They do say that these abusive activities were about communist interests and naturally they are, the problem is with the results; where I walked around as if I am an important person, whilst the ageist idiots with corrupt private security and rogue landlords were the reason for it and it builds up to the point where I got the message that whatever I think I am, they were it, with a big mouth. I have made it simple for its stupidities lip flapping about teaching me lessons, to make comments about its own career and keep its imagination away from my body bits, I have done enough. I dropped out of University and it had repeated exactly the same behaviour 12 years on, so it is a nightmare everyday working so hard for 7 years, to get through to them the fact that disturbing a boudoir will wreck my finances whilst they kept their own and their parents were not currently getting a feedback for their stupidities and what those who were affected thought of it, all together a 20 year career mess, it is now at the stage where they fool around somewhere else or I prepare to catch up during their retirement. It is the same as the idea that people were worried about some need I had to get involved with Parliamentary matters, which was more a matter of some curtesy thing that Politicians did, where they said that I knew about certain public matters and all attempts had been made to see if my disposition could be replicated without success, so there was an opportunity for me to get what I knew out there and into the political system, it is not a process of getting involved with parliamentary matters as that would make a real mess considering that on the ground it was a process of local councillors with a few other guys getting out on the streets to enforce public directives. Same as the point being made that my problem was with the Celebrities and yes it was as even now, considering the history is one in which they have said that they wrecked my Bookshop because I knew something that they wanted added to their profile to enhance a sense of how important they were, thus causing me enough trouble to make me show it in public so it could be shared or stolen was the preferred way to deal with other people in their opinion, to which effect they do not now know how to go about shutting down what they started and expect me to suspend my less important career for another couple a years, so they might adjust their incredibly important, so it was like incredibly stupid, a bunch of famous idiots.

There is the concern that I am at a point of crisis but had failed to acknowledge it whilst the Celebrities who caused me the crisis got completely out of hand and claimed they would stop doing it if I had stopped responding. I am not in a crisis point however, firstly to the matter concerning the Celebrities where they would stop if I had stopped, like I have mentioned above, famous idiot who is not clear where it wants to cease ripping up my finances yet unless it ended badly, so if we should end up in a situation where they stopped because I stopped responding, we would be talking about attacking their incomes because I was unable to keep mine due to their practical jokes and getting a feedback for the stupidities I had to endure everyday through to their parents. On the matter of the crisis they have caused, I have also given them an exit to make comments about their own careers and keep from a Bookshop, since the comments they made produced an effect which meant that whilst they were not people interested in reading Books, their personal matters fed into information that those who read my Books were engaged with, with the outcome that I was not getting paid. On the crisis itself, it is not wise to say that I faced a crisis and should pursue this matter as a crisis as opposed to a process where these goons played with their own careers and made comments about it instead of mine, we would be talking about a process where I got myself out there on a profile that since I am not thrilled about their show business careers, its relevance to my career had to end, to which effect at the stage where there was so little to disturb the Bookshop and I ended up having it work for me in such a condition, I would have earned enough money to do something unusual for every instance their famous stupidities provoked me further. For their part they claim it was difficult to make sense of what I stood for, that I hated Celebrities and then I did not; whilst reality is more a matter of the fact that it is a question of somebody making money in other but the conventional ways of making money and had done well for themselves, so when they show up around my own affairs that involved the civil services and the jobs market, they were something that I did by the way side, the problem is that it is set to acknowledge over an obsession where it got to use my personal and social life to deal with the consequences of its personal decisions this their social position in which they were something people did by the way side, when I lived on social security in my 60s because of them, assuming I had not killed some famous idiots yet, if it will not cease making out the environment in which my Books were published, the conditions in which the patents were placed on it, my publishers business and my Books itself, were a tool for its stupidities to explain its problems to them world that it was too stupid to put into words each time it showed up on the red carpet.

