The case of a banner of cowardice hanging around me is nothing unusual, its just that the story runs every day and there isn’t a banner of cowardice hanging around me if that was decided by a group of people that are so stupid they cannot tell if it is villainy of heroism they are getting themselves involved with; all they know is the needs they have and the blood that will flow out of your veins to make them comfortable. Usually the best outcome is when an Arch Prince leads them down a poor path and abandons them, so we can see how a Prince will get into a fight to protect idiots from there or the Military and security services personnel finds a fight that is so big it will engulf them as well to get involved with. Otherwise it is easy to see that I could tell the difference between the villainy and the heroism when I was very young and it allowed me to get just off belonging on the right while having a Court system of women on the left therefore meaning I can do whatever I like for most of the time; mostly however the fact I never get involved in a fight is that these scum are evil and the purpose of their activities is that they have failed to handle me in every way imaginable, so they will never let the manhood and the violent bits rest until that becomes where they helped the devil to some form of victory.

I gather this is about LGBT Communities but as I have mentioned before, we have never seen them drop out of school because I was looking for somebody to have sex with while I have because they were chasing same sex lovers – in the end be it that they seem to have an inability to understand what people are saying when they are told that their practical jokes have become unbearable, apart from the reality that most of their mental illness is due to their need to mess with me, along the lines of such nonsense as jumping on my public image to make money which then makes them more famous and important than I am about which the vanity and insults become a tangible entity that wish to end up somewhere and usually do not end up here unless they were the stronger half of the both of us, we find thereof that mine is not an isolated case concerning their mental illness which tends to suggest that you must not respond to everything they do as such and that I have to try and avoid messing with other people’s liabilities on their account all together as well for my part – the inability to understand when people say that their practical jokes have caused a lot of trouble being that they are disobedient and the reasons for their disobedience is because they are mentally disturbed and so we know that when to classify LGBT according to such medical facts, the discrimination against them gets worse but so am I certain they understand I want them off my Books and my Public image as well and when they brag about their power can see it fits very well into a condition where they need get off and do what they do best without me i.e. look for some trouble and then find it. I hear they want to know what my view of LGBT is as a whole but I couldn’t understand anyway, if I have duties to serve Church and State and LGBT wants to derive succour from me when having anal sex – the same as black people want to force me to spend time with them and not white people while I broker equities with companies who leave me with publicity I can make a living by as my only source of income. So it become important to set out that even the teaching of Christ without the atonement and salvation is enough to get you out of a condition where you spend your time making stupid decisions that got you stuck with bad elements of society and smell like your loo because you have no way out, their need to see the probability of women suffering violence when the tummy gives up on them does not mean that Christ saves any less and the LGBT had become important around here.

The other story around this matter is that I gather up problems from Politicians all over the world which threatens to engulf everybody but I do not; what happens is that Mr Putin is friend of stupid Industry managers and CEOs that have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing and need to own certain talented individuals they deploy as a search light to find their way in the world as insulting and abusively as they possibly can – while Angela Merkel regularly sends out her toxic social media idiots to tell me she wants them to deploy my public image at New York USA to get rich quick, which generally makes a mess of German success before we hear them claim I am envious of it  (envious of German agreeable Capitalism where they seem to have a plan and build a strong and good quality product, then get off to fight for a market they can plug the product into and maintain it to put out quality products at an affordable rate every year which makes them very difficult to compete with because my British one involves building a product that settles the basics and then can be altered to the needs of my Clients, so those who can afford a cheaper one 4 times a year because they earn only about 25% of what the person who can afford the one he has to replace every 6 years is able to buy, tends to get a Financial arrangement I have them sign up to, so they can leave me with the hard work and get on with their lives) and the Americans would have been the Obama who sat in the Oval office to stifle my Book sales for 8 years because I was an option in the life of his Political career which he needed to deploy after he was done being elected president and so everything they have built up on my Asset base around China in that period doing damage they even tell me they have to do because it is needed or that they are successful enough to around here has now been almost completely destroyed at this stage, when it gets serious with stupid men for a change as it were. My point is that I am not in any difficulty with Politicians, they have been making friends with criminals while their goons tell me I am a coward and yet each time they say I do what I do because I am scared stiffy of Terrorists, I tend to ask them if they have found out what the Terrorists are scared of as well implying the part they are playing in the matter in case I spin their own off for a suicide bomber as well as it were, pissing me off all the time, does need to shut it about the cowardice and really does need to keep off my case and fuck somewhere else.

