Now they say I am the one complaining mostly when it was all my idea to declare war on Industry people and it is utter nonsense – what happens is that I got Published in 2012 and my Publishers worked up a Market for me to operate with, since then all forms of insults have appeared including how they were more in need of violent things that can be done by real men for the purpose of security than I am and also including the claim that I got published by people to grab other people’s careers and should be waiting to develop a proper writing career first, so I might get published with them to maintain Political peace – eventually it settled up on what it was really after i.e. gather up Media and Celebrities and build me a history of insults that will destroy my sales while it claims it wants to own my Books all the time. The war I have declared on them for instance is another occasion in which I am meant to get into a fight with local idiots and end up in a very bad situation that will ensure the kids who wreck the academic work to be the brains behind the stupidities that we see Celebrities exhibit, might be able to do whatever they liked and the idiots that will get away with it all will be the scum at Industry who think they can take anything they want from anybody. As far as their big mouth goes, it’s me and the Companies I broker my assets with and them in the Middle for some strange reason which is associated with the jobs that they got, as stupidly as possible and the main source of confidence for all that nonsense most of the time is that their families are not affected by it, so we are heading towards an outcome in which their families will hear all about it too, thus I am going to do them again as it were. I mean this is their idea of being competitive while their whole lives are developed around some upstanding persons activities I carry through which gets them off their bums to get jobs that get to their stupid heads, hence it goes without saying it’s about to complain again over this one. I do get told I let it harm me first before I did anything but it’s an old story when we hear them blab about the bad things that will happen if they didn’t have money – it usually indicates as far as I am concerned, that they have got it and can give to others as such mostly, so I have warned them enough about this nonsense reaching a point where the question is now laid up for them to answer, as per whether they would gladly tolerate 6 years of insults designed by a bunch of idiots who want to play practical jokes on their finances because it would be exhilarating and offer up an opportunity to get around owning their property, which lends nothing but nauseating financial complications that further feed into this nonsense. So, I may have been said to have won here but I have not until I no longer look like a character who is selling Royal Public image their stupidities can clearly buy and people do not think they ought to make a case out of my person so as to offer others conveniences that make people want to spend money each time their idiocy was asked to sell a product.

I do get told I am losing support at the Monarchy because I am not doing my duties anymore, which is not the case – Prince Harry is a typical example whereby HRH does not have money problems but my money problems will define me because his interest in my concerns are only complemented by the amount of attention I am getting at the Monarchy and how he must act to translate this into a process whereby I served it and so we find he will not let it go over and over again, hence it has become more of a public domain issue that HRH is required in his position to fight for himself and not the general public, due to the way that this means criminals and trouble makers show up to make statements all over my concerns and how he might decide he is trained in the Army and can act on it, whereas HRH is meant to fight for himself and die for himself if need be, which is how he decides what he must do to look after his Guards and those who provide his security if this is his only interest – why I am his main concern is never really clear save the fact I need to serve and HRH will be the one to enforce it – then there are the American goons who are now married into the Royal Family blowing off that big mouth at me because they think it will never get serious over their stupidities. It has always been a simple case where they need keep their big mouth out of my concerns and stop shrouding the whole business with me in mystery when we all know it’s about rounding me up like sheep, to set about posing as investors, taking up my time and then my market thereafter, yapping off threats they can only back up with their big mouth, despite the fact they have their own jobs to attend to, show up here looking like they want their families to hear all about it. My duties on the other hand have become more of a matter of making sure I am responsible for putting some youths in pain because the answer for all their concerns means getting their hands up my bum to attack me because I am embarrassed about the smell, instead of putting an effort towards what they want to achieve if their stupidities were asking others for help thereof – it has now developed into a case of fooling around with culture and society trouble makers backed by Industry scum and I want them to play for a little while more before I get to play as well – it’s a much preferable process to repeating Royal duties looking like I am insane. They do speak of German influence being the force behind these matters naturally and apart from the degree of distraction and complacency that gets you fooling around and then thinking security from racism and other forms of discrimination will fall on your lap during a lucky day when you face a difficult situation, while the block heads who work busy body socially corrupt opportunism that makes you think the age of 50 was a luxury blaze your trail, it has always been German influence and the answer to their problem is to get the hands up your bum and attack you because you are embarrassed about the smell, then find they never can