They do claim that all of my experiences were a product of racial and social discrimination but we know that even if I suggested the idea that they were was not excuse for their stupidities to show up here wasting my whole life on their personal problems whilst putting themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing of in this place, as I would then get around solving problems whilst they got paid for being popular at my expense, I would still not have been able to glorify racism as much as these activities of theirs did. I am told that I always thought that handling them was the wrong thing to do but I don’t – they complained people had died and the other people who claimed I needed to stop had a point since I had grown up over time apparently, so I complied with their wishes. Now it is a 20 year career mess that can be stopped the day an obsession with the use of my personal space is not damaging client interest in the product and the people who thought I ought to stop had run out of ideas for it. so I believe I needed to begin all over again as it were, from the part where it shows up here with gimmicks about spreading my personality around for everybody, earning a reputation for making it available in order to get famous and finding ways by which I will lose my life, in order to reduce resistance, whilst it employs German influence idiots to resist my career progress – to begin all over with a process where I pursued them everywhere with it, especially the Industry twats who show up here with gimmicks associated with their money and so they were using their time and equity for those gimmicks which gave them the right to progress it into economic abuses that ensured I was never allowed to smell nice, the part where I pursued them with it until people died for a reputation, a reputation that waxes stronger and stronger every time that it suggests Police brutality and murderers served my cause. So we can see where the part about being influenced by their money and lifestyle fit into the picture, such that if a person was poorer and did not have the career width that I did, such a person would have had no chance at all and this is what is happening out there on the streets, to which effect it gets to tell me that I created the confusion by living like a poor person whilst its insults created the financial mess. Never stops lying naturally and gets a lot of pleasure from what it claims was an unusual history I could never get rid of, so there is a strong incentive especially the gimmick that what it does is being done because it was bigger than I am, to ensure this nonsense stopped very badly – I mean we are set to enter into a phase where this will be the last time they got up on media to organise their career such that it affects me this way and I should finish off with a business of requiring state provided security to help me run a Bookshop. The confusion is that there is this huge big clash with the famous whilst reality is that they damage a Bookshop and keep it damaged over claims their narcissism stupidities were backed by people more powerful than I am, after which they set about handling the Bookshop whenever they felt like delving into my cookie Jar – the vileness is that I had developed a way to keep sociopaths and psychopaths off the involvement with my affairs and a bunch of people who were vulnerable to it were now in league with criminals at my expense after trashing my finances and keeping their own to build themselves a profile as bullies.

I am told I do not seem to have taken into account the way that these activities were linked to the actions of communist leaders but I have, as it is either Celebrities will only make money by sacrificing the lives of people who worked the security services and therefore the communist side was expendable especially those who thought that working with the west served their country better or they will only make money on the basis that Washington ought to reward them as soon as they had decided who was in league with communists. So the current complain is that their own people have gotten into harms way as well but it still will not stop crashing my finances and fooling around with my Bookshop, so the Bookshop is likely to be their undoing along with the new stupid world where others were born within my birth sign and helped serve their cause with my affairs when needed but were a bunch of Libras that will do not wish to fight their own wars and hated the idea that I wanted to ensure they did. The Communist leaders on the other hand are still keeping a cold war perspective where the US interfered with their affairs at will and they took up a state of affairs where they always had a perspective of the world as a matter of where they set foot and which areas should be annexed, it was a matter of bringing my affairs to align with it, not least because it will minimise the risk to those who worked security services if I did. In the end if they wanted to tackle Americans they should have done so without building up this gimmick where the general sensibility is one in which I ought to remodel the world literally to save my Bookshop, each time I worked with a Client that sold a product to a communist. What has changed as such is the economic crisis that was caused by the west, it has taken up exactly the same behaviour which caused it at this stage, the new trading gimmick after years of reducing me to shell of my self in its stupid view, in order to handle my Bookshop unfettered, then the stupid celebrities took up a role and its fooling children cannot keep the imagination off peoples body bits, clinging to a royal public image that it could seldom afford and making a mess of a boudoir all of the time, as I mentioned, it does like to suggest I am not British enough to be British if I am British anyway and it was half my age, as though it does possess a history of being able to predict what I am capable of, so I think it is about to develop into a well made plan to attack the Media, with the outcome that I will trash the Celebrity careers, the men population trading thing will lead to poverty and destitution so that it ceases trying to get rid of my Books when it does not like what I had written whilst at the same time trying to make money from the equity therein, as stupidly as possible, the children being too afraid of attend school will keep their hands off my body bits eventually.

