Industrial Popularity, Public populism, Nation fraternisation and International Community Threats 


They do claim all I said is talk and I do wish they didn’t say that as each time we see them walk around in the City centre feeling entitled at my expense, the main reason was that their stupidities wore some nice clothes and had a shave, therefore the sexual abuse gimmicks practiced at anybody who associates themselves with me was the meaning of their stupidities being in charge of things – what we have then being a group of goons that are convinced this is how they will stop me. The inconvenience rages on with abusive and very destructive advertisement to take revenge for what I do to ensure their crimes are not cost effective because they are made to bother me – the means by which they grind away the show business and Industry deep into my life and we know every time they have not started at 6.00am what I did the previous day must have caused enough fear for them to think doing so was a risk but currently the boasting continues because by Midday every day, we find that they had settled up on a reality whereby working for their own does not appeal and started again – the belief is that this is how I will be stopped. Eventually we find an alliance between their insanity and some deviant Royal friends whose sheer obsession with my concerns, coupled with the sense they are out of my league and more important at Public functions, is what kills off relations with Clients and then makes me ill all the time, as stupidly as possible – so maybe in terms of such nonsense they do stand a chance but I have been clear about what I can do if they have not yet cleared the Public image space.

They are not more important than I am and this has always been the main problem: what happens when every Public function they attend sees a process where they upstage and abuse me in such ways happen, is that they sabotage my finances and end up being the ones to complain about the consequences more than I am happy with being an Arch Prince whose interests are more concerned with Church matters. This has always been my mode of operation as such, better for the women to go first once I build the structures, as they help me moderate Public matters and eventually make sense of the fact when I speak of wealth and social inequality, I am talking about people deploying my work to make money and why I should be paid com wait for some goon at their retirement where they can be the insulting Daddies the way it will rely on them too – when these goons wreck the finances and complain about me being less than worthy, it is set to continue as long as I am not a major pain in their neck as well.

I do get told the matter here is that everything I do is just wrong but the reality is the reverse i.e. nothing I do is ever wrong – what we have then is a group of very stupid individuals who set about gimmicks with my academic work concerning how I attend University with the kids at 24 and now in my late 30s I just look like a character that will do well if the label of bum was placed on me; I dropped out of University then the same year the worst recession we have seen so far took place and they have started practical jokes that pick up my financial state at the same year I started to trade my Books more seriously, so I look like a character that works and never gets paid; stands to reason that one of these days they are going to keep their big mouths shut because they did something about it or their culture and society idiots did it for them. Much like they claim my whole life is done while no such thing has happened, save the part the media plays in this nonsense because completely unnecessary in the sense that as long as they are able to tell the public I fell flat nothing I do will ever deter them and it is therefore a scary decision to make. The theory then being that this is a matter of people that are loyal to me and loyal to me alone, in which case it should be tidy enough that I pointed out this matter.

They claim I talk like I need help all the time which brings it on, what really happens is that I fill their stupid heads with what I know so they can continue to follow me around and make a mess of my Public image - the reasons my idea of controlling trouble makers is to crush their Celebrity culture and ensure society gits are all over it, so they might steal whatever they want from this place like their big mouths suggest, while I still end up courting attention from bottom chasing gits offering security while the business of protecting me means working for HM and not working for me, is that Celebrities are inviting themselves into my personal finance concerns which feels as if somebody just hacked the bottom off it and it is growing into an imperative need for me to control Celebrities (it is how these idiots ensure every public appearance is destructive for other peoples family finance bases and so on because the Celebrities and Football gits put up money somewhere and wait for more money to be added to it, while they appear to have made profit as the main problem was the business of working for it - that they can do later and they can do the one they want if the money is guaranteed anyway). Its never true I need security or help from them, they can get into a fight that may go either way, I can shut down whole society and Celebrity culture systems, so what happens is that I always win.

