I am now said to possess some rebellious streak that needs to be controlled and it will never make sense what they mean rebellious streak, first of all which they did not pay the fees at the University when such gimmicks was the corner stone for how they will maintain the environment by which their foolish children pass exams to maintain three jobs atmosphere later on, where one job is about controlling me and the other is about the money they get which goes to their heads and the third is about the none criminal means of making sure I never get a job of my own. In their case rebellious streak I suppose is the best way to describe current conditions in which Politicians never do the jobs they were elected to do anymore and are rather busy making up lies and accusations that support what they are doing around a claim they made sometime earlier of how there is no resect for Politicians because the Politicians are not necessarily the local millionaires and that if they were, there would be more respect and the only reason I can remember for me being stuck somewhere with this nonsense is still the business of a fight between the government and the Unions which expresses the fact civil service staff really are very twisted and corrupt characters whom once they got their eyes fixed on something will likely ensure there is no peace at Government until they got it and therefore needed a scapegoat with resilience – these fools did not pay the fees at the University and are not paying the Bills now but 21 years after the state openly declared that none would mind if my parents cast me out on the streets, we are here discussing my rebellious character at a Royal Office with their big mouth – the whole time which it was rather obvious that stupid fake confidence they get when Government helps them out with financial issues and spend the tax payer funds they think is their property on creating other people problems, if I got a slightest whiff of this nonsense giving way to a need they have to proceed from chasing my bum and making me smell which also makes them friend of stupid shop managers, to following me around for money they can make off my Public image and then set about making sure I am homeless by getting into a position that allows them to pick up phones and ring their fellow stupid friends that will help to ensure I cannot get a job or sell my Books. Their foolish children who are the biggest beneficiaries of this nonsense about how important they were and how people pay less attention at my expense love to boast about their cracked up out of my league personalities making me squirm; so we find they love to do this because they think I am weak while the older ones love to do it because I am a young broke person with a good character and a good personality while they were old enough to have some money, cannot stop tackling me and boasting alongside their Public transportation twerps for it – fair to say the insolence and distant violence blabbing nonsense about weakness is one thing, taking a swipe at me is quite something else and will definitely never lead down to a fight that will never end as well.

I do get told I never deal with these enemies issues in a sustainable way but I wonder what that means while the real problem is the disrespect channelled at those who have duties at the Monarchy and then at the same time complaining that the system is too complex to run a successful government, when it is their insolence making it impossible for any job that has been done to last a 24 hours. If I said it was a matter of Government being able to punish wrong doers in my case and how I support the Monarchy on that, they would continue the Political insults about the problems I tackle which are too big for me and more important cracked up out of my league goons in the House of Commons were worthy of, while its just me pointing out how I look after myself and support the Monarch while I am at it – such realities they make a mess of and set about corrupting the Armed Forces by as the fact racism gets punished but the actions of ethnic minorities are about punishing those who have not committed a crime, such that the eventual outcome will be the punishing of those who crimes are to hold government office, hence need a task force of their own all together. The enemies I have of which are usually of three kinds; the ones that are good at deciding they want to live in my bum and their whole lives are about a stupid civil rights that ensures I got into a fight that was too much for me, leaving them to spend my personal security on their stupid selves; usually leads to outcomes in which they can defend themselves when attacked by culture and society trouble makers but whenever I have been forced to handle them, no amount of defence is ever enough and then it will that way make sense of getting into my concerns to spend time working out how to be superior to me and how I will only make money if I were selling a Royal Commission via some stupid Politics of superiority that means they deploy my assets to build and sell products, fail to buy the Books for the purpose and the outcome is that they were superior whereby if I did anything they would only walk away with all they had taken, as stupidly as possible – the other is good at launching an assault on my academic work and finances with society and culture and media goons unnecessarily, to find that I have been waiting for them at the jobs market and at the retirement as well – the third are mostly good spending my Public image on themselves and wanting to own everything associated with a road that leads away from my home to let me access the rest of the world, once they had decided they wanted to save their own and spend mine as stupidly as possible; what we have noticed about this being dealt with sustainably is how my involvement with Hollywood was attacked because of the self-provided security that equities I brokered provided people and now what people are dealing with is the fact that they can only handle these scum who have great ideas about how government buildings should be used to deal with their enemies as long as they can manipulate those who hold it, by killing somebody or being as clever at it as I am, otherwise the vandalism and abuses they have wrought here to ensure these fools are out of control will continue to ensure they got no respite at Government buildings that got to their heads too; about which I will share something around here when people are not buying Books I have written for my trouble all together as it were. They thought it was easy, now they are talking about enemies being dealt with sustainably on account they have to live with the fact that these goons talk exactly the same way that people who are undergoing an exorcism and hence fallen under the stupor of the demons that have taken over their bodies talk and it still goes without saying that they may keep their civil rights if their stupidities are not gambling it to threaten me every time they had money issues as it were.

So when it comes to making personal progress, we can see that its impossible for me to suspend Book writing while I study and to study while I suspend Book writing, hence it is not quite enough around here to build up the level of commitment that people need to enjoy reading my Books and or broker the equities there in and those who are responsible for this will always deal with the probability of leaving in a world where they had no respite as well, wherever on earth their big mouth got a statement on some rebellious streak about my person from all together.