They do suggest this was all a matter of the way that I am supposed to do what I am told by more powerful people but it has always been an issue that they showed up here after ending up in a bad way, putting themselves in charge of other peoples affairs and whilst they were in charge, others spent days, years and probably a life time passing from one personal problem that was a product of their decision to another and another after. It has never achieved an instance where it got to make me do what it wanted in its stupid life, what it has done is to live an existence where it was so stupid, that its stupidity on involvement with my career, tends to do damage, should I respond to that stupid world where there was a kind of success that made the men and the father uncomfortable, I will damage their Political system and then they had to get another one but if we are not there yet, it will never keep its mouth shut and show up here without disturbing a boudoir. The damage to my finances are caused by a cluster of factors; one is that these gimmicks had given them time to work practical jokes on my income stream and this has grown very big with the help of media, not a process of getting me to do what they wanted – it is also very noisy around here because I am meant to ensure the society gits with an unusual interest in my career showed such an interest because they needed information and should be stuffed with it which they again had built into something big with media, looking for trouble – the big one is that Celebrities got involved with my wealth equity public image and were dying to steal it, the problem is that they have not given me an explanation for damaging my Bookshop so I have been working on a process of having them replaced, since they had taken part in activities I set out to baby sit wealthy people who make life difficult for the public and some of them also had blood on their hands, I plan to build it up to an inescapable profile before I had the idiots with ideas about what a woman could bring to the table in a marital relationship having much to do with an Arch Prince were left to their fate because I had them replaced, since I am now nursing an intention to hurt them properly. As ever, it is a bunch of incredibly stupid people, looking for trouble when it is not yet a result where the best outcome was one in which they had to commit suicide. The part that leads to the Monarchy was one in which they claimed my people were rebellious and so was I whilst the King had been fighting his mother all her life first of all and now the fact others were keeping National service work tidy, was a stage upon which to play up gimmicks with society idiots that had for instance built me a profile that matched the social activities of criminals from the Office of the Head of State – so the part where the idiots with a need to pick up my income streams and career publicity fought communists on my behalf had been replaced with it, hence both good and bad decisions grind away at me whilst I am expected to stay, at the same time, the business of the difference between the new Monarch and the old should have been resolved during the first week of reign, it is not in my case because an idiot had built me a profile – so people keep their security service work tidy to make the point that there was an issue of sexual assault and harassment about which the position of security services was to be made clear and it is not listening to what security services were saying either, as per when asked how people were supposed to go about killing service operatives considering all the stupidities they have been up to, of which we know at the stage where they were being asked to do it themselves on behalf of the enemy, the stupid position and its celebrity pricks will become the haven of debauchery, for my part if it plans to keep pushing it, I will dole out an ultimatum to shut down the profile that had been built for me with intent to find out what they were made of. In the end the Office of the Head of State is involved with a process where people build me a profile that matches social activities of criminals, so it has nothing to do with me and they had work to do, need to cease pushing insults at me if it does not wish for outcomes where their families got feedback for it too. The Celebrities need to cease making their comments about my career or I will put a dead stop to their gimmicks without consultation – a real plan to ensure that since it did not heed the warning not to run me down when I am engaged with the jobs market and an abusive crowd had formed whilst it plans to keep its fame, I will not only spend the fame on any consequences that may have emerged from this nonsense, I will also make real a process of physically handling the stupid fame and media career for it too. It is then said that I do not realise just how special QEII was but this is not the case, I mean I think what is happening is normal but the problem is that the King says that I did not understand what was happening and somebody continues to insist on the idea that my property should be jeopardised because he wanted it never the less and has been pushing the gimmick for months – we all know if I said for instance that should I stop everything, career, finances, well being etc, to assist a woman, I can always pick up where I left off thereafter because it was a woman, the risk as opposed to doing the same with men which will have changed me forever to say the least, is also that I will end up with a profile that suggests I am a woman which needed to cease getting in my face as well, hence when the Queen says that people would not get all caught up with home wreckers if they did not expose themselves to the media so much, it is the kind of leadership. As it stands, it picks up on what it claims is friendship with the new Monarch, works corrupt private security, rogue landlords and abusive shop managers to take everything property and financial that I owned whilst claiming I am too much of a coward to either attack the criminals or become one, at the same time when I tidy it up the bitches will build new ones and hang about in public places looking like their parents gave them a license to pass insults at me at the end of which I got into a fight on their behalf, when it had not ended badly.