The case of my inability to handle Celebrities was a myth about me taking my tolerance of their vandalism to a point where it had become a habit of sorts, although I am still aware of what I am doing - at least in Public perception because of the Media it has become a habit i.e. it will wait for those opportunities that allow it sell things attached to the fact its stupidities were famous, talking nonsense about confiscating a Royal Estate which these Society and Culture fools echo in every drinking party in the land because they believe when they are angry it matters and when others are it does not, as stupidly as possible, when it does not see any, the same lies and abuses and criminal fame nonsense will happen again and it will hit me and grind away it show biz into my life to make those profits as abusively and destructive of my person and property as its stupidities possibly can - so the only reasons they do not begin at 6am everyday is when they are waiting for the opportunities that come through by magic to serve their stupidities over the fact they were very important as far as they were concerned had ended up in a process of waiting too long. They always say I could never handle them but I ended up with a reputation for being picked on whenever they thought they ought to get to their banks and see millions there that they never worked for because what I said and did prevented them from being important by my public image and prevented the money being made in that way thereof, an example of how these matters only get serious when they really are as it were. Then there are the goons that give them money to ensure I could never catch on due to a need for these gimmicks – none will ever explain what brings about the vile behaviour we see gathering around some incredibly stupid female they label as socialite and thinks she is presented to the world as the female version of me or my responsibility all together and then when she gets the money forgets her place as a girl rallying other girls for her girl interests in the City and gets off making a mess of my Royal and Diplomatic duties – it becomes more obvious the gravity of what they are fooling around with each time they ended up complaining about it; so a typical example is when the insulting and abusive advertisement has happened again and it had settled up on a business whereby something has to be done about it, something has to be done about the criminal fame as it were. since they started fooling around with my Public image, some are worth hundreds of millions now and sharing this sort of nonsense will have added to a business of sharing the tricks of the trade – it appears to have meant in their view that they can afford Royal Public image, while we know they don’t have enough money to buy the deck of a Navy Frigate and if they got together to buy one then will we find them hang around somewhere fighting over the remains of the day while the Navy can at last carry on without interference.

They do claim its about targeting me personally amd I understand it is; the abusive Advertisement and abusive product endorsement happening everyday is the reason I am going to take some action concerning their criminal fame having a go at me - the preparation obviously was the part where they gave their money to the Celebrities, so I guess this is a process of gathering money from others for themselves, so that between them and the Celebrities, they will own all the money the world - likely to stop when its a comment about my concerns and I will tear up your own situation in my view. I do get told that I act as if they were winning while they are not and I am aware they are not, the unfathomably annoying business of their stupidities developing the effrontery to act as if this is what their human rights and civil rights looks like blinds me all the time and we are heading towards earning the break bits when insulting comments about my concerns in anyway will mean I rip up what is left of the stupid career as well. When I speak of Comments they make, its more of the fact they don't like being dissidents, they like getting off with their fans to make patronising insults in public about what I have achieved, which allows them get on Publicity generated to count pennies and race each other to the magical millions, then claim I misunderstand them on account they are Celebrities if they wanted to be nice - I am going to start working towards earning a break from their stupidities, just need it carrying on a little bit longer for me.


Looking into these matters for myself are not in anyway one of my prime worries, as per things I may stay up at night for. The fact of the matter here is the lies these individuals tell and the way it fits with reality; when their job involves getting around with rich people, sitting on the beaches with them and then getting to acquire some of their money whether they like it or not, using my livelihood as the means to do so is very provoking. Naturally a time will approach as it continues to get worse, when somebody will rip up entire communities of people to establish a company, where somebody will have a business but some people are just marked out for unemployment and so on, so they can wail about wealth distribution and so on. My prime concern is for example the fact if you are married to a media idiot and therefore decide you don’t want to get along with supporting his laziness, while he claims people are sleeping with you, then you will do the Ironing every day, while he sleeps around with young girls and other idiots that later speak of people taking away their ability to be intolerant towards people who offend them, most of which seem to reside in the United States of America and cannot stay off Television screens, that get to do it for him, so I suppose it is not okay for those you work for to loose their companies to the recession; it is in my interest to see to that.