keep their mouths shut – beyond this, it’s a case of bash this and bash that, grab business opportunities and grab market when they are not being this nice, children kill each other at school. They speak of what I have done to their popular culture and yes I have; the next time they follow me around and make a mess of me at an academic institution I am going to repeat the whole thing all over again – what we have now is near total destruction of that 1980s, 1990s popular culture nonsense that is now so completely damaged dropping out of University because of them is bearable, I will get my hands on something else if got the slightest whiff of it again and it will all depend on where they start off from like they did before and then there will be even more fun to be had over those abuses where there is a test for me every single day, as stupidly as possible thereafter. I do get asked if I am aware of how grave this problem is but so do we hear them blab about war all the time; what happens being that this is a Country where we are somewhere near the Celebrities as Teenagers, at 20 we have ended up somewhere near the Media, in our thirties somewhere near the Local Council and in our 40s somewhere near the Communities, by our 50s we had become the best friends of Trading Standards people and beyond that we are always at the Cruises – so every 4 weeks or so, we take time off work to see how these things are going but now it seems you cannot get respite anywhere due to stupid Germans getting the hands up your bum and chasing trade secrets when you try to respond to their stupid problems, talking nonsense about the size of the Country, where our power should be in the world, making people’s lives toxic and ripping up everything their incredibly stupid people’s eyes had seen. I really do feel the day the scum gets their hands on me over the smell, I am really going to try killing their stupidities as it were. I do get asked about the reasonable side but I have no idea if saying that the UK is supposed to chase its International position according to its size, it will mean that whichever part the UK does, it will be sharing National Interest with Germany – so I am thinking it has not yet developed into a case of distract me while I distract you let’s find out what it is exactly that your big mouth can do, just yet as it were – even now every time I must have said something that resolved it, unless it’s the one that has given up trade secrets that belonged to their stupid selves according to the business of needing my help while claiming they are in charge on Media, which means that if I cannot get on they got into trouble, if they prevented me from getting on they got into trouble, if they got into trouble I got what was coming to me sort of blabbing we listen to all the time – then what we have instead is a case of bum pinching parting shot as the end to the issues and it never listens unless I completely destroyed what it is that makes it so prickly in the first place (what I have said is satisfactory, they leave me with some parting shots for it – it never stops until I destroyed it well enough to ensure I can tolerate that nonsense – only time I have ever seen them listen is for instance what I have done with the stupid popular culture). I do get asked why I think they behave in such ways – all I know about it is that they have heard in their Country that Germans are usually more efficient than the British, so they have felt as if they need to make a statement about the British being untidy and or unprofessional; the outcome is that the British were the functional ones in the EU and now that the British have left, they have to be efficient by themselves; they never listen and so we find Company leaders in their Countries have tried getting around the matter in so many ways, they really love my work and like to pick up some British identity with them to trade around the world – these goons prefer to get the hands up peoples bottoms and this means they can bend people to their will and becomes the very reason they get involved with people’s concerns and never ever listen to what they are being told, as I mentioned, I really do feel as though if they handled me over the smell their stupidities had better made it good as it were. Then there is my personal favourite where my sense of outdoors has been taken from me and they were also complaining that they feel like going home after two hours at work every day on account I clearly have loved it since I was not so introverted it was getting me into trouble with Politicians and I could sit in a single position for four hours without feeling trouble except people started pointing out it was unusual and even now since the influence of Germany began to mean clashing with local idiots who want to lean on my personality while telling lies or copy it for fame and fortune popular culture, it seems my very identity is about to be taken too – as stupidly as possible (they say I cannot be left alone when I wish to be and then it soon grows into something of what it is exactly I can do when I am not left alone – when I had started talking about their cultural stupidities whereby I may have a Public image but they were women and more deserving of fame and fortune, it never goes all the way and the idiocy becomes a waste of my time, yet if I did nothing I about it I cannot taste my food, I live with an eating disorder and my tummy does strange things associated with such high levels of stress that it makes a mess of me all the time and never works on any day the way that it should – they rely on this nonsense for everything instead of getting a job and like to inform me of their stupid opinions about religion all the time). they do say I am not the victim but it’s never about victims, it’s about their evil and wickedness, the fact they have society powers that inflict this nonsense on people that leaves people with these confusion based self-rotting ailments, so the future is sorted and there is no need to either get a job or work on the one they have got, as I mentioned before of which I have no idea whom they suppose wants to listen to