They do suggest it was all a matter of bad personal decisions I made affecting me at the Monarchy which is also not the case, as my personal decisions are not the reasons my finances are a mess and I was faced with a 20 year career mess associated with the idea that other people were bigger than I am, who were already complaining about being fed up with the fact that to handle my income stream they had to devise a position that was difficult for the law to ascertain by getting off fighting some communists on my behalf. The society gits need to show up here to read the Books and likewise the city centre trouble makers, the Celebrities were performing a behaviour that encourages me to come up with ways to getting them to serve me abusively as well or the question of how I possessed more control of the matter than they did thus the matter of whether I controlled my Bookshop or they did, having seemingly moved into a stage where they claimed to have controlled it hence we are set to find out what becomes of such nonsense if I were unable to pay my Bills because they were, will never be resolved. It speaks of ways I could do nothing about Celebrities whilst what I am doing compared to what celebrities did for money was better than what the Celebrities had to offer and we had since progressed to aspects on questions about where their stupidities wish to put a stop to the gimmicks – it is only a bunch of really stupid individuals whose need to approach city centre people with spare cash to spend on the basis they had something to offer in a personal relationship, claiming that an Arch Prince’s property and assets was linked to their gimmicks and will not cease picking up my income margins, such an entitled group of twats that they were so quick to physically handle others, had gotten accustomed to suckling my social life and my Bookshop, will not give it up for the world but loved to abuse me, abuse my finances and levy economic abuses on me when I had not done the same to them. The Politicians have raised the point about how we ended up with such a mess but it is a couple of issues such as a need their stupidities had, to live in a history where I had provided them no responses for this nonsense and shows up to demand it considering it was so stupid that it needed to access such things in order to survive, talking nonsense at me in the process as well. There is also the fact they have spent at least 60% of their professional time on me which I am not giving back as such, I wish to be able to say that I used it to determine what became of whatever it is they were doing between their neighbourhoods and the city centre, such that if I do make contributions to their wealth and social inequality problems on the basis of their need to tackle my finances, suckle my personal life to cover their backsides due to their personal decisions and tear down my career publicity, it would turn towards a question of what it is exactly they were able to do about me as well. Then there is the fact that I thought I had access to state provided security, so I deployed the opportunity to help people do the best work for their career and academic pursuits, since some people had decided the best way to assist me with that work was to run popular culture on my equity, they did run it and it served the purpose of crime control well until the famous fools got involved and then it turned out the trouble makers were nice and I was the problem, having we established this fact it has been impossible for their stupidities to move else where, looking for more of what it is complaining about alongside its goons at the Monarchy who claim this was a matter of my personal decisions whilst it was rather obvious that there was process and method to state power, not a gimmick that involved tackling somebody that is clearly not their equal everyday. It does have enough time to shut down that stupid profile if it were getting confused about public state of affairs, the stupid profile it built for me to match what criminals and ex convicts spent their spare time on. They do claim they did not like the idea that I ruled over them but we have never seen the idiots complain about a problem they did not create, whereby I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and so much social influence had come to rely on whether I was in a good state, that once it was discovered I possessed a brain as well, I was given something to do at the Monarchy, it loves to suggest I held the Office because it was given to me when I did not get my hands on the stupid society to ensure it got to see it for the last time too.  They raise the point of what I thought of the Kings reign and the fact the King was the reason for all my issues, which is the case as the King since his time as Prince of Wales had always decided I should be some totem character people handled to enhance leadership that only men can provide, about which I am now completely fed up after a 20 year career mess, that said, they had no part to play in the matter since last HRH became HM and we do not know what his leadership style was because it was early days, needs to give it a rest and fool around somewhere else. It is always abusive; it had since gotten me to take responsibility for the kinds of sex that people would demand from their narcissist stupidities when they go to the city to make money on the basis they could bring something to the table in a personal relationship but the point at which I was thought of as the problem that had to be eliminated has never been clearly defined – the stupidity needs to move elsewhere or I will move it myself without due consultation, just like it claims I am a coward which was an aspect of my work history that was a product of meeting some German influence twats in the security guarding industry of which I cannot now access the history whilst they contradictorily complained about fighting communists on my behalf, on account that their stupidities were borrowing it. Always doing this, quick to handle others physically, issues those threats all the time, gets accustomed to insults such that my finances were affected, then it claims that I thought I could get away with anything which nonsense I do not respond to because it was a product of differences between the version of me they had built up on media which makes a lot of trouble and the real me which is usually absolved when people got to meet with it.