It is never really my intention that people take seriously what I have done as the purpose of doing them is a job that has already been finished and is therefore solely my concern: the reality is the same old case of Businesses and Industries taking advantage of me so when I settle that some busy bodies do their share as well and when I settle that Politicians have a go and when I am done with that the Communities too and then when I am done with that the Media and then the Businesses and Industries are back again - when finished they claim when they make Twitter handles for their company I presume it exists so I can control them which builds up the question of who started it along side the twin question of who the hell are you concerning all the other idiots involved. The reality remains as ever that I have had all of them under control at this stage and that is why I don't like it when people make a case about my work looking for trouble as once they are done they are solely about me as it were - hence it really does come back down to the issue of those who think that my mind should be thinking about getting to the Office to write books that serve their purposes and not write books that serve those who buy them and I guess they have heard me mention as well that another occasion of seeing them anywhere near my book sales will lead to an outcome where they put their money where their mouth is as well.

So where we stand is where we stand and in terms of the socialists it is an old story of hounding me over how much larger than my portion relative to my size I have been taking and this is when they are communicating of course, the part where they do not is more concerned with deploying public funds and National media to wreck my finances because they are making a figure of beauty they can abuse and extract good feelings and beauty from for all sorts of purposes including fame and fortune and sex; so I am not bluffing and at the end of the day we do hear them speak of how the only business any person should have with a company is a process where they are customers which is very rich coming from the fucking idiots as it were, considering their Politicians are by the way also the fools that will go off to anywhere they like in Africa to find my parents that will make me behave how they want.

Again this matter of Villains who are so corrupt they need the brilliance of Heroes to get around their evil business with is not an emotive issue, we are all very familiar with it and the Industry ones have no respect for my Office at the National level because they say they are getting rich and famous but above all a time will come when this whole process of realising they will never get what they demand from me will give rise to a condition where they realise their mates and others who never had a chance have got ahead of them and everything will depend on the need to get it at all cost and that is why Company Markets must be prepared to extricate Book sales from it at all costs as well, such that it shuts down the whole thing; in my view if successful I will be doing the world a service and they can keep whatever piffling money they have out of Industry and leave me alone: it is the good old issue of Political fascism as a means of getting by which these goons always deny in public places every time but forms the majority of everything they are seen doing in public, as if I was born into this world to wait somewhere to have things done to me by them as it were with a big mouth and of course we know I can get attacked for reasons that are made up as people go along for years on account they are trying to ensure the cover up pays off but we all know that also means the biggest problem they have is the aesthetical aspects of my life where I sit in an office to administrate a Company; so if they worked for their money they know they would not have had the energy for it and they will touch neither myself and or my possession no longer as it were and this of course is where the matter is supposed to come to a head and then they can deny their fascist activities rather than stop and get on my book sales every day and the blacks, the civil right mongers of them deserve everything they get, not up to me to ensure they don't.

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Naturally the whole business of the appearance I do not seem to work hard enough on security matters, which creates this outcome where people need to assist me as they believe I am not strong enough to handle certain issues, which is quite right, except each time they back onto the fact I am Royalty and it is probable what I think about doing is something I know how to tackle i.e. the only way that those who are stronger than I am and fear for my safety will have their own safety jeopardised by something I am doing will be when I am not working hard enough on it and this largely refers to criminality matters, such as young people and criminals chasing addiction and attacking people randomly to ensure they secure finances and market for it - same as smoke screen for criminality Media Journalists relentless and ever abiding disobedient practical jokes with peoples livelihood and finances, when they wish to interpret their civil rights as a process of extracting an income from the wealthy city centre without having to do any more work for it than has been imposed on them by force, it therefore usually gives way to the throwing peoples valuables to fat cats that they and the young people who follow them at popular culture work so hard to prepare themselves to do, that they believe absolutely everybody is taken by the stories they tell of work being imposed on them and of course at the heart of the supply of start up finances and mobility for such things is a bit too much of Politicians showing up in peoples lives.
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