They do make this claim that my State provided security which had nothing to do with them, had become an instrument of tyranny, so I suppose what has been achieved here, is that state provided security was now protecting me from certain Politicians. It is the same when they claim their main problem is that they had gone on to fight my wars, which they believe I think is a failure on my part, such that I would then have had to make sense of alternative solutions to a process where I was involved in public service, and they knew that they could get to me each time their school experiences caused an itch. The one that gets to me the most being those stupidities about how this is all too little too late, while we really needed to know where it is set to stop with respect to me picking up a bad neighbourhood to write Books, such that if I moved off to live somewhere else, I am likely to set up an Office there because I need to be in such an environment to write the Books I write, and they set about making the most of what will become of their conveniences if their stupidities and that of their foolish Celebrities turned it on me, to hang about complaining endlessly every day. As for the insults and abuses of the low lives, we know that they could ensure the white daddies that will make the most of it on a Media bubble sorted it out but they rather preferred sucking up to white daddy and I am not doing anything about it either, so the idiots are out there with ideas they were the kinds of characters and personalities they get imagination up peoples bums to pick up their careers where they left off. The story about them sorting it out when their Politicians and Celebrities are affected like so being that I will be attacked in the process as well and I think they are bluffing.

I. Uno I

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