The present shake up obviously is that HRH Prince of Wales mentioned risk of persecution but there has always been risk of persecution at all times – I mean the religion I practice in my personal life affect what happens when I sit down with somebody else on a private one to one space to talk about a job role and then it gets to a stage where the question becomes that of why I bother getting a job anyway because the idiots want to see me crawl on my hands and feet begging others for money and so on. This part where there is a link with feelings people have towards my religion and what happens when I sit with somebody else to discuss a job role is usually where things start to get really serious. They do speak of the reasons it happens and how I never address those but there has always been the one reason that does not make any sense i.e. they want to serve the devil and it hurts so they have to enjoy the good bits and avoid the bad bits as much as they can, making excuses about how it all comes with some form of power and violence which is beautiful in its own right but will move hell and high water to ensure that it does not happen to them as well. Those who can just try and normalise the public places for everybody as much as possible but we all know it never actually goes away. I mean the insults are really good and pleasurable, except it cracks them up when they are at work and then they will have to find somebody to pick on as well, usually the victims of the insults and abuses are most preferable – so at least when it comes to losing jobs because of their evil nature I am not the one doing it to them, their insults and abuses are doing it for me. It’s an old story where they will do anything and say anything to become famous and get somebody to make them famous and the points at which things get personal are when they have said all I have and do is stolen from their culture, the part they were saving up for the future – the Media idiots and celebrities are good to go because in their case you can get to a stage where you start to show them it’s not an acceptable form of lottery whenever they need things, by taking that stupid fame from them as well on a regular basis but the racist and none white gangs ones are more political and it is not acceptable to let them get away with it, so I always want to show up and play that game where trapping people in Politics and Civil rights when you cannot overcome them must lead to an outcome where they cut it up on their way out. Hence it’s quite important to let the Media and celebrity ones to engage in it as such all together. Some of them say it happens because bad things keep happening to them on my account considering I have no concept of success and excellence before then the Media ones wanted me to have the same problem as them but become the one that is forced to fix it and every idiot I meet wants to show that he although a low life can take care of an average black person, which is what has made their lives tough – the none whites just generally fight for my rights regularly and there are no other ways they want to make a living. They say they are always getting the better of me which is utter nonsense – they are always putting money up somewhere and showing themselves in public in order to make it multiply by taking advantage of me – those who want to can get off that stupid media and meet me in person and those who already have should go there to complain as well, the people who want to avoid trouble and work on media can always steal my identity for them and then they can avoid it helping people to make use of my Books without paying. Today’s stirrup is that The Prince of Wales mentioned a risk of religious persecution in British society, notwithstanding the fact they spy on me and read what I write and get ahead on media all the time which does not change anything about the terrorists being the problem because they trap innocent people and expect concessions and when they don’t get it kill people to get back at those who were supposed to co-operate. My point is that when we talk plagiarism of my work, it’s a matter of lifting paragraphs and putting them out on media to spread them as far as possible, assume my personality and provide a kind of leadership that can make them proud of themselves, then we listen to the complains all the time because we apparently have no other choice. Its not unusual as such, we have a condition where HRH has set out some matters at a major engagement in business and the same group of goons that have chased me all over the world around The Queen engagements in order to have an arch Prince of their own as well, are at it again; hence it must be done to ensure that they understand the Middle Class insults need be kept at a limit otherwise every time it affects a major part of my concerns at the pinnacle such as these, I will peel one off their own as well like I have.

Of course I am aware of the concerns expressed around my so called boasts but it’s an old story – one moment he is unhappy about the fact one Family decides how much of the Country he can have if he is a CEO of a Company or actually owns one and the amount of money he has is not yet enough and the next he is chasing the Queen for his own Arch Prince or picking up on The Prince of Wale’s engagement after representing me in an argument at Royal circles looking for trouble. So what is happening is that I have had to deal with their insults again and thus peeled off another layer of their own to expose something as well and it’s not a boast but a process of making sure they do not repeat the same things. The story of representing my interests is not an unfamiliar one; they play with me as I walk down the streets then play with members of the Royal Family, represent me in an argument and they are off – I am just making its clear seeing them around my Books or chasing the Queen and Prince of Wales for their own Arch Prince is creating them some major problems beyond their ego and need to be respected. It’s the really stupid ones that know their stuff are done for them when peoples private parts are chased – so it wants to be in an important position where it can have a cut off point for its efforts and not get to help anyone in a crisis and is also really good looking thus prepared to be gay as well. So they say people do these things because they want to get into a fight with me and I wouldn’t know, I am only concerned about how much more of my time it will take up; I do not worry about it too much, it’s an old tale of when you have to think about every stupid trouble maker in the community whose parents have a bit of money to spend on their madness and the girls really make sense of it when each time you think about them as human beings it works out that you do not enjoy watching pornography which is acceptable and when you don’t pornography starts to become those occasions where they go to their boys and want to be fucked really good which starts to make sense in the real world to you and causes you to feel aroused. I do think about them when matters of economic alliance and power and a case of something I am supposed to be scared of is mentioned and will never be pleased to see them and their stupid movements whatever shape it takes around my Books beyond what I have already tolerated. So they say firstly that I do not know when to stop and also that I move into their right hand – utter nonsense as we can see, I have tried in vain to ensure that all Publicity around my work and Public life and any products I am selling at the Royal Estate to maintain the structure and system and pay expenses is not being run by people who want to judge me and make me do the products in a way that solves their personal life problems but we are still not at this stage getting enough response from them to ensure I can administrate a Book readers Community properly even when it is on the Internet. As for moving into their right hand, that was an old on being informed endlessly that they are damaged goods, which I am fundamentally not interested in – well off enemy needs to get a job and work off his ill feelings, stay away from me as we are not mates; the only dangerous aspect of this matter is when they are buying and consuming organised crime products, there is nothing on this planet that they can actually do about me.