their stupid opinions about religion that opens up peoples door all the time anyway – it is starting to get on my nerves, they need to move. There are these stories that run endlessly about how if people are prevented from teaching me lessons for the bad things I have done, I will get away with it and it does not make any sense – the bad things I have done is that I have not yet responded to the abuses of their youth getting the hand up my bum to tell me I shut down access to a specific type of popular culture they wanted to build on my public image because they were superior to me and needed to show they were more important and I must be made to struggle like they have, whereby telling them off makes it more amusing and this story they tell of me being taught a lesson for the bad things I have done is brewed from the sense what I say and do to look after my Bookshop has landed me in a condition that means I am a hate figure – so it’s very similar to what happened at University when they got around claiming I was studying Law down one direction while the real reason I was at the University was to avoid getting into a violent situation in a way that will protect those that were actually more important which they ran off in another direction, now it’s what I do to sell my Books, meaning that I have done bad things and need to be taught a lesson and Politicians must stop putting themselves on the line to let me get away with those bad things. So it has always been clear these idiots are very, very good at looking for trouble and if I explained anything they would say my position has now been cleared up which prevents them from taking further action when I was talking to the Politicians and not their stupidities – so now we know where I stand, here it goes i.e. the story of me doing bad things about which I must be punished sits in the same arena as claims that I take away peoples top jobs and enjoy supplanting others; it means that what happens when it talks about teaching me lessons for bad things I have done at a Company somebody else built, the outcome is usually that especially when I had started pushing back, their position becomes market liability and they need to be removed – so what I am saying here is that when these idiots feel like it, they may show up at the society where their parents chase my bum and own my front porch and backyard to make a mess of me while they chased money over my Public image at the City Centre, build their business there and blow off the big mouth about teaching me lessons, where none will think their position was a market liability and I would not be a character that robs people of the top jobs and if they really want a  response, turn up and get one. I do get told by the Politicians that I must make contributions towards resolving the matter for my part as well and I understand that perfectly; the real problem here is that these fools have just picked up market that my Publishers built for me to work with since I got published and their Celebrities cannot appear in Public places without making reference to where the Books are located, asking somebody to help them have my life, grabbing trade secrets from the damage limitation processes, grabbing market with popular culture to ensure it hits me really hard Luvvies their stupid selves all over my case and speak of owning my Books all together while these idiots sit in the middle of a story about which one is superior to which and offers consumers the best feelings of superiority which makes people want to be part of a product – as long as this stops, they have nothing to worry about, as long as it continues, it will be a problem as those stupidities are not where their careers are located as if their brain takes a vacation all the time on account it was obvious I will struggle to pay my way in the world if they did this behaviour during their festival of celebrity appearances all the time and as long as the stupid Celebrity culture exists for the purpose of making them more important than I am using my own public image, I guarantee we are heading to an outcome in which they went from fools that are really good at looking for trouble, to a bunch of idiots that lost it. The rest are just Mrs Expensive makeup well fed arse blowing off the big mouth as if it will bother me the fact that she was out of my league when people who are pick me up for love making and let go very regularly around here and when I wish to speak to their foolish men about how I could have been their wort enemy for showing up to grab a career their stupidities had already taken from me instead of putting my hands to something else 12 years after it was taken, there will be much that their idiocy can do about me for it as it were, suffice to say it shows really how clever the fucking idiots really are.

I do get told I need to set this matter out very clearly and it’s very simple; we are here because a group of famous idiots have not given me a single days break in 6 years showing up in Public places alongside their Industry gits making statements about knowing where my Books are located and how handling it will ensure I did everything they wanted and that the plans they had in mind for me was a little twerp like me daring to have what they don’t having nothing for the rest of his life; this will be achieved by a process where I am aware if they damage my Books it will hurt me, this awareness ensures they set up what feels like a relationship with the devil around here pushing my stress levels higher and higher each day and then while at it during their festivals and outings which is all the time, they are showered with adulation by strangers in public places to make their stupidities famous while they mocked me as they progressed. So This problem can only be solved when these fools understand that as a patented item which my Books are, this sort of behaviour means that I cannot walk into an Office and get on with life, since that is the case, I plan to sack their own unless they kept away from the very concept of my Books and its contents and had stopped everything that added to a business of following me around.

