Now I am said to be stuck in a cycle of practical jokes that Americans want to play and it is utter nonsense – we all know the first time the Politicians could read my mind, so they fundamentally felt I ought to drop out of University because in my mind, their barely criminal activities were unacceptable, after that it progressed into a case of being threatened by Women because of their big men which ended badly and we are now dealing with the fall out, now every thing they say and do destroys my Books, garnished with silly young people showing when I am worthy to sell some Books at a Bookshop on account that I had gotten stuck with their problems, failed to deal with it and need to move left, so I am wondering what it is exactly the Politicians are going to say about the present situation all together. All I know as a matter of certainty is that everything they say and everything they do destroys my Books and they have come to depend on doing so like their lives depended on doing it, since it makes me so uncomfortable, since it crushes me in such ways all the time, they are about to stop doing it as well – I have waited five years for this to change, rather than change we end up with new worse and violently threatening practical jokes being invented over it every day.

I do get told I am crashing and doing so into them and into every one which is not the case – I am not a character that serves their cause; if those women that take them to University to rip up my academic work want to work with them, they get jobs at the shops when they spend all day passing around insults, abuses and blame cultures, if they become a problem for these women, then the women have sex with them – I do not have the luxury of having sex with them which adds to the fact that I am not a character that serves their cause but it is the fact I am not a character that serves their cause which they most have a problem with and I have begun to think their stupidities need give me a breathing space as soon as possible. When it starts to boast about practical jokes American play up which I am stuck in, then it looks like the business of women complaining about my inability to tolerate being insulted and abused because they get around well with bigger men that can handle me is going to happen again for instance and this time will probably happen in a career environment. They leave this nonsense out when they build me a reputation for bad behaviour associated with their hands getting up my bum after those insults about me moving to the left had become a public issue and they were unable to take the strain, they leave it out when they complain to Politicians and the Media about my so called attitude like we were mates and it feeds into the business of being more important than I am by being a Celebrity years after I got a Royal Commission – should they have been Celebrities years after I got a Royal Commission without relying on me as abusively as we see them do, it would have been a matter of their pompousness, but I have no name for what I now have to deal with as it were, while people claim my confidence levels are boundless when they are really not.

There is this question to answer of how I had become such a grand target for it all together – reality of which is that it has always happened, since before the economic crisis; I would be stuck with an individual that wants to peddle Royal life for money which would mean that even if I got off doing so, I would find the financial aspects very difficult because their stupidities were there first before everyday and at the same time spend their time ripping up my Book sales too – the blacks would be the ones to build popular culture pipelines from the USA to Japan across my concerns and then when I rip it up start what we see is happening now and will never go away, so it is as I said i.e. blabbing about those practical jokes from the USA which cycle I am stuck with and cannot get out means there will be another one of these as it were. I have become a character they can hurt and want to harm all the time because I have waited for them to move on to no avail. The older ones speak of bad British Alliance endlessly which is utter nonsense, as what happens is that people get involved with me and then somebody most of the time their parents, will put some money on it – what they then do is set out their position as one that builds incentives on my public image for hoodlums that CEOs and Chain Store Managers like to get around with, then send out the girls without compunction to tackle me for taking a free ride with other peoples connections and other peoples family business, once they think I am down, its time to kick me as well by setting themselves out as people who will dish the punishment for my attitude any time I respond adversely while I am trying to sell Books at a Shop; so the outcome is that people who have put money on these relationships forged with me will make statements on which little things we have to deal with first before we can handle the big things and there is a sense the bottom will hurt if we failed and demanded the big things which makes them the odd one out and carries on like that with the vandalism until I am prepared and on a trajectory to hurt them seriously for it. Its nothing unusual, right down to their silly children ripping up my Book sales to make statements on when I am free to move left and make some money having got tangled up with their problems and failed to cope is something that happens mostly to show why it was important for them to be denied money and livelihood in the 1950s, the 1960, the 1970s, the 1980s and the 1990s – they never do these things when they do not have money and I am not vulnerable to any of their stupid practical jokes, the fact they continue with it generally means I am going to tackle their livelihoods and money next on the list, especially to ensure they ceased to target me and the damage to my academic work which they create in order to ensure my Equity broker and intellectual property Administration business loses credibility. I do get asked how we would have achieved such a thing in this day and age all together but it has always been as simple as denying them money from the source i.e. the goons who continue to reward them for their destruction of other peoples property to feed some desire for Industrial narcissism, in which case we need be aware those also have a history of becoming Al Capone Characters and that doing so will involve clipping such nonsense seriously. I do get told that I discount the proficiency of my work but I do not in a real way, what happens is that I am at a point of broker with others and appear to be the only one in the world to notice that you never tell people what to do when you are at a point of broker with them and never do their own bits when you are at a point of broker with them because it leads to a process where the problem in question itself surfaces over and over and over again; so it has become an advantage for every git who picks a fight each time people think my work is good especially at Fashion to deal out their own self advancement with media as stupidly as possible i.e. everything they day and do destroys my Books and they are about to stop saying and doing them too.