Itís never true that people are afraid of getting involved with Politics, itís just reality that the goons at it usually know when to target others and make them bend over backwards, find some extra energy to get involved with Politics and allow them climb some ropes to get somewhere in their lives, while they ensure nobody gets to talk about the deviant ways they live their lives and create problems for themselves which they at the same time find a way of blaming other people for. Itís the problem to talk about it because when you do veer off to mention the fact that the way their system operates is a process where they mark people out and then abuse and tackle such persons systematically until the person reacts and then the reaction will have had something to do with Politics and they would have something to whisper in the ears of Political leaders over such a person, the Politicians will then be free from the fact that it is what the system they have created looks like and that these goons are now certain they do not have to work for anything in their lives if others are doing the working and Politicians can help them have some as well because they have civil rights. My main problem is just the bit where if I complain about them as well I lose credibility; they will never stop hating me because I will never stop making sure that does not happen and that any probability will see them stuck somewhere doing the bad things I complain about until when I complain people see them do it as well. They say I label people as stupid and will not take it back and that it is my main problem but it is difficult to find another term for a world of stupid or clever, where I have spent 5 years of my time being tackled by people who have problems that are driving them closer to the prison service on one hand while although they claim their interest in me is that my Books can help, the purpose of the Books have become a means of contact by which to make me into what they are, so the only reason I would not have fit them into the stupid category would have been if I were afraid of them and this is what they are really saying (it makes sense of the class system all together i.e. what the lower classes do is work, otherwise others will have nothing that remotely looks like normalcy; it is not to say I think the system to become more liberal, I am only acknowledging a fact). So they always ask this question about whether I could put my hand on heart and say I had no means of doing a better job with my Books, which has nothing to do with anything that is to say they got involved with me because my public profile said I write Books and not to make up their reasons for involvement as they got along; but I would never have accomplished anything especially in terms of people trapping a Christian somewhere so his inspiration might spill over and allow others to make use of it without believing in God should I write a Book properly, what happens when it is not written properly is that we end up with the calculable risk of predicting what forms of stupidities they will beset other peopleís whole existence with, such as seeing me with printed Books in hand which the public will pay for and then telling people they were the real writers and I am not Ė itís not a case of writing a bad Book as such, itís a case of publishing and selling the equities that was supposed to have been the Book itself through which people will still see you point out here and there what the Book was meant to be and hence read the Book anyway but the achievement is that we are here with their stupidities becoming predictable and controllable as a whole; it is nothing unusual, itís like people who are always out of other peopleís league getting to understand what it is like to live in an area that is some 200 miles away from the nearest Police station for instance Ė that it is not the outright criminals themselves that are the risks for most of the time, so when they see films being made by people in such situations and then love it, they will think carefully before taking over peopleís lives next time they want to but as for me, as long as their insults will not find a mate and keep off my faith and personal life and public image, we can see it all blows out over everything to do with fame and prestige and the need to be superior to others and I am going to destroy it to make my point as it is obvious I cannot step out of my door without being degraded by anything that is linked to gang up motorists and goons who bread win as part of s society system of violent lasciviousness and it is always a threat associated with the need to make use of my personality which they never will by the way and if I get the slightest whiff of stupid mortal threats from those foolish neighbourhoods will get their idiocy enlisting the Politicians again as it were, can never find its mate Ė itís never a case of just getting off to write a really bad Book. We hear itís all a sign that I now regret writing my Books which is utter nonsense; half the time itís the modern people who want to rule the world destroying things, the other half of the time itís the cultural people chasing my bottom and even if it is a Church environment we will find them do it still, we end up seeing a process where attending University brings a whole system of social lasciviousness to bear and they drive their cars by and step on the accelerator to make a misogynistic sensation all day while the big trucks just show up to let out a fart, everybody at the University then realised it was all about me and then when I dropped out they never stopped having fun for years on end everyday Ė somebody cannot live in a Country where he writes Books, he cannot even complete an academic programme of study and itís all possible by idiots who know more about culture than an Arch Prince does which is utter nonsense Ė my Books will help pay for the damage they have done here, what they need to concern themselves with is how they will stop these behaviour and how they will spend more of their time with their own mates.

So they say I never acknowledge that somebody is after my Estate of which there isn't, its people who speak of teaching kid who passes insults at Bus drivers and Train drivers all the time while reality is that I dropped out of University in 2007 and they are still having the stupid fun applicable with my whole life every day by 2018 Ė we know itís about the things they have desired and how they are distracted from everything in life when they have desires and therefore those who are the subject need to let them have their desires or they will take it either physically or as a fantasised sensation but we can see itís a decade since I dropped out of University while they speak of consenting adults at politics on one hand and get their desires out of me for narcissism and homosexuality on the other, so their complain is being made after and not before, all good sitting around talking about teaching kid a lesson, sending out minions to check me and chase my private parts which if not good enough will lead to enlisting media fools as well Ė it is after and not before. Itís much the same as the claim I am social media leadership architect while I have developed my social media in a way that allows me to invite people on it to meet me in person, so we can clearly see that their need to get involved with it for cynical purposes will only develop from insults that allow those whose insults can wreck personal life and career to gain access to my whole existence to an outcome where they meet me to stab and shoot as there will be no other way out of it. They do say I think that most of my experiences are a product of enmity while reality is that I do not; we have rather come to live in a Law enforcement and normal people with criminals in-between making Political statements Britain while everybody talks about who can do this or that endlessly and the windy bits never lie about who is criminal; for my part, I dropped out of University in 2007 and I am tired of the list of stupidities getting involved with me which I have to forgive especially when they are complaining as well but have no plans to change or move somewhere else. Here the story will be that my position can be exploited by extremists while reality is that there is always a great probability that somebody who has spent most of his youth doing some bullying which means they had no time to pass exams and do not have access to jobs that those who are likely to deal with their personalities being used by idiots to make fame and fortune likely get, is a psychopath and that if he had a knife to your chest and you looked into his eyes there would be nothing in there that you can reason with; so I guess these fools are always giving them statements they can make on media and money they can run around with because their stupidities will do some violence to protect everybody if it goes wrong, talking rubbish about those who glorify extremists by being afraid of them. They can never allow people to carry on without being told how to exist and in my case especially itís about not proving myself through violence, so often that the local idiots spend all day talking nonsense about my body type should they think of stabbing it while the way I talk about their cracked up out of my league one just in case I want to stab it as well, affects how the scum want to be famous, which gets them talking rubbish about beating up their mate.

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