They always complain that I interfere with their concerns and yes I do because I have the right to; there is always that window of opportunity where you have worked on it for years but on the first day of outing, the idea it belongs to somebody else began – always a window of opportunity that says you know more about it than they do and if you made a dated statement about the events and the activities it would serve the same purpose as mopping up this window by dragging them into a Law Court to settle whatever it is that is bothering them and its much the same as the story of Celebrities deploying your personality for whatever they want being something you bear in mind will likely result in you being sued by Celebrities just for existing – I interfere before I have the right to, because they pick up the very trading margins which allow me sit around doing my trade numbers every day and get about playing stupid abusive practical jokes with it that leaves me living on benefits and have recently begun to issue more serious big mouths threats over it. The interference with Celebrities specifically will be the one where I built a system that facilitated wealth equality and I garnished it with certain public matters at the Royal Hermitage; this meant that they could never resist it and so when they cannot allow young people study and pass the exams, there will be those who pick up some of these matters and set about wanting popular culture contracts from their own systems and because I have made it in such a way they are unable to resist it always works and the music is always good , soon enough we find that they realise what the real characters of these young people are and it becomes a question of continuing the working relationship or abandoning it on account they rather preferred to be surrounded by crime and social issues instead – not all of them take this course of action and those of them who issue threats at me always tend to find out they cannot do a thing, save allow the young persons to shut down the popular culture career because they were tired of making it rich – the problem is these idiots making out its available for all and by the time they were finished, because when they were offended it mattered while other people’s feelings did not, I am left inundated with gangs and criminals; so I have every right to interfere with all their concerns whenever I want to. They do claim it’s something they might want to think about putting a stop to which they cannot; as I mentioned there is always a window of opportunity where the property is still mine – I have done everything I can to deter this sort of abusive and destructive stressful nonsense on their good at looking for trouble part without success and we can see what I have not done yet is wait for them at the business cycles when I can access their trading margins as well or wait for them at the stock markets during the economic cycle where I can rip up those stupid establishments permanently, otherwise I can interfere if my Assets end up in their possession and they cannot be seen allowing the public to buy Books I have written when people need to. They always say they would crush me like a bug if I tried anything where it mattered but that will never come to pass – it is a mind that is very well aware every time they arrange venues to engage with the Public, for some reason, it is his finances and family life that is completely destroyed in the process and that the idea he is meant to be pushed down a direction where he thinks of other things have failed to appeal in the last 17 years yet; I mean we are talking about the fact they know where my Books are, want me to be poor for the rest of my life as stupidly as possible and plan to ensure I did anything they wanted on realising that when they harm the Books I will be badly hurt – it is clearly incredibly stupid but we are having a conversation because of the Publicity they have built around this behaviour looking for a response. It misunderstands me all the time i.e. that if a person took their clothes off to make money and enjoyed passing insults at others such that when it did start to eat away, the insults people pass at them make them feel like they have no clothes on, I would have been a character that sat at home feeling those insults bear down on me but it would be a whole new question if I decided another person’s academic work, finances and career must take the hit for it, then showed up in Public places to demand the person felt nothing else towards me but respect for how important I am and affection for the fact I am good looking. They do say not all of them are like this but such saying will only dig into the other part of my mind that they misunderstand I.e. every time they engage with the public, it makes them feel as if they were important, they stood up in a cool breeze and addressed a large crowd that held them with adulation but right across the west for some reason, every time they do it, the destruction wrought through it for no reason is channelled at my career, my personal life, my Public image, finances, career and me and my Family life, whether or not they did it for religious purposes or for popularity purposes or for democratic purposes – so I am not really keen to listen to people paying a great deal of attention to their stupidities blabbing of a war that I have provoked on the back of this as well. They do say that people are stuck with me and it’s a serious problem and I suppose I can be helpful, as what happens is that they do not think they need tone down the insults channelled at me, which wrecked my finances and threatens my Royal Alliances without which I cannot perform my duties around here because if they stopped I will complete my academic work besides which I will also be financially well off and this is what will make them uncomfortable for some reason associated with the idea they were more important – this means they cannot tell if they belonged on the left or on the right and like to think they has become Royalty themselves, so it has to be cleared up all of the time that more serious things happen with it, such as when Politicians come round and Royalty getting involved with their business is a Constitutional Crisis, the same way their involvement with what Royals do to ensure Municipalities and City Centres are working properly is a Constitutional Crisis and nobody wants to be stuck in the Middle of it.

