So I really have not got an idea who raised this case of building airports with British Politicians anyway: I mean what we do in the UK is rip up people’s homes and expand Heathrow, then bail out banks, that is how we do it, people ought to stop setting themselves up t have their stuff done for them. They would even ask how they are supposed to when everybody knows the UK has the richest civil aviation history in the world – the Americans have the biggest and richest Industry but here what we do is build Concorde and realise when it crashes all that die are the great and the good and such things need to be shelved and never ever done ever again right away, so it isn’t clear why they would be asking how they should get about it. I hear I am partly to blame for the incompetence of our Politicians in this Country but of course it happened by magic not when people spend government finances to wreck my finances and pervade the civil service in order to make me scared of their fools who are committed to violence as an answer to everything they want to do with their stupid lives, it therefore meant as such that when I am scared of them they will be Politicians and now that they have no common ground whatsoever in parliament we tend to build airports too thereof as it were; these kinds of things only work when it is clear that there is no connection between them getting out of bed and turning up in parliament and a process of doing the jobs for which they were paid and that is why they speak of what I have done to make them incompetent; they chase people personalities like so making a fool of themselves and wondering what racism is all about and what he gets up to at the end and I will never stop mine either for my part.   I hear in Scotland the question of the fact that Scottish people feel their votes do not matter in any way when it ends up in Westminster but these are things that should have been cleared up of course i.e. the relationship between the Scottish government and the Westminster government had been a certain one for decades because of the nature of the division of responsibilities at home and overseas but during recent times things have changed and this relationship had to be updated and this is where the so called scare mongers and scare campaigners raised facts about a separate situation meaning independence in the end anyway which does not really apply if the Politicians know what they are doing – so it is the same old story of imagining for example that HRH Prince of Wales went on cruise and then got lost at sea and then it was announced to the Public in a minute – nobody is that mad, in like manner while Westminster is devolving power it never gets announced and is never allowed to move too quickly because that would lead to instability and insecurity but if we have a certain Alex Salmon hawk and a lot of idiots being complicit, then it’s easy for the whole process to be hijacked, and an independence debate that really should stand on its own two feet used to supplant it and now the really has become that even if the independence people lose devolution will be hastened unless conscious efforts are made to prevent that as well: they like to claim we can with benefit of hindsight imagine all the kinds of powers that may be needed in the immediate to be devolved but yes again we are told that by the Politicians too as it were – very reliable. I mean people need to stop talking about building airports with these fools that do not seem to know or have no pride whatsoever in a condition where they are elected by the Population to govern an Island Nation that is a tier two world power. They are more interested in having conversation about what people say and this is the part that brings to light in the most obvious way how little of the job they are paid to do that they are interested in; I mean I have no wish to lower my royal position in order to serve the Public because it does not serve a human rights processes and nobody is asking them to do that either but if I have to take out a job to raise funds and get some things going at the office it is clearly what I must do and does not change anything about me; the reality therefore remains as ever that they do not know that which is really difficult to believe when considering the fact they built a UK film council to help these their celebrated idiots who do nothing but play around all the time in the most public places and then seek peoples personal lives later and try to own it with the celebrity money that they have made, to get rich with it at my expense, especially the older ones that have passed their sell by date – really difficult to believe they don’t know this is what their loutish celebrities really are and that they are certainly going to run a government office in partnership with them as well. 

I hear the talk of my attitude towards diversity of course and it is never clear if they want a response but just in case that happens I should be ready hence; the reality about my behaviour towards diversity being that I want to find out what it is exactly they can do if I do not go along with it, after all I had long ago made myself the promise that each and every penis and anus and chest and head insults were supposed to be paid for by a loss of homosexual society and clubbing and partying life and so on, reaching right up to idiots that are paid millions to manage large companies bank rolling their common sense with my property which is a matter of the fact they want to be rich and it is how it works – so I am definitely going to completely destroy it and that depends on the frequency and number of occasion of anus and penis and head and chest insults that can only be stopped by a good beating which clearly cannot happen if they are bigger than me.  I mean as a result of my fascination with organised crime and the underworld, I have set out certain equity securities which mean that it becomes less profitable and hence less people get hurt by it but it soon is replaced by media presence for communities that specialise in punishments that are my Achilles heel and a need to express themselves around the common sense of handling my possessions if people want to be rich: so the idea I am stuck and they are dressing well and choosing self improvements which is never an unusual way to handle a Christian leading to a condition where I sit down to sign off books with some fans and they run those stupid media presence that is about messing me up and the punishments that are my Achilles heel and the anus and penis insults and there will be a reckoning that will not stop unless I had completely destroyed it as well. So I am not stuck anywhere nor am I being made to fight these things by anybody unless older men are trying and their case is unusual as well since nobody knows that these are all things that serve as instruments of repression concerning which these fools think it is more important to make themselves into such tools than it is to get a day job because the politicians will sort them out later and when that fails want a new Country – they give themselves way too much credit especially the Americans and it isn’t clear to them I hate that stupid freedom and capitalism and want to destroy it by any means yet, they think common sense if you want to be rich being seen around my finances and business is such a good idea especially when it is about diversity. So it was fun when it was that I must be dominated first before I can get my academic work and finances done during my early 20s now it is not anymore and I have written books they want to turn up and be seen around all the time as well – imagine what racist would have done with that and let’s see what they will do about my attitude towards diversity: I hear they say I am getting weaker and they are getting richer as if 15 years of targeted financial vandalism like nobody owns what exists here will go unpunished and that they will not be instrumental is forging the excuses by which doing so becomes necessary, all I can say is that if I were speaking to the owners of the various companies I would say keep your empire and let mine alone but we are talking about the mangers and CEOs and their media scum and so its a simple case of keep your money where your mouth is - I want to go out there and sell my books without being bothered by you or it will become your nightmare is not a fake happiness. They do say it has cost me everything to get to this point of course but that would be if the biggest challenge people face at Government office being the fathers only ending up producing outcomes where Industry idiots are seen getting around with their girls and so on should not have meant a thing to anybody: I mean the Politicians said it was about trusting people when the recession meant they were breathing life again on the basis of the number of young people they will have fun abusing and putting out of work - then they will say my actions are magical if I have to deal with an idiot complicating my life as a result of his age and therefore deserving of jobs while my parents are not supporting me anymore.