Of course, I want the end to stories and discussions and threats and insults around my business and all the excuses along with it or the process of getting to the bottom of what their lazy problem is will certainly get many times a lot worse as it were. I mean the Competition I deal with is about this Company and nothing to do with their vile twisted lazy evil selves, even the Politicians are having a go as well and then they complain about billions of Pounds in Tax evasion indicating the idiots whose heart desires they grant all the time are on their side as it were and if their excuses to get involved with my business does not vanish very soon indeed, whether or not the violent way is the way to run a business which in their view I am not aware I have made my affairs violent since I am their mate or did ask them a question about my concerns as it were in the first place ever, it will get so many times worse than it is at present and I do not mind saying it right before I can as much as exist with a big mouth; I mean if it is bullying happening at the moment I do not feel I am being bullied anyway hence something is amiss here.

I do not think competition is a problem necessarily; it seems to some people that I need to declare a big building in the city centre to show that their companies will disappear and mine will remain provided the attitude continues of knowing what my work is meant for and that it is meant to help other businesses make money and that it is okay to be the competition and wreck my finances until I am forced to broker the equities with everybody and sell no books because it is all being used by those who really need it or that the opportunistic idiots that get involved when what I do about competition is about my company and not their societies or cultures and whatever will go unharmed or that the Politicians will face no consequences for being convinced they should always give people what they want especially at the expense of others or that every female idiot involved with business can always take up other peoples public service work at Government office along with their royal property and then do whatever she likes with it in expectation of some justice such a person expects which she has ensured will never be forth coming. They always get away with ideas those things are done by members of the Armed Forces that think about having sex with them and therefore do not expect me to lower myself and create problems for everybody by getting involved with them and facts are coming through it is all a group of media idiots that are convinced about their violent abilities and appear back stage behind a camera for a job - where they regularly feel that their version of racism involves asking those who are inferior to them to give up a literary empire to get rich with and if not., then racism with the use of media power will kill them and I intend to handle the idiots in the same way as well all the way to the ideology of homosexuality itself and I plan to finish off at the US too over this matter, so I can wipe them out as well.

They are here around Company Operations because of a service they perform for those who created the economic crisis despite a history they have of damaging other people’s business already and the money they have of which is never enough too, nor is their media hugging and advertisement based abuses, they say they perform those services because they are getting connected and are here because we already have a history where they are not wanted, so they are here because they want a new capacity as customers, which again are not wanted as it were: it is never true thereof that I am judgemental of the extreme fanaticism of my Customers and Fans, right up to when they are whole Governments.

Of course I am aware I will get some stick for my racial slurs here but it does not matter to me in anyway - you see a process where I am being forced into doing things at my own company by people who have sacrificed all their life time to trouble makers that have robbed them of everything while I lazy around with it and refuse to get things done unless there is some danger after me, is the kind of life that exists in prison cells and not on the streets where Politicians and Media fools can deploy them to inflict on others; so if that if where people want to end up I can make it really quick and hence doing my best at present. I fundamentally need to be seen to oppose big business and all those who get out of bed to dominate the general public, otherwise I will not be able to run this one, considering it is so concerned with Public Office and service of the Public.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland