They do say I bring it on myself with the things I do along with the ladies to mess up their gay lifestyles that they live at other peoples gayness so to speak all the time but I don’t see it that way; I am only saying they do believe they have deployed media to change what people know I have done to them around race relations in order to protect my own and now we have reached a point where this celebrity security thing has become a real issue and what I am saying about what I have brought upon myself is that the celebrity lifestyle would be a peachy existence without their disgusting bully involvement making people filthy around here all the time. It does not mean I am not aware this behaviour from them is supposed to have been discriminatory and abusive and racist primarily; its the old story of people like me being so cold and dingy that the things we have not said is the answer to everything in life which will then be extracted from my sperm for example and this is what they are doing as a feeling because they cannot touch me as a person to extract it so to speak, it takes a whole new course when it appears they have finished some academic work or something and then the need will be to see how far a process where all I say and do and own and know will be wasted tackling their bullying to a point where they explain away all their problems and dump them here and go off to get more depending on whether they need to make money and so on – so I know it is primarily racist but I believe I have made myself clear too about the way life should be and the only thing that is making it otherwise is their involvement here. The other part of the story being that most of what I do is deeply disappointing if measured by how much promise I showed before I offended them by existing and I don’t mind either since the reality has always been that those who think they have no right to express themselves have always had a point and I don’t intend to become an instrument by which they are free from it as well, so it has come right down to the issue of having control of your own bowels while doing your celebrity lifestyle and they will scream of over this matter and we will hear of it on the news as well. Apart from which this is all a carefully orchestrated plan to ensure that when people do not accept the gospel in the days of my youth, they can never ever get it the way my wife and kids do which basically applies to every other thing I do that may concern other human beings all together as well, in order to watch them create equality that they can get corrupt with as well – rot in hell and fuck somewhere else basically with their freedom nonsense they continue to turn up here to gamble no matter how bad the consequences of doing so because of somebody they want to beat up or kill to steal his possessions. When being reasonable they always say I am stealing celebrities from them but everybody knows that have a thing for accessing my public life and using it to make money where I cannot reach it so that even for the least valued there is still a health problem associated with them touching it and thereafter which it becomes their major preoccupation and a global issue looking for trouble, right up to wars and deaths that will happen if they don’t have what they want, so this is the personal life issues blowing up and need I say more about the fact it is around my book sales so they can change a quality of life and expect nothing to happen to them as well.

We do hear them say the way the ladies dress is responsible for the heavy burden I carry which then causes me to spill everything that comes into my soul as a result of my good life but I find it and appreciate it as one of the most insolent things that anybody can say for its part as well; I mean it’s like the story I mentioned earlier about claims I steal their celebrities when the celebrities themselves know there is work they have done that was done when they deployed my work to help them do it and that I am the only person that can handle security matters around that successfully, besides which the service they get from these celebrities is not to my taste either hence I never pick them up when I am doing my rounds as well for that matter and cannot see what brings it on but it is the old story about the fact they are neither husbands nor wives, spouses nor relatives of these women but in the world of men and their industry and city centres and me and my literary empire and the ladies, whereby they are the people that take advantage of anything the industries have used and dumped which is why they are always so keen to attack me with a need to see me do civil rights alongside them and now have reached a point where I don’t need to for them to carry out their financial vandalism: I mean if somebody deploys my property equity to make a music Video, I will collect the videos at some point and resolve the security issues and besides which those videos are clearly about my Royal Estate, my House and my renaissance, so for me it’s a simple case of celebrities getting involved with another person’s office of state but for them it can be as complicated as gang murder. I want them to keep their insulting modern churches far away from me, otherwise stop complaining about my women as well and try to justify their stupidities, when we all know they never listen and need to get far deeply involved with people to work this criminal and civil disobedience of theirs and the whole Church thing and how people should dress and carry themselves and the difference between the sexes in Church are at the heart of it – they hurt people with their women and girls and pretend they don’t know they are but at the same time believe that what they are doing is so right they should be rewarded on a pedestal for it and the reasons for that is really that they think they are doing it to those they can beat up anytime they want and there is no other reason besides that. Their girls can come into Church in Bikini – of course there is something they get if I am exasperated by it and there is no way I will be if it does not affect my earnings and when I have female journalist friends they complain about their homosexual culture as well but are still talking nonsense about being correct when they defile people holy places and defile the scriptures of the Bible like that for good measure to get rich and play freedom democracy and capitalism games that they never seem to rest as it were; I mean an example is myself and in my case my holy place is my bed room and we have not seen them give it a rest for one second in the last 14 years either, National and International media, right up to International Communities it is with them every single day.