They do claim the problem to be that I am not a successful person but we all know nothing this noisy runs a successful Bookshop but since it so happens that each time I get to it, they show up to jeopardise not just myself but everything else that gets involved with me, building me Publicity that sets me out as a nice little thing they take advantage of to fulfil their desires, it must now depend on the business of them keeping away from the Books and not following me around – it must now depend on them. So I get told I am delusional about the idea I can handle these people but I am not – the only reason they enjoy making a mess of me and making a mess of my concerns is because they have money and the only way in which they had the money and more so in a way that adds up to a problem for me is that they built up communities of goons with ideas about what to do to me who ran off their stupidities at my expense while I tried to study at University, wrecked my academic work and ran off to the employment market to start the money chasing process before I did, in order to dominate me and there is now this business where pinching me and pocking me and digging me is fundamentally linked to what people need to have in order to put their incredibly stupid heads right and make some money, they make adverts from it and display it on social media for everybody to copy, like their foolishness will allow – so should the government spend tax payer funds to help people with capital like this in the first place? Having said so, was the point at which the Government did help them out the stage at which they had superiority issues that needed to be settled against those who did not need the Government funds and were inferior to them; the only reason for these behaviour is because it is sport in their eyes, the only reason for it is that it is destructive and exhilarating. In my mind, it’s an old issue of the things I have learned and carry around with me to help me win contracts and perhaps with a few friends of mine establish a Company that I can pay my way in the world and leave an inheritance for the children by – what these gits do is borrow mine with Media and then they have now started keeping it to issue threats and we have no idea what it is exactly they think they can do about me if it does kick off just yet, we don’t know why it is that if they were deploying my work and Books to win their contracts their biggest problem was that they needed to buy it.

I do get told I spend my time tackling Media people who are actually nice to me while others are trying to help me find a source of income because my condition is shameful but in the same way I have had to reorganise everything because they keep drip feeding me very deep treachery all the time – something to do with using what they have found here to make money at Industry because their Media salary was not enough and the outcome being the fall out showing up in my bedroom literally or they just play around, make a mess, find a relationship, then rip up my whole life because they think I might become jealous to ensure I can never harm them, then make a case out of it for Media purposes and processes of making babies but my party piece will be the one where there is contention between my Court business and their Fathers, whereby I am usually left completely lost as per which one was their own decision on the matter when they invited themselves into my concerns. I don’t think the matter to be a crisis; I have had to reorganise everything and this is why I am left smelling of what I ate over every little pressure from very stupid people showing up around here, by the way of which they can mind their business and give me my space in the first instance – what happens now is that if they are not following my social media profile they have nothing to do with me, it misses the point of the original court that was created because the Men made statements about women who do jobs associated with fact and not sex were something next to priests except they had no religion so could be disposed of as characters to be deployed as Men pleased, so they began bothering me over being a character that peoples immorality does not affect for some support which I gave them to great cost. The Court was labelled a Court because I was built it as a system through which I may eventually end up with somebody that I can form a relationship and build a family with, so the outcome of recent changes have been that each time I set out only those who follow my social media as part of the Court, I end up with people who tend understand what the feelings are when they had set stage at popular culture, Celebrity culture and Media to claim I am sweet little thing they take advantage of to fulfil their desires, hence Policy works rather well. The difficult part so far is their involvement causing a lot of disruption when I need to open myself to people until I met the right people to help me sell my Books, which will give my Business a sense of direction – tired of the abuses, interference, delays and vandalism, I want to get rid of them – I want to get rid of the list of needs whereby a group of idiots and their communities have ideas about what I should be feeding myself by on account they want to be important while preserving some jobs that have gotten to their heads, the idiots who have civil rights that exist to tell me how to exist with their eyes firmly fixed on my earning margins while they claim their House exists on the left and where the Celebrity culture is located, which feeds into what the other fools get up to when they pass about insults which ensure should I respond the businesses that employ them will lose money and I will end up with a reputation for costing people their jobs, not that such a reputation bothers me but we see them complain about it and blow off their big mouth all the time, hence always worthy of consideration and other forms of gay concern.

I. Uno I

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