Eventually this nonsense is justified on the basis that I had nothing and have nothing left, question still being one of whether they controlled my Bookshop or I controlled it – a very small aspect of work done to ensure I could meet with dignitaries and at the same time was able to get involved with some public work that even members of the public would not wish to get caught up in, has been turned into a tool by which to build me a mountain of problems from thin air and decide my existence abusively, by a bunch of idiots who claimed their actions were indicative of the idea that they were famous and not that they were looking for trouble. It is not saying that I had more control here and ought to devise a way to put an end to this mess but it considered itself to be a public figure and I a low life. No other people spend a lot of time rebuilding social dispositions for playing up practical jokes on peoples finances, no other people had children running around the streets fingering bums in this country, it needs to stop getting on my nerves considering the history we had so far, that it actually just made sense for a bunch of incredibly stupid people to take advantage of what happens between lovers who had to live apart often due to work and convert a social disposition into an abusive way to make use of my personality and get rich fast, talking nonsense about what my new responsibilities were.

The three points are then brought up, that I hated Celebrities and that I crossed the German influence gits and that I am always unhappy. I do not hate Celebrities, we have seen the way it progresses from an inability to stand up for itself unless it was able to buy private security, to which effect it handled my career publicity to make the money for it, to a process where its need to bring something to the table in a personal relationship that involved money making, made me a character that crowds ought to abuse when they gave the permission for it and it would not spend its time in the company of people who were actually its mates yet so far, ripping up my finances in the process. The German influence gits were just a bunch of people who were always seen screwing around with culture as if what they were doing was actually the way that culture worked, whilst their men were always fighting women for social privileges and making a mess of my career publicity for a point that they were real men which I did not recognise as well – it fears the matrimonial narcissism where its abuses could be linked to activities women engaged in during childbirth periods but had picked up short abusive videos that made for the way advertisement should be devised, the happiness by which products were sold now relies on me and those products are sold every time it issues an insult my way, the happiness supplied comes at no cost to its stupidities and is endless, would want to stop the stupid happiness but that was not my right yet. I am not always unhappy either, we know that these people had no respect for my personal and thinking space, it simply isn’t right to them that I am not necessarily a fun loving person even though I had more fun than they did whenever I wanted to – the other git shows up with rogue landlords and corrupt private security, working a gimmick where I lived on social security which was effectively their tax money, at the same time what I did to keep the other criminality twat it had invited into my personal space and personal life through social anomies were being stolen and sold to famous idiots in order to get rich fast, not clear then how I am expected to get off the social security but it was difficult to tell the role that the famous played in the matter, getting it all tied up with my career publicity to suggest I am meant to do something that got me into trouble with the law, to show that I deserved what I owned, continues as long as the children are not afraid to attend school because of me, I did not wreck the narcissism trading platform for the male population and did not trash the Celebrity careers.