I understand it is said my view are actually very extreme and that I influence minds and they turn out to do bad things but it is the day that they get to insult and abuse their Politicians to a state where they wreck finances and turn up on media to maintain it as some trophy wealth distribution victory they can share with the rest of the world that such nonsense will make sense; it’s the old question of whether people really can play like that every single moment for the purpose of which more so they have tucked their family and finances and career somewhere safe to turn up and pillage mine and of course it is never really clear why it must always be me being targeted by them as well. It is a matter that will end my way and not their own.

I hear it is said I handle my concerns very carelessly which isn’t actually true – nobody told these idiots to take the leap in the first place; they keep yapping how much the world is an evil place which means nice guys finish last but now they pretend they are handling the weaker link here and are simply having serious problems to look into. I mean they do speak of how they will bash head at the Monarchy on account of me until I have been taken down of course and so it is the same old story about me trying to fix something about my life that cannot be fixed when the real issue has always been that every abuse they levy in my direction and more so with the help of their stupid politicians is supposed to translate into some privilege of injustice based attention on media which produces its own version of happiness and advertisement and I have spoken about it before when I said I want to drag them to a point where they will feel like touching me all the time until they do the last touching as well. For now it’s a case of insults, handling my books, little tinkering here and there and returning with abuses to find out if they have reached that level while their Politicians seem to have a problem doing the democracy with their own possessions. These guys I would advise anybody who cares to listen, are a kind of persons concerning whom money and them is not a good thing for anybody’s health and safety and well being – so far it is not hurting badly enough it, they think they evil and the world is an evil place and want me to fight for it physically as well. What is certain is that it will now end my way – they had 13 years of my time in which to end it in theirs, its time out.

I do not owe a member of the Royal Family any debt as such as these excuses to attack me and make money and friends and political connections with my literary empire on an excuse of an Heir and a spare has got to end, if not their way mine and HRH The Duke of York especially likes to pretend considering the support he has from the Labour party that he can do and undo. So here it is, before Dave from the US and his contingencies turn up to work with him to fix my marriage in order to ensure I don’t bother his daughter which is the last fucking straw in this matter all that talk of me running my affairs in very irresponsible ways, so that I may have deployed my possessions for National service but cannot now enjoy it and so on; it has got to stop and this is supposed to be the point where I make a statement to mark the beginning of the end – Christian does not set himself up as powerful baron is not to say these things can happen unabated and by the way all the fools concerned who speak of how I kill off peoples chances of dreaming for a better life should always be reminded it’s a matter of having to deal with Jezebel characters who marry Kings and turn up here to kill me and grab my possessions because there is democracy and freedom and their plans and dreams of a better life needs to operate somewhere else before we hear it around here as well. Of course they do say I am being manipulated the way I do people but I don’t see how having a case against me where nobody knows what I will do next if I make money means I am manipulated anyway; after all Politicians have nothing else to do with tax payer funds but helping them out and I want them off my books – its time out and more so for those insults like there is anything they can do around here.

I don’t believe it’s an issue for my part, it’s the simple story of don’t give them money and don’t have any problems to deal with but you put it aside considering the money they tend to work for with that big mouth as it were because we are all just trying to get along – now it seems they want me to fight for it physically as well and the book sting all the time but they want to be seen around the books all the time and it’s a matter of being frustrated due to the fact I am unable to sell them when they are happy to pillage the contents to find out how rich they can get but the price is too much for them yet they still don’t know their place and so on; it gets to a point and must stop their way or mine. They have become way too fond – do the celebrity bit knowing celebrities always have troubled personal lives due to the deviance that follows them around and whenever they realise they shouldn’t be doing that because they are Royalty then they have realised how much they hate my guts even more and that has continued to be the case because I have refused to respond to it: not any more. Tourism economy scum and those insults that enables them to pretend there is anything they can do around here, I bet they spend time reading dictionaries for it too and then there is the wealth distribution by force story that follows it too which makes most people think they are not serious and convinces me they are definitely not.

They like to speak of a life on the margins for me especially when they are pushing their socialist nonsense and organised crime products; there is none such here – selling a product is about numbers, if I sell a piece each time I meet 10 people then the way to sell 5 a day is to meet 50 people period and if they don’t fuck with my numbers will have nothing to complain about from me as well; it gets to a point and the time frame has already run into decades with them. We all know they will claim I handle other companies in the same way too and it’s that attitude that winds me up the most – when people want to extract an income from my work they go after the intellectual property first and take pictures of themselves they put in magazines and billboards all over the City, so that every other destruction becomes secondary and they get away with it if I am busy enough with thinking about damage limitation – reality being what they believe is supposed to happen is that when I broker equities with firms then they turn up in the Industry communities and people forget they are toy boys until they rip up everything and so it is the old case about us Brits, we have industries for a few decades and then they are gone for good without proper explanation; they don’t rip up mine, this is just the start and we will find out what they are made off the success of the damned; it’s all very well to blow off their big mouth about how I am trying to extract an income from peoples pocket but nobody asked them to handle my products, we all know it is a very important aspect of their racism but nobody asked them to handle the products. I mean she is starting you off with her militant socialism modern church foolish men power advertisement industry and media wealth distribution civil rights victims club celebrity under belly evils and Industry obsession squander of your property and finances with making you fight her over the intellectual property while an idiot who gives her that privilege so a girl might feels special stands at the other end of the room filming it for his earnings or taking the pictures to make a killing with, now they know what it feels like too. It’s like when they complain about racism and it all comes together i.e. racists are scavengers and will do anything for money and they know it and so are always justifying their actions in some way – you don’t get out of bed one day and simply decide you want to look like you have a lot of potential but are still waiting for something so they can target you – these fools can only keep playing around until I do what I have done to them on the money all together – as for handling peoples companies, now they know what it feels like. the part about being bullied by black people is as porous as hell since I am the one enforcing an outcome where every penny spent to attack me leaves a hole in their stupid finances that is testament to it because they cannot seem to get the money somewhere else  in order to play those games where they are never wrong with and of course it is also a global operation here too; the black people story is not an emotive one, what we hear is black women making noise about racist being the same as them and should be  standing with them against the world and not long after you end up with the one about somebody talking about killing another person that does not have the same skin colour and so on and then you hear them change their story to that of men who should be dying in their place which then develops into a case for the safety and security of their block head children; so this is me among them using their own to do it as final push and if they follow me around again when I am done there will be trouble.