The way I look at people makes them angry they say – they had lost the part that was their game of course, the one that meant abusing and insulting and annoying me all the time makes me look like gang members and they can steal my work and income and nobody will ever believe me if I lay claims to it for a living, what this must mean is that they are after mine part of the game all together i.e. they had been warned many times that staring into my face can be problematic but what they have always sought is the personal life and prayers of a servant of God while they do not believe in God at the same time and now they want me to make adjustments and will not keep themselves out of here as usual with a big mouth only, hence that whole sense that when they are angry they can touch me has already led to the part where the way I look at people make them angry; these goats cannot shut it and think nobody knows why they target me with that nonsense on that stupid media least of all myself, when it has always been clear they are completely useless idiots who do nothing but deploy that stupid media to build up other people’s lives somewhere and live it as it were, hence the idea I have the one issue to deal with that with never go away with that big mouth. When women get married their lives stop they say and now they apply it to me as well and we will put it to test too – like looking at people making them angry; if they are nervous around me it means they are my boss as well, so that must be the reason, clearly so if they can make up their own reasons for feeling that way: it is freedom that propels them to do these things apparently as it were and we are not talking extensively about the part where the devil seems to be interested all the time through them in authority I have not been given by God so that they can extricate a process of media messing up the authority that I have been given by God as well – I mean don’t get the wrong idea, I have my own adage as well i.e. the Court and what we do means there is a perpetual sense that we are having extra marital sex for those that are married, so that the world thinks one thing and they are propelled to try and harvest that power of evil in one direction but another is fact, which I mention to shed light on facts behind the reasons that is happening.

Here in the UK I will never understand why the treasury spends time fighting the EU over bonuses caps; I mean it is not that fighting for lost revenue is a bad thing as such and hence should not be thereof given a bad name, it is rather that if I were a shareholder and needed a banker I would pay less and less for a banker that was worth less because of the bonus caps measuring how much I have to pay for the best, so those who are not doing their part will of course have to find a different job or up their game i.e. we are looking at spending government funds to fight loss of revenue that you are not Policing in the first place against the argument of efficiency and waste that you have been forced to look to by an economic international body that you are a part of. Then there is the other one about Scottish independence where the no campaign pushes for more powers which I agree is fine if people complain that the deal in paper presently is not good enough but unprofessional if this is not the parameter hence giving the media lots of rubbish, the media made up of male journalist goats that think I am being bullied by them, ammunition for all kinds of nonsense, leading us directly into that old case of what MPs love to complain about concerning myself of which I will never know what a group of fools who are married to the expenses system that can help them get a meal so they do not have to rely on the support of their families in order to be Politicians expect others to do to support them about me anyway hence the reason they bring up the story of the things I do to them all the time i.e. the things I have done to them as a result of what they have done to me which included standing up somewhere at Westminster to locate a Christian they can single out and bully until he reaches a point where not matter who he becomes or what he becomes  or how much he earns there is a quality of life he can no longer recover due to the fact he has institutionalised over a period of 13 years so far and more so spending public funds to because they cannot achieve it by themselves and the public funds are their private property too as it were – it includes when it started I was 21 and far from a teenager let alone a child and have always found it insulting from day one but they have continued to behave with it like it is their God given right, having more to do with being there when I tried to find my first job of which it is not a matter of provoking them but a matter of selecting one person from the population to do some evil on that they might be powerful and are working hard towards a time when their damage of my work and finances will result in me being a plaything for their stupid children and anything I do about it will be followed by vicious reprisals at academics and finances and even security just because they stood at Westminster and selected me for it which they have not yet accepted was a really bad choice to make as if there is anything they can do about me and these things I do to them especially for being there as well when they tried to take their retirement due to their insults showing clearly that when they get away with it, it rather means they have power and not that I made a decision about myself concerning what I think about their insults and abuses hence the need for revenge and to teach them lessons they will never forget; bearing in mind the state of mind you have to be in to pick somebody who stands out for his faith at random and set about abusing them and attacking and damaging their lives and property until they lose a certain quality of life and institutionalise on another, which I have never had of course but cannot understand why they would suppose they are news to me either, hence no real explanations as to why they complain when nobody will ever get past me to aid them and this is a promise that I can back up easily as well – it includes the claim I damage their reputation internationally when what happens is that they have taken these matters to a point where they travel off to Africa to find my parents and make them make me behave the way they want and the outcome has been that my parents come from west Africa while they travelled to find them in South Africa of which I have never in mind life had troubled with them and travelled to Germany or France to find their parents there to force them to behave how I want: - so these things I do to them are not up for conversation and will remain as they are, no idea for my part thereof whom they suppose will come to their aid against me anyway but we need to move on from it to more important things, I have only cleared it up because it is becoming an asset for them to be seen bringing it up when they are doing nothing to change or win the fight they have started here when they cannot keep their insults to themselves. If I see their dance floor and disco light diplomacy anywhere near my book shop they will feel me again without a doubt and need to stop complaining as nobody will come to their aid that can get past me to do so.