We do hear the Politicians speak endlessly about those that have made contributions to the Country and so on but I have no idea what they hope to achieve anyway; we all know it is an unwritten constitution and that the people complaining on our behalf today were there during the 12 years of Labour Party terror in which the mind of the people have been divided asunder right up to the House of Lords and they did nothing about it – so I have no idea who these goons expect will be the person that gets less treatment so they can feel relatively special for paying into the system all their lives anyway. Clearly of which not everybody is as much of a novice as they are, so it will remain that way and get sorted out by parliament but we The people with patch ourselves up and move on – now they are in trouble and as for me as a person I will continue to sell up the activities of their Political junkies until the day they come around for a fight and if they don’t buy it we have a problem too because there are others that are really keen – I mean it is not as if I am not enjoying myself either. We hear that I am supposed to do something about slowing economic growth but the question thus becomes that of what men are doing with their own business equity as well all together – X Factor and Talent shows? I mean in terms of society they will waste everything and then their Internet prostitutes will finish whatever is left getting famous all, then in terms of public life the Celebrities will have their piece and then everybody else while the City centre neighbourhood girls will finish whatever is left right down to my health because they are bullies as well and when I dare talk about it, the meaning of doing so is that I am entangled with something I can never get out of and we would never find ourselves where we are now in the first place if they stayed off my book sales even as we speak. I understand it to be said that nothing I do is ever clear but that is much the same as their need to reorganise the Nation and split asunder the mind of the people; they approach me via two modes only and one of them is intense arrogance while the other is incredible insults and abuse – in terms of the former they believe they are so important when I speak about being the most abused author in the world because people generally feel like exasperating me to extract what I know instead of buy my books if they are interested, they think they have manipulated and dominated me, in terms of the former I am largely seen as a big child who is still a child but is certified grown up according to the law on whom they can practice all those things the law prevents them from doing to Children whereas the reality being that if they did read the Bible they would have seen that I am commanded to live my life in humility and that it is no excuse for making up their own ideas about what I am really like. its sort of when I do tell their men to tell them off especially the women and they then respond with a sense of more acrimonious abuses and the results become stories about how I write books to rectify the damages I do to society so I might avoid getting into trouble. It does not seem to stop either, their need to get gay privileges from certain men and scatter it all over the outside so they might have no privacy, the media and journalist versions of these idiots that you bend into good behaviour and put up on an advertisement because you are encouraging people to think you are running and establishment where they can spoil themselves if the Price is right, noting thereof the disobedient ones with a very violent form of criminal laziness especially when black, who are convinced about your need to mind your business so they can steal from you if they want to being their civil rights for example – the idiots will not stop addressing me and I can always say this is not their side of society to aid their dumb minds or I can always remind them I am actually waiting for a trigger: something that will make me want to prove a point as to why I am always being targeted by them, something that will make me want to prove a point as to what is so important and or amusing about wrecking my book sales in order to leave me out there for people to employ so they can try not to take advantage and then we will hear of it yet again as it were. There is no truth to those cases they make out how I grab everything I share with the women in my world for myself either – its like this problem I have with self appointed delegates all over my empire talking about areas I shared with them and so on: the reality is that these women all have jobs where they get paid to appear in public in order to do those jobs and that leaves some publicity that goons in the City and financial centre and media for example are very used to deploying to their own ends savaging my book sales as collateral damage and talking nonsense about men bread winning at the same time as well – so these women perhaps then engage in another aspect of their media careers or they find something to mop it up and these are the equities I have to manage because they have chosen to do it at my Royal Estate – for me in the end the reality is that the men and their city centre are not getting any, after all money just vanishes from the stock market and they are not sorry anyway either as it is just businesses as usual again without any care for what they have done and what they did more so before they crash considering what they are demanding now too. My personal favourite being that they are not sorry and will grab my equity property and get off to trade with Communists: Of course we do hear that its the decision people like me make that will determine what the UK looks like for the future which I don’t mind the moderate paedophiles with their criminal laziness and civil rights others must recognise; all they really can do to me is all that blackmail and hostage taking that gets really tiresome but we cannot appear to keep the insults away still at this stage more so. I hear the purpose is that when they take up my work and career and ensure its already been done they want to be successful with it and the white ones want to know when they are a threat to me it cannot be simply dismissed like it is at present but I have no idea how they were going to do that without cruelty which is supposed to make it impossible for them to be famous but possible for them to make claims others have stolen their celebrities, when I am Royalty the rest of the world is aware exists; so I have been making sure the only way they can avoid knowing what I know is if they blow their stupid ears off and they are too much of paedophile cowards to do so which is why this conversation exists at all.