They claim it was nice to see me do some real work instead of get about chasing fortunes at the Monarchy and it leaves me wondering if I would be chasing their own fortunes if I chased fortunes at the Monarchy but there is no need to dwell on it as the insults to star controversy and avoid doing the work needed to earn their own money is a given, although we are having this conversation because I have had enough of it as well. the real problem is that each time I established a partnership with Clients, they show up with products for the clients that were sold although completely detached from what I am doing, as a replacement for the products I am working with the Clients on, hen set about using money they possessed as a tool to make themselves the people who sold my products to the Clients, claiming it was a worthy action to express the way I am afraid of them which had no meaning and did indicate they enjoyed talking too much. The question now being one of how much my behaviour changes and to what direction if the need to make comments about me had created a community which work hard enough to make me unemployed and cashed trapped, that they had actually succeeded, the need to make comments about all I did on media had made me unemployed, so I have not hurt it badly enough for somebody to hurt me as well on its behalf so far and I think especially on insults where it had a personal and social life that got to decide where I should exist, I had issued enough warnings so far. Then of course was the interesting way that the comments developed; from the idea that I thought whenever I had civil rights issues, I ought to take it out to the media people to have it solved as if that is what they did for a living and they were lesser than I am, whilst in reality there was no need for me to as the main problem with Politicians was that each time their civil rights issues were resolved, they lost all their money and because they were always seeking ways to ensure others suffered on their behalf whenever Politicians did it, the question on the reasons Politicians did it really had to be answered here. As we speak the main cause of financial losses for me is that when client show up to bid for equity, they build publicity to bid for areas of my personal and social life that their stupidities would love to patent to their names – if getting involved with me was the air they breathed as such, none knows why it enjoys hurting me, telling those tall tales blabbing the insults, issuing the threats and trashing my finances, so what we are seeing is an attempt to explain their stupid behaviour I suppose, whilst none cared.

They do claim that in my position it was not unusual but I am losing money to have to deal with their stupidities and the obsessions that cause me to, on account their insanity was explained as me doing some work instead of chasing fortunes at the Monarchy, considering that none had actually told them I was chasing peoples fortunes at the Monarchy in the first place and there was a better explanation for what is happening because an Arch Prince had to beat off media and celebrities to get on with what really matters.

I am told the public conditions were unworkable which they are not as it is clear when these idiots have explored over peoples civic duties, it is always easier to face down the barrel of the gun with another person’s social life and then they become uncontrollable – what we have here more so is liberalist idiots that are not currently screaming their idealistic insanity in parliament helping them to gimmicks where they got to say that they way I stood up for myself when bullied belonged to society idiots, the Celebrities used it to grab my earnings and enlist fringe society Scorpio star signs to tackle me for protection and they will decide how I stood up for myself and against whom but we have now arrived at a stage where it needed to stop stalling my Bookshop or I will stop this nonsense painfully as it were. It is nothing out of the ordinary, the only way I could have become a bum, was to say the Celebrities and Media were getting money from Washington running off lies about what I am supposedly doing with some communists, then they forged an alliance with rogue landlords who shared my privacy with hoodlums and criminals on the streets, to set the stage for civil service narcissism which will be worked on the fact the Government was helping pay my bills, then share some money with their children and pick up instances where I ensured a certain amount of its insults were the words I put in its stupid mouth as access it gained to my career, shared it with its children who then made out the money they had showed I am a bum but then again, cause and effect, we now need to stop being bums and they need to stop stalling my Bookshop, as I had as much as schedule that is as good as the one that helps them express their stupidities on other peoples careers. On the whole however I am told it is more serious than the way I have expressed it which it is but Washington never stops buying this nonsense to dream of an Arch Prince getting into Uniform to fight for them because he was a lesser person.  We are now at a stage where the main question was one of their interest in my earnings developing into a matter of whether Celebrities and their families were doing the National service around here, just as much as I have issued enough warnings about their personal and social life deciding where I should be - it is progress from where I am last I checked.

They even suggest it was not clear what I wanted – I could never make sense of this either; that when I support the Government on economic growth and development, my Estate was a place where there was money to be made, criminals were nice people and I was a low life. That when I run a wealth equity public image, I am a character people bullied to maintain atmosphere when big profits were discussed, to befriend the wealthy and to make gold diggers feel happy about the narcissism they display as though their crowns were devoid of brains. That no matter what I did, the neighbourhood insults and the way I responded to my public control matters being picked up by idiots selling nonsense on my public image while taking care of me and building a crowd on the way I respond to those insults, so people thought it was what I did for a living. That these facts since last these twats were paid to run off ideas that criminals were more willing to make money and buy show business, I was a bum who should be attacked on sight, got married into the Royal family to show up running me down everyday because they needed me to live in an environment where everybody could easily work against me, making a mess of my finances in the process, had not shown these media presence scum what I actually want, especially concerning how my personality and public image was used by other people. Their Politicians have suggested I am a fake naturally but we know it is a classic narcissism where the victim tended to care about the problems more than those who created it and it is not as if I am not clearing out the problems that come with the economic abuse levied on me here either, its just the insults peddled by characters who have forged an alliance with ageist idiots, to say that when I get my public control matters in order, it was good for them and good for the society gits whose abusive lifestyle was stressful for them as well, in case I wanted to use it to, so they could show up running my life with social activities of criminals, in order to tell me when they had died, the media and celebrities made a mess of it because the distress it caused me was amusing, if not added up to something important being damaged to make sense of their self-exhibitionist nonsense they claim was a career, but then again so am I also a fake because it is not yet a social condition that allowed the liberal gits in parliament to scream their idealistic nonsense on the shop-floor of government buildings every day. Not that it matters, we know they make these statements because of something State provided security must have said or done, I am simply running through the facts of what the real problem being that they were keeping their earnings and wrecking mine was, I need to complete a few things about my social standing and then I will adopt a public disposition in which everything state provided security said and did in my case had my support.

It ends up as some gimmick associated with freight, practical jokes which create outcomes of unpredictable and utterly stupid industrial politics which creates an environment for free flow of organised crime products and the perverted use of information to make sense of a need to work powers that were greater than mine and yet the same complained about civil rights matters endlessly, while the insults were not being peddled where their friends and family lived, the ingeniousness that tells me what I could weaponise.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland