Of course One is aware of the claims of trouble stored up for everybody by my actions; the reality however is that the days of hilarity involved corruptions of involvement and a certain Literary Empire and Royal Estate where the finances and income ended up somewhere else, while Politicians make their allies of vandalism and destruction here over some career they want to own all over Africa and the Middle East - today I have to make them together with their media fools prioritise between my book sales and their problems and that is how I end up storing up problems for everybody. Having said that, the rule is still the same - they can look at the products but touching is not allowed, not for the Public life, not for any relations with the Royal Family not for what the Monarchy thinks about me or my activities, not for the Company, not even a slight comment or statement is best, not for when they think they will find amusing if I am exasperated and especially so for the provocative media fools, to that effect they have so far lost social media to me and will be losing mainstream media as well really soon if it does not actually come to an end that is.

It has never been an opinion of mine that this matter is a difficult issue, the case is always that of men all over the place being provoked but before then it seems politicians can just sit down and bend people over, set them up to be attacked by men who then make up excuses for it as it goes along, however which it is when they had reached the stage where they start to claim it is a matter of how the person makes them feel when he gets involved with them that the whole game of hurt him and laugh among your friends as the lies you tell for it means people labour under a misconception of who is attacking whom falls apart by which time they feel they had become dominant, so it is always that way until the Christian decides he was always the weak link and then there is a problem with peoples freedoms and the story of getting new civil rights from my personal life is taken up another level.

I have never thought it a problem; it’s just that I have not yet done a case of sitting down to list the things that have been done to me and the things that have been done to my company by them and thereof come up with the things I must do to them as well in response, so they feel they are on a roll so to speak whereas in actual fact nobody knows why they need to get on that stupid media to tell tales all the time about how much things will be run in the Country on the basis of me being afraid of them – from government to economy and so on and the result of it has always been the same i.e. their need to look for trouble, their twisted and evil nature implies when you try to find your first job it is a problem for them and if after some years they make you go to pieces, when you put yourself back together again that becomes a problem for the authorities. Why it is that they need to discuss running the country on a basis of my fear of them I have no clue whatsoever but it is an old story of people doing these things, so that when you have a shop and they turn up every day to make the customer nervous you might call the Police but when your shop is on the internet they feel they can do anything they want and this is usually where they are wrong.

In their defence they love to say it’s a matter of the power of the United States and that goes hand in hand with how there will be problems they are looking into which you gain from that will take over your life and destroy you too but this is not the United States; the story is not an emotive one either i.e. black America will hit the British but black America does not want to live in America where the primary prognosis for getting involved with government work is that you practice witchcraft in your spare time so they can tell the difference between America and Britain to hit the British as it were.

So I believe it is clear I don’t want them touching the Royal work or Royal Property or anything else that has anything to do with any of it; I mean the books are being discussed and they say the books are provocative but it had always started with a need to run government and economy and business on the basis of me being afraid of them while they desire a Royal Estate because I have one – they say that when they move on with their own lives, the problem with doing so is that there is a sense I am better than them and I have not got a clue what exactly seems to be the problem with that either. Ultimately we hear that State Provided security people do things to them and that it is the reason I get attacked but I wouldn’t know anyway since every stupid little girl with a need to get famous can always threaten me to have it if she has a man that can beat me up and get it for her as well, no attention paid to the problems it creates for state provided security people and we can all observe that it gets worse too as they have begun to link the process of getting famous with a process of having somebody in the secret services and so there is that sense State provided security people are not human and it is not in their interest to regard such people as human either. No idea why it needs to be seen on the media every day a story of how much of a problem they are for me thereof.

They do say it’s all me getting petty over a simple case of people making money but I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that their idea of making money is getting into my right hand and yanking me to a corner on the left to lay down popular culture pipelines and make millions they have never worked a day for and the main issue therefore has always been that they are so incredibly difficult to reason with – so that in my case I am in a place where I need to put myself on the line and sort out certain matters concerning female colleagues because its results brew a lack of respect for authority that is recognised and it is not as if this is unusual that being recognised for your authority always costs your health, it’s just that it reaches a point where people are full of it and the whole problem is tipping over. So it is the unthinkable we find ourselves in today, where it is not the feminists ripping up my finances but rather the ones getting on board which is unheard of, what is ripping it up is the men and they do it to a point where organised criminals start to spend out a message that suggests I never had the support of the public for my activities in the first place. They on the other hand do speak of their interests on the right hand side which does not mean anything to me i.e. if I see it I will cut it up again, after all we all know that in a few years since they started China and not Japan has become the world’s second largest economy, so it can always blow up further too as it were and might even do so on the money too; it started here when the clubbing and partying meant they had located a man that will be gay so women can be powerful and again it settled up on the reality that it is impossible to reason with them, so that they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing and I am paying the price, they handle me like an item, like an animal to a point where professionals think I mess with aesthetics of careers I know nothing about which means I must handle them like meat as well before it improves, then there are various other problems associated and none of which you table before them to make them come to their senses, like being petty and getting all over the place over a simple matter of people making money. It’s a story of your primary position in government meaning that your first outlook for Policy is always that of preventing issues from degenerating into violence i.e. white man hurts black man who does not hurt him back and black man hurts white man who does not hurt him back; so when white man that got hurt sees black man that is not hurting people and does not look like he is getting hurt by anybody he takes his problems out on him but does not go the violence route and the black man apparently had actually been hurt by the white man and therefore takes his problem out on him too but does not go the violence route; it is the basis on which multiracial and multicultural societies are founded at all, such that these idiots are making money by inventing problems that keep me on my toes on it so they can spend my income and they think I have no plans to hurt them seriously to make things better either as well especially because they have got media to mess around with talking nonsense’s about being all petty over a simple matter of people making money; at what stage do people become so provoked they feel wherever the bad guys are they will join them and attack others on both sides anyway?

Suffering the wrath of women is utter nonsense, like the story of me being some kind of administrative escape artist or something; these fools do understand the part of their insults I cannot stand is the bit about celebrities and their stupid cosmetic industry nonsense and if they want to dare me again we will see a lot of this talk being garnished with all sorts of nonsense about having located a man who will be gay so they can be powerful turn up in public until they have a reason to regret it especially for the blacks who like to create the sense the murders are justified as it were, for they do these things and take everything from their victims when they do as if the last time they checked these persons they screw with were completely harmless. I personally however do not think it is a complicated issue, only the case of doing my writing in a rented apartment leading to some getting somewhere important by passing through others story, no such thing as suffering the wrath of women.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland