I am said to be completely oblivious to Migration issues but this is not the case and when people prefer to talk nice then I might be willing to go along, otherwise I have showed up to make out it is easy to be successful in the UK while if I cannot do what I am doing they got into trouble and if they got into trouble I am in trouble as insultingly as possible. The truth about Migration is that as a Black person you think of your parents living in Africa and anything that breaks up that mindset has made a mess of the way you are wired; Politicians love to do this a lot and in my case specifically they enjoyed creating me setbacks in order to pick up each subject I had studied at school and set about running it off to the highest level to decide what the nepotism that will be practiced towards me will look like, quickly followed by City centre idiots looking threatening over the haves and have not gimmicks which then in this circumstances becomes so distracting I cannot concentrate on what I am doing, hence the reasons they complain about me all the time too. The point I am making is that only the criminals and the tyrants worry the most about migrating to where there is more wealth because their case means the business of avoiding work, while saving their energy to take advantage of those that had done the work, about which we find they never get involved with my concerns according to the parameters I have exposed myself to the public by and their white counterparts who behave in the same way towards white people never stop running off some racism that furnishes them with enough familiarity to pull off processes of making money on my public image – so we find when they say I am running from my roots because its where they would have handled me, it really means a reliance on those stupid communities where their elders decide others are to share public image with them so they might make money through popular culture, for instance when Obama spends 8 years in the White House helping them discuss their problems with respect to my existence it does not mean it happens because I don’t know what it means or am unable to tell what evil looks like etc. The reality in the end is that there aren’t a lot of Migrants moving around and those who are wealthy enough to move around and find out what the world offers never stay long in a single place, while those who stay in the UK are likely to have come round with huge business interests and this means they set up their families to look after their interests and these goons who set out arrangements with local hoodlums for the purpose of ripping up people’s lives and careers talking nonsense about survival of fittest are always likely to clash with the kids that were charged with looking after the society and culture issues but in the end its all the racists and local ethnic minority gangs turning the atmosphere in the Country into a heightened state of affairs and if the Media is not pushing it around on everybody every day, looking like they want a response while complaining of the warnings I have issued because I am fed up with the business of tolerating the mess they make of my career, it would not have been a problem. They do claim I am the character that believes he can invent every single thing that he needs naturally which I understand but it does not make sense if their insults and abuses are set to ensure their foolish children felt superior on my public image either – by and large, it’s better than when we see them do the right thing of buying equipment and venues to make money on my public image and deploy it to creep around any companies I had gotten myself involved with because they want to continue dominating me, which leads me towards being completely fed up with their education on how the gangland shootings and drive by shootings they talk nonsense about all over my case all the time is actually created – soon set to issue them a time a frame and then will become interested in finding out what it is exactly they can do about me to begin with. It’s nothing unusual; I for instance make time to support some women who need my support and it means when I return to my career there are things I will need to catch up with – if their case is about avoiding work to save their energy and practicing narcissism on others to make quick money, it is easy when people think of it this way to see clearly in terms of what they are likely to do, so my case is that they hate my guts and never get involved with my concerns according to the means by which I have exposed myself to the Public, which means I am not selling my Books like I should and intend to kill off their careers as a deterrence too. What is revealed in all this just like it is said I have no idea how good what I have said is, is the fact that they need these familiarity and need somebody to suffer on account of their own personal decisions – so it never gets involved according to my writing career and the whites who push off racism say we are relatives and it has got everything it needs to do whatever it likes, outcome will likely then be that I will show mercy until it becomes a habit for me and they will increasingly become wicked people who have hidden well their characters that look like mankind inviting extreme violence all the time but this is not how it will turn out; writing Books is what I do and they need to solve their own problems – the bigger picture being that Hollywood is no long blabbing how their criminal stupidities buy celebrity products while I just want to rub shoulders and should be taken advantage of, so I am ready to get on with my life too. It all feeds into that case where people are always getting off their Politics to teach me lessons; they say I interfere with other people’s concerns while what happens is that they get involved with me insultingly and change their lives when they don’t want it changed, then save up some punishment for me that I return to a part of Town I had been before to have visited on me with their big mouth and it’s all because their parents pass around bread winner insults and they pass around the bread winner insults too, neither of which bread win for me in the first place but has an effect where they rip up my academic work and finances and pass their exams and then the abuses can only get worse – what happens then on the ground being that I am labelled as a child, leave my beard on and I get into trouble with the feminists, shave it and I get into trouble with them, so I had to take a more radical action that means I get to decide what they do with all of their time over long periods, such that the Politicians who start these insults while I have never met them as a minor in my life will then end up worrying about the sheer frequency of the complaints all the time – in the end of which we know the bread winner insults is usually set to ensure their Celebrity culture and popular culture was profitable at my expense and I am never going to break it too thereof. For my part there is this case where it is said I never do a thing Officially while I have never really done a thing unofficially, for their part it’s a matter of hoodlums staying out of other people’s mainstream living, such that in my case they enjoy bashing my Books, then complain endlessly in Public because I had followed on the idea they have done such things before and more so gotten too accustomed to it for their own good, whereby the older ones need to solve their problems and show up here only to read my Books I.e. when it blabs about something being done to handle me lest I get away with the bad things I have done, I have pointed out it may want to give up the job and set up a business in the locality where their parents chase my bum all day and they chased my public image for money so that when I acted on it they would not be losing the job, see what happens but on the whole each time I decide not to be so petty about it, a single one that gets away with making a mess of my concerns spawns at least three weeks of very abusive advertisement and Celebrity culture that rips up my entire life for exhilaration. It needs to solve its problems and keep away from the business I have built on the basis of supporting people over a time, having something to catch up on and making sure I am not vulnerable to society trouble makers and their culture counterparts, to Celebrities and criminals feminists.