So they do say that I am lazy and it does not make any sense to me, it comes up as a topic for conversation so often that I start to think they are trying to sell me drugs. So let’s do the basics again i.e. I have only started taking food supplements in the last two months and am not making a consistent job at it, until then, all I have done has been done on a breakfast and a Meal per day, so this is definitely not a lazy mans endeavour and very rich too coming from cracked up out of my league goons all together. I do not perceive it as a problem, as I have mentioned before, the big test is whether your records with government and the ones at home match and then you can tell when your finances are streamlined and exactly what you must do to optimise them if you need to – hence I know what to do and do not actually need to work as hard as they have to but that said, it’s an old story about qualifications that if HNC is worth £30,000 and somebody is extracting a skill from you which is at that level, if we imagine he got away with the money he is making with the process, the reason will always be that you had allowed him for some reason and not because of the way things work; sometimes I express it by getting on their nerves too i.e. why exactly they have to carry their degrees around their necks, even though I know it makes sense because they can advertise themselves that way. Then we hear them speak of my attitude, I wouldn’t know about attitude anyway – I just don’t expect my employer who has to worry about which one is wealthy criminal and which one is poor criminal, to start thinking about social and political issues around the business as well but they seldom accord me any kind of respect whatsoever as such; hence we find that I never tend to have a conversation whenever they are off on an angle like that because it is better to just start letting it blow up in areas until it blows up in their face and then they can decide if they want to employ me or not. We see these stories about attitude every time as well and the reason is largely that I find their social and political problems festering around my Book sales client bidding every single moment, which if it didn’t would afford me opportunities that means I do not have to seek jobs from them all together and this is why they hate my guts too due to the things I do about it, especially inventing work for Yacht and girls crazy CEOs – the way it works is that if I ignore it and stand in front of a shop serving customers and my employer wants me to take some Boxes outside inside of the shop and I am caught up serving customers for a few minutes and he returns to find the boxes and decides to pay a popular culture goon passing by some money to get the Boxes in, these guys will spend their time on nothing else save making sure popular culture goons pass by the establishment wanting some cash to take boxes in for my employer every single day. It only ever improves when I start as well and they feel so provoked that whether or not I am unemployed and those who look like me are as well becomes a real issue, the threat is usually that those who are naive of the problem will then get all the jobs besides which such individuals are not moral people, so I never actually like having the conversations if things can start blowing up right away; the CEO ones I love to invent work for i.e. start a campaign regarding what would have happened if only they got off expensive cars and homes and picked up their suitcases to show up at local communities and speak to small businesses that distribute the goods of the large companies they work in and then the direct hatred with replace the insults associated with rubbing shoulders with them, which ends with my clients carrying weights of their problems instead of reading my Books while I look after their stupid wives even when they know grave consequences will follow it since I am Royalty and likely to be handled by a Court system. These are the reasons they love Chain store managers so much, considering those can go from sitting on tills all day to wearing suits; the result will then be that they can accuse of anything and make them do anything as well and then tell me its evidence of my laziness which rather tends to imply that it’s a matter of what they were the ones that actually wanted to do all together as it were. The point is that on the story of laziness, when I am good at one thing, stifling the income if Male media fools want to make use of me becomes something they think of as a public service and then I find myself being made to do what I am not good at and when I manage the two and my own life and living and keep up with what the government knows and does about me as well, they turn up to seek me at the point where I am tired and set their community croons on me, who will with insults and booing all day ensure their idiots are popular culture famous and no matter how long I have rested I am always out of energy and I want them off my Business empire all together starting from this case of seeing their public and social and cultural problems at my client bidding all the time; laziness tale dead and buried.