I don’t have any problem with showing respect and regard for those who have done better than me in life as these idiots love to claim I do, the real issue is that they have not done better than me as their civil rights fraud had targeted me because I had a Royal Estate and so far I had it long before they became rich and famous with vandalising it, so I fail to see how that means they have done better than me. That said however the reality is that the story of stupid girls that have a need to do whatever they like with my person and possessions and thus do consider that they have enough gangs and muscle around them to pull that off needs to come to an end, it does not matter if they are famous with respect to which I have no idea if they do check the dictionary definition of fame or have seen it has nothing to do with the other side which is infamy and notoriousness –having said so of which I am done with this routine of showing it’s a matter of necessity and not of courage or cowardice i.e. when I have my book sales bottomed out, nobody will employ me because it is a prognosis by which their companies get damaged and I will not be able to earn a living because they are busy doing it to tease somebody powerful and feel good with doing so which will later become a means for revolution and the fun game of changing business as usual for others and we have come to a point where they need to stay off my book sales or stand their ground and stop talking nonsense about people I am supposed to respect. I didn’t say they were a problem for me, they are not a problem for me, their usual prognosis is all that fame and fortune and being a popular culture idiot and a celebrity is a front to mask something more sinister about their nature which runs along the lines of how most people really do not know what their wickedness actually looks like hence they can do it all day long and manipulate others in order to keep doing it of which nobody knows why they cannot do that without touching me or my possessions either being they are so clever; what they do is ensure they are as stupid as they possibly can be and are making a public and civil rights case with it, then develop a problem with those that are more important than they are, then get involved with the concerns of such people and damage it, then build up what they have found out through their involvement on media with the aid of some finances and have what the person used to and hence don’t like it when people like me ensure it can never work and always comes to a futility and I have done that because I don’t want them to explore whether or not I have the capacity to kill since we all know when they had done it and become Politically important at the end, just like this was about money as we all know they can never be celebrities because of their twisted nature and evil history but as soon as they got the money are back here to talk nonsense about people I am supposed to respect, they become tyrants and we all know what tyrants do and how they are removed as well. The choice here is a simple one; they can stay away from my books or they can stand their ground and I am not talking about their Politicians either, those always say they will cook up a storm but the reality of all they can do is the same as these their block heads – nobody knows what exactly their problems seems to be with a condition whereby people attack me for example and I defend myself – they could always have made laws to ensure that people do not attack others of course but prefer to have all their problems developed around what I do to defend myself; so typical consideration is that of what is not moral but is not evil either at Government office since their thick Political brains have not yet worked out this condition is actually criminal activity before they talk nonsense about those that get sacrificed during civil rights struggles or that they get to sacrifice during such things with a big mouth – hence for me it’s a matter of Pornography on one  hand, Popular culture and its industries on the other; both are immoral but it is pornography that constantly needs to be fighting for its social privacy and this has in turn developed an outcome where children cannot have a childhood while these idiots assume they are famous and something needs to be done about it and if their Politicians get in the line I will kick them as well. So the choices are simple; they can keep off my book sales and shut their filthy mouths or they can stand their ground. This is an example of what they are coming up against as it were and I have warned enough times it is around the books that their world turning up here will end up being blown up as well. The point they say is that they are connected with powerful people now; all I say to it is that it is news as it were. I am not being forced to go underground, that is incredibly feeble too although it is a sign they and their Politicians cannot leave others alone; the reality is that if they don’t do Politics it will perpetually appear there is something they need to see around you and will mean they will never ever work for their own money, so that part was meant to have been achieved – having said that, what they are doing now is simply the fall out of that subliminal message that if they are not helped to do their academic work they will achieve nothing and people like me will have everything at all cost – now they are in politics helping their other fools to it as well stifling my finances and then sorting out their stupid girls and women over fame and fortune with my possessions and the idiots they help out in such ways think they are famous and deserving of respect.