Many do ask this question of whether I enjoy getting myself all messed up with the insanity of the media, just as much as the media likes to set me up for people to abuse if they wanted a bit of public luck. I am not getting tangled up with the media, I get involved with their mess on purpose of getting hit i.e. every time I detach myself from it and watch it from a distance it’s a very vile and abusive and bitter, twisted form of processes that let them play around with peoples emotions developed from the day job when it is not part of the job description all day long – being told that it makes many times difficult the job of parents who are basically running both their careers and that of their children because they are the only ones of the two types of people with equipment to run any careers, will only spur them on with abuses they have not told their families they dish out on others without reason or purpose each day they get to the Office; so I do need to get hit by it and try to work out what their obsession with being seen channelling their popular culture towards my Books really is. I mean sometimes it starts with having found a new job and followed on with being told now I have I need to deliver the goods and then when I tell them I will make them a deal they cannot refuse as well, each time I attend work I find people getting punished because I have, then the busy body opportunism radio DJs will make stupid insulting comments that help them keep an eye on people for the Clients who buy the products before arranging music CDs in a way that makes their journey through life easier – usually happens before they tell me I have grafted the great USA and it cannot stand while I then have to explain my unawareness of a situation I did not invent.

In the end its about a certain environment I am supposed to have if my business is one of running a Library that sells the Books that people read from it and it is becoming a choice between them and that environment being allowed to stand each time I build it, if they wish to keep their salaries as well and do not want the whole business of having more than one job at a time while only one job tends to pay them because they wish to ensure others cannot have jobs to burn them as well. I mean even now its playing the screw around with villainy and Heroism and seek out scapegoats that will suffer for it routine because it enjoys itself doing such things on media. They do say it’s a matter of others who have these kinds of environment to live off as well but it isn’t; these are trade writers who have not taken the time to detach themselves from it all, find out if they have to give away their Books because knowledge should be shared or if it has taken up their time and the Public must in an understanding way pay for it, hence the reason they pop out Autobiographies every years on peoples public image and have no respect for the fact saying it does not belong to them should have been enough but if patented as well the owner wants to draw some peace of mind after he has finished his creation – so we find even their children right through to the Politicians want to get involved with my concerns in terms of getting involved with my income or just basically knowing or befriending the managers of companies because I am an intellectual property administration broker, allowing them to make speeches that sound intelligent to crowds in a bid to set themselves out as the future generation which I want them to understand each time I shut down, brings my Business back up to the right size and I am sure they can see it weighs on the conscience to do so as well. we are here because of those wise things women say about their behaviour and the one that stands out the most here is the part where women say people should not place value on those who treat them as an option – what these fools are saying is that I would be selling my Books if I were sharing my Literary Empire because their money added to some vandalism has a certain amount of power and that I am their option and I would be fancied talking wise talk such as these the way the way do and this is why I want to make them talk the wise talk as well.

They do say I am a mess at this time but that is because I am getting people show up here to build me relationships I do not want, blabbing that body type thing and being scared of bottom hurting; so happy to get along with a Celebrity that gets involved with me in order to avoid throes of tribalism of course but we can now see a certain treatment of my Books that follows every process where they have successfully made use of me and which to set out it means I have been taken advantage of, alongside me facing difficulties that suggests to the world that I am getting involved with people out of my league which the media can make something of. So I am now in a situation where the mess made of my Books has placed me in a condition where one of the most convenient things I can do when facing difficulties as well is to get rid of celebrities, I am just making sure I do not get rid of the ones I will regret getting rid of in the future, once set up and ready will have it shut down tight, with no route in or out. They do claim I will never get out of this mess but in my mind there are throngs of people in the work places who are clearly claiming to be more Men than I am, deploying my Books to improve their prospects of winning contracts and promotion and boosting their incomes without paying for it and it shall only continue until I build myself a Public image on that too; no idea whatsoever what has convinced them this nonsense is actually how to make a living but if considered on the basic fact it is unbridled insolence – they just have a problem paying for what they use and will manipulate me using my single status and the sexual perversity that their social corruption offers.I do get told that I think I am not successful enough but I do think I am - however all things are supposed to lead up to my Books, so everything else and the Equities might get on with what they were set out to do; what happens instead is people showing up to ensure another thing takes precedence and its usually either Men having options in life or Men deciding who will be doing the dirty and nostalgic aspects of the jobs that get to their heads or just Politicians sending out their Minions to make their jobs easier by abusing me; the outcome of course is the social goons making a mess of my tummy and when done with me make a mess of their own well, then we find them blame me like they can take me on all together and do not give me a chance at all whatsoever, they have instead explained their position very well i.e. if I told them they were bloody idiots I would find myself in a difficult situation. I know what people mean but its not me thinking I am not successful enough as per maybe I have not written a good Book but its me thinking I am perhaps not successful enough because I am unable to protect the job that my Books do if Politicians and their goons gather up and decide they want the job that the Books do and want the Books doing the job it does for them without a process where they paid for a copy of their own.