots that are always looking to ruin peopleís lives with problems and then extract spiritual power from it to update their self-protection; which is what determines how I react, which is mainly hit them hard enough to silence them over me because at the end of the day I can only sell books on a one to one basis with people and I need my breathing space for it. It is currently the way itís-they will attack everything I have to get rich and then their stupid men will attack everything I own to get rich in a way which takes revenge on them and those who like older women's love thereby interfering with their old men desires which also means when I twist their lives and career into spots where stupid things I do can hurt them terribly as well I will give it up because I am scared on them and scared of them I am because they said so on Public Television and it will go on like that in circles and now they hope it will until they kill off my writing career.

It is not clear where they get the idea they can barge into my life in order to buy products from the market to get on media, detach and claim equities that went into producing them which I broke with the Companies as their own which attacks my income especially with those their stupid music Industry and mad football fools but complain all the time about actions I take to recover as an interference with their sales especially CD sales the rest of sales are a bit more secrete having a big mouth all over the place about controlling my private life each time they do.

It is not their own lives or their own jobs or their own property. So am I aware of people issuing threats at me? of course I am; the Prince writes intellectual property, some stupid woman who is married to a business man or thinks of herself as a money freak wants to use it to get rich, the Prince tell her to get off his income and get lost, she loses her temper and sets up popular music scum to savage his earnings and property, sleeps with media idiots to get them to do more damage and unleashes her stupid kids for it, he recovers for it and Popular music idiots issue threats over his self-protection and sometimes revenge because he has provided security for his brand over the damages done to him. Itís just one of those things that will never see them shut it by themselves, so I am not too bothered about it as these things have rules and the rules do get applied. These days everything that hurts me comesfrom the Royal family by the way as far as I must be made to believe by them whether I like it or not on account they are evil like money and I am one of those that have things I cannot protect and cannot thereof make things work in the real world with their big mouth.

All they do on television is talk rubbish about how people tell them to leave me alone and how they respond by showing them what I have done to the properties of the rich people they worship, until it goes badly wrong for them; question is who is telling them to leave me alone anyway as it were by the way? I mean television was a place people went to be famous, I quite like what it has become and the way it is now. I speak in elaborate and confusing ways about my plans to crush that stupid industry all together as it were which is why it would have been better if I was specific so they can move on with their lives is what they like to say all the time so the things I do to deter them and thereof sell my books and shut down any links they have to connect with what stirs their wickedness and this is all they think.

What I have been doing to lead me to this rather is deal with the matter of what happens when I having nothing left to do get myself entangled with, all that rubbish men do with religious and circular society (where the proximity between those that hate me and those that can help me and how easy it is for me to move between them is something I have made shorter but cannot use it to make myself comfortable if I ask nicely, on account they exist and mix society up for a living because they are greedy evil and want to be rich and famous with my earnings so they can stir the evils of society for power, then talk rubbish which also involves bullying in public places all the time expecting absolutely no consequences for it, again with a big mouth) in order to bully people; so I had been thinking it should be deployed as a second chance for poor people to get closer to richer people who have money and so on, bearing in mind we are now clear that my working Court has enough facilities to ensure each time they do things to issue their insolent snap judgments at me or force me to do anything they should be doing for themselves My Working Court will get involved with rich people where they should have. I am not talking about the richer kids, they let people know all the time-those know how to spice up their sex lives with other peopleís career as well when they see their parents do it and absolutely believe in their power to manipulate people knowing that their parents will feel others are there to serve them and put them on the right path with love and care and a big mouth.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer say the women whom you should only hear about through books or stories other people tell be they true or not; well not on my property-saying so is simply enough for anybody to understand. The truth is that nobody would want to mess around with my Working Court except they are trying to escape the effects of being disciplined by women over stolen ideology and stolen money. It is even thereof worse when they mess with my Court as they would never do unless the evil women who patch them up and mess around my work and earnings in public for it, were not having the desired effect and as for me, where I lose my temper is that this is not their own lives.

I may have mentioned a thing or two about Pornography here or later; the reasons for this are much the same as the story of how I am being looked after by media moguls. The reality could not be farther from this in any case - however which I am happy I had finished setting out rudimentary equities that the Working Court needs and the ladies are off to it anyway but since they have brought up the matter of the big responsibility I am and need to go away since I do not at appreciate it, then we must settle up the issues which are for example within a certain strand of activity we will have the Working Court get about their business in our collective interests which creates a means for some top clothing designers to make cloths and get involved with our world in that area and then later on some distribution establishments will pick up the items as well but guess what, but why is it not ripped to shreds because really foolish men are capable of insolent and intrusive corruptions of involvement? I should say it is not recognised by them how much of a relief it is to see the back of them at last anyway. Of course they say a Royal Prince should not be talking about Pornography but I did of course which I do is because they wreck other peopleís finances on grounds they are struggling as it were and therefore I am the only one whose finances they get to wreck too - besides which in any case the Industry is what it is but because people have cameras and can have sex that they put on tape, then they can do pornography thus it is the only thing they do with back stage media with which to combine my personality with that of some female journalist, keep me from an income and relationships with their media and churn out foolish pop stars and celebrities that complain about slavery and slave trade, peddle me for a living and later intend to keep my personality as their own. So, I thought I ought to take it away from them as it is the only thing, they do day in and day out, besides which they altered my gospel perspectives and I wanted it realigned. There is always that real need to destroy their lives because they will always use it to create a sense of something that was offered you which you refused that they can then have in brotherliness and will never stop building on it and we know it is a very destructive force of squander and ruin and destruction of personal and family life as well, especially when done by Black Men..

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