They do complain that I have developed into an instrument of oppression but I have developed into nu such thing – it’s an old story of blabbing wealth and social inequality at those who are financially worse off than they are and the outcome will be that those who allow them get between the person and bank account may even face life threatening situations when the popular culture hits – they have continued to set out a case which shows others having to deal with their problems or letting them have what they want gimmicks naturally and I am only interested in them buying Books I write and dealing with their own problems. They say none can tell how my mind work on the other hand but the same case goes that people think I should be making progress with myself but am not which is not really the case; what is destroying everything here is that it has started another one i.e. I pay the price for its stupidities and its insults all the time starting from its position as parent meaning that it is always talking about my attitude and if I walked away from the situation, by the time I returned, I would find it has now got somebody about its age that it can do whatever it likes with and that will break my heart so badly I will never be able to concentrate on what I doing, then the part where it builds a community of goons that help enforce the idea when I am dominated spiritually the abuses and mess made of my person in Public helps to sell products instead of a process where they worked for their money will kick in and I will smell of what I ate all the time and become completely unable to keep a job or finish the academic pursuit while it gets worse depending on how much they need it – recently however it has developed into a case of me filling their foolish heads with what I know lest I have to pay the price for their stupidities all the time, on account there needs be freedom and democracy, to a case of them picking up those things to display on Media as a sign I have suffered Industrial espionage and they were the ones delivering it to everybody while it passes about those foolish insults concerning my so called attitude all the time and this is the one that has begun to secure action on my part – we are now starting to hear them speak of being peaceful people while it’s very peaceful to rip up academic work and finances, buy equipment and venues to get famous, then deploy the money to stalk me around Industry making a mess of any relationship I have with Companies all the time because they want to dominate me and use me as cultural item for getting rich, which is clearly very peaceful i.e. in the 1980s and 1990s it was shinny people singing songs with Freddy Mercury to make it better, this time I am improving standards; I want something more. They do claim it’s all a matter of the British and Americans thinking they rule the world while reality is more a matter of the fact it’s impossible to tell where we are to go from here now that they are stuck with us and have not got the intelligence to trace their steps back to where they should be, leaving their families unaware and mine picking up the bits – saying it of which will not do my property and income margins any favours because of their superiority, stupidities and the parting shots that will be set to preserve their position, usually leaving the only the option of conflict and direction confrontation. I do get told I may never recover my finances which is really not the case – firstly is the question of how I ended up here but I did because I built this system in a way which ensures I can say or do what I must where leadership is concerned while respecting peoples sense of choice, especially on economic matters and we are here because they crossed the line to damage my property; they take advantage of what friends do to keep abusive Politics off my concerns to ensure every involvement with my concerns veers off the point of conversation over money leverage and gets after any markets I have worked for and does not go away until it was rich, built up as perception on media and then the abusive processes that ensure it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy which means its not in their interest for me to be financially well off or finish my academic pursuits, as stupidly as possible but the part that does the damage and keeps it damaged will be the criminal feminist who need to have an important man of their own that they can abuse, ripping it up by taking advantage of relationships I have with other women, then they complain of the things I have done to ensure the Men that would have come to their aid if I did something unusual will not be able to, was an action taken to prevent their stupid selves from developing into real women and I am left wondering the price I pay for their mean cunt stupidities why they set themselves out as feminists in the first place – every time this matter is handled, the other male gits who are feeders that never have enough because they are pricks themselves spend everything I do to put myself out there for writing a Book on themselves via media to flatter and encourage me, as stupidly as possible and yet while they complain about me for my day looking like this all the time, the bloody idiots are disobediently at it every 24 hours.

I don’t think it is a crisis, much like the case with the men is that when they start I drop out of University the same year that the worlds worst economic crisis began, when they start it’s the same year I began to trade my Books more seriously, so I ended up with a reputation that kills my finances by suggesting I have a way of doing work I am not paid to do, which they all show up here to bully me and get a piece of all the time – always great when the stupid Americans are leading from the front. So its building up and nobody is paying yet, I do wonder what they will call it when they started to pay for it as racism wouldn’t actually match the situation – they complain all the time but do it every 24 hours, cannot understand keeping off my Books and not following me around, cannot understand solving their own problems not bugging me: It’s nothing unusual; old case of how to handle people who are stupid but clever. The Industry ones will be the part where if peoples employers tell them my Hermitage Private Equity Intellectual Property Administration business is something they are interested in, somebody will get to the Office and get on with their own jobs, those who pick up my social media profile will tend to respect it as a business as well, not a means to impress their Bosses, deploying my Assets to boost their career, as stupidly as possible, soon enough which they made friends with Celebrity idiots that want to dominate me by getting involved with Companies and it becomes a Publicly obvious issue which is why we are talking about it all together. It wouldn’t say it shows up to take my money and spend five years of my time deploying my business to impress its Boss while I thought it was a marketing expert I needed to build a relationship with to help me sell my Books – it would say I loved to interfere until I got into trouble. What happens here is that for each time I prospect looking for people to help me sell my work, I open myself up and rely on them not to proliferate – so finding one that will work for me and it either turns out somebody was playing a practical joke or some practical jokers who are addicted to bothering me wanted to destroy the business or relationship, interpreting for the public a process where I provide services at a Bookshop as the means by which they can communicate their stupidities to me all the time and a process where people take charge of my business to help sell the product as another instance where better people should take a thing a way from a kid like a mean cunt, is something they never tell people they spend their time on, if it is better to say that I am the provocateur.

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