The Absence of trophy freedom in the world is not a factor of what results from a process where I have a working Court. If matters such as disability and the fact most disabled people have jobs and pay taxes but those who are more endowed than most men are have no jobs and do nothing but spend tax payers money on crime and law enforcement. Or even honour crimes where the answers for victims of honour crimes is the confiscation and exchange of their lives with somebody else, to cause chosen victims suffering for the honour crimes they have fostered and used for power until they got burnt by it on mostly on account that it was not enough or even fame and fortune based theft and robbery, which will have been above the law because the owners of the properties being vandalised must have been attacked bullied and manipulated to the point where their consent does not have to be secured on account people have enough on them to make it up. 

There is a missing sense of respect for continuity, not that the process of people being tired of putting up with some repressive or oppressive thing that others are doing to them helps the matter by any means. 

I am to some extent an extremist about my views, although they are views that most people will agree with never the less not necessarily implement: I think that matters which pertain to our humanity has nothing to do with anything about Politics for which we should be concerned, this means I believe that there is nothing there to be interested in over the humanity of another human being and those things people do with politics is a load of incredibly stupid charade.

There are concerns that I never speak these things in academic terms but that is precisely the point; there is nothing academic to say which will not help idiots look more civilised than they really are. Obviously once it is armed with hatred for strategically placed well off people and powers of the media by which they intend to own the worlds wealth as well which has always been their ambition, then we know it has begun to develop into a very familiar evil. A means by which dispute between a two people ends up with so much Social and Political confusions and complications, that it ends in the death of somebody or more than one person completely innocent and unconnected because there is no due process of Law or indeed a regard for it, which then makes it possible for Authorities and individuals to live in a world where they act as they wish with respect to their disputes with one another. What exactly is the Job description of a Rebel? Those who keep going and preserve normal life for all?

There is no such thing as my inability to understand what female journalists think of me; the reality are such things as claims their foolish men make that when they get up to report the news I sit at home and steal their style and try to make a living with it, of course they react to such things and I always say they have the right to, on account they need to ensure men do not sit in their homes to practice or exhibit certain sexual behaviour over them and of course I always lend my support to them at their job and so on, which is why they think that they will make me suffer so much that I will try to make a living with civil rights and then they will make sure such a livelihood does not ever work while at the same time keeping me from every finding an alternative job in order to show they are not in my league; does it mean they win? I would not know but I do know I have set out what I am capable of as well and now they know just in case they take it as seriously as they seem, it is worth bearing in mind. 

In retrospect of which is the story of what violence they know and evil men back them up but I myself have a right to get around without having to be teased into reacting to it so people can pull my legs socially and financially while they play around with my income on media. It is worth bearing in mind also therefore that their foolish parents think of my life as place where they can adjudicate between what society offers stubborn people like them and what society offers people like me and then settle up on how I steal the benefits society offers to stubborn people who suffer and practice violence that they accept or their stubborn idiocy and it is an example of the fact I know everything, worth bearing in mind when they feel they ought to blow their mouths off about things I cannot do.

The double standards of their insolent women liberation games of which is annoying in its own separate league, however it is the party money and those from whose pocket it comes that become my target since we all have the right to live in a tolerant society where people do not wreck our finances to force us to react to things, clear evidence to see therefore the line between teasing and bullying gets counted in terms of years of unemployment and cash flow problems so people can deploy your property to get rich.

I. Uno I

Arch Prince of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.