I do get told that I have had my personality altered over money issues, which is utter nonsense too; it’s the business of managing the old tale of the nice guy being taken advantage of to such an extent that Industry goons cannot run out of goodwill at the markets and popularity culture can never run out of attention and access to Celebrities, hence even when my Books are patented, we see them pick up bits of it and feed it to the general public on media in their names to keep this nonsense going, while they build me a reputation about my body type and a business of me selling sex; at the same time we find that their goons enjoy expressing very bad habits around me and making my whole life toxic to everybody and once my tummy is unable to take it, they think I am not looking back well enough to see that they do not attack me because I smell but because they want to own my Public image now that they believe I do not have the stomach for it anymore, all made possible by another group of gits with problems, shoving me in the deep end. They will not be selling sex obviously because they do not have the body type that can tolerate it and will smell if they tried to, so I guess they want to discuss how cracked up out of my league they are, blabbing about changing my personality over money issues. I am the one paying the price for these stupidities and everything I do about it thereof tends to make me financially worse off as others are better poised to flatter me and take the money, I am fed up with it too.

I understand the business of what people should do with me to make money which idiots have invented generally had led to a story about how I tend to make a mess of and disrupt everything that comes my way but I hardly disrupt anything when I have tolerated their nonsense that spends its time building me Media based Publicity which says that I spend all of my time complaining about duties I am asked to perform, while what I do is make it quite clear that the business of insults that detaches me from alliances while they got off making popularity from my Public image to tell me I would not dare mention I am Royalty in Public places, was not what they were actually paid to do at the Office according to the contracts that allow them show up on Media. There are various other reasons that never seem to run out which operate along the lines of being financially well off and living in affluent neighbourhoods, that means they do not see themselves as a public control problem and generally are rather convinced they may do with me as they wish, to a stage where I take a breath and that was the point at which the space was cleared up on the left for them to get richer and more famous with and I am certain they do speak the language I do as well, need keep off my Books, stop following me around making my whole life toxic all day. The biggest excuse has always been either that they do not understand when they are insulted they lose their temper but when others with Public duty are, the alliances and means to public work is what is lost or it has been that they want to know what I am like as well, hence can find out such information planning their stupid lives at my expense rather than get organised for the jobs that have made them such a problem for me on account it gets to their heads all of the time. It has however never been an emotive issue when the matter is as simple as a business of putting up with it for a decade and a half and then setting about picking it up and crossing it out of your life so to speak, what happens when I had become myself at the end is usually that I had crossed out every place I have been to where I had been made to smell like my loo for some contrived social issue based stupidities and they do always say that it tended to mean I will be crossing out my finances as well, which is not a normal experience that human beings of spending years tolerating the fact human beings can be this stupid and does get on my nerves.

It is not in fact a complicated matter to me – the truth of it is that what we see on Media is a behaviour that is not very different from the hoodlums that hang around the street corner using drugs and the story about me carrying on until I got into some real trouble have become their main preoccupation to that effect as well; I am only responding to what happens to be an involvement with my Book sales upon knowing what the kinds of people that will respond to them if they did would be on account that it totally decimates my income – I have no idea exactly what point these big brother orientated idiots got accustomed to this nonsense but having been they realise that I will be paying possession and finance based price for anything that happens, they are willing to lose their lives for this nonsense and I am stuck with that; so all that nonsense about carry on until I got into trouble was nothing but their big mouth wagging, of which it is an example of how completely unnecessary and completely pointless these all is, that said of which I have tolerated it for a decade and a half and need to come up with something that will get them moving off. So the crux of the issue currently is still that I got some Books Published some years ago on the Internet, I saw that community was full of Liberal America gits just doing what they do best but since last they saw my Books, had decided that I am Royalty and do not need money while poorer people deserved a break that I had worked for to make a change which resulted in what became a National and International stage protests that their stupid Politicians were willing heels over head to be a part of – after which there could be nothing to stop the flurry of insults on media directed at me like they genuinely have nothing in this world to live for – the outcome being that since I do not write their Books at this Office, am unable to tell why I am stuck with this nonsense where I cannot get off and make some money to pay my way with my property and my equity when I wanted, without having to stock up like I am expecting some impending doom, making it difficult to pair my financial successes with the business of keeping an eye on the needs of disabled people and others who want to handle financial matters at their own pace, while it then seems that their future is built to fit between me and my Books until their stupid dreams to get rich was fulfilled.

The most annoying part is still that I find them all over my concerns deciding the world ought to think I work for them, while they spent time keeping an Industrial decadent eye on every little detail that becomes a prestige luxury standard for the future, wondering if I should say I do not work for anything as stupid as they are, it would suffice that I had said so.

I. Uno I

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