So they say Public transport operatives are not as bad as I have made them out to be but we all know that is based on opinion and experience – I take the Bus or Tram for a Couple of times, what I end up with is the Bus and Trams being sold as the thing people need to take a ride in, if they wish to recover their dreams and it does not ever stop, instead it is followed with insults and violent abuses and threats as well – so it becomes necessary to set out that they were that stupid that first time they took their dreams to the City Centre where those who were cleverer than they are took it from them, now it’s all motorist gangs doing my tummy ulcer, chasing my bottom and making me smell like my loo, as though I will not likely do my share as well and skewer their already hurtful obscurities in the process. The question of the importance of Public transport never being an emotive one, in the sense that it exists to keep the Roads and Streets empty but never really achieves the purpose because they make it deliberately so and of course travelling through Public transport always ends up being the fight of your life every time that you do, as the operators draw attention to your body and everybody wants to handle it and you are ill the whole time while something else is to blame for the atmosphere they have created thereof, such as my cowardice and the dirty things they have to do to make me more generous about making women feel safe.

I do get told I hate them but I do not; we are here because the Labour party has spent the last decade wasting tax payer funds on them to help them pass exams in school, get jobs and build up savings – now they are complaining about what I have done to ensure they do not become convinced they can damage anything here that they wanted but will not cease the insults until I pick up the one I am going to do to with what they have now, what those who took their so called dreams from them did before. I mean you will never find people who speak of bad things they will do when they do not have money but set out to play practical jokes with other people’s incomes and livelihoods at the same time, if you looked elsewhere. I get asked what I think the reason is but I tend to have most of my answers when I am involved at Church i.e. pure evil and wickedness – similar to situations when Herod the King will want a Child to succeed him but kill many children in a gamble to kill the Child that was to save the world; I still remember that in 2003 when they started, it was mainly about being able to get into my heart the way that the Holy Spirit has and when I wonder why they would seek such things, they put up expressions that suggest they want to make me into a possessed insane child that tells their fortunes – now they know none of their stupidities holds sway on me so it’s the practical jokes with my finances and the Politics for such purposes have been built to the pleasure of braindead Celebrities and they are most keen to perform it endlessly, already forgotten all about wealth distribution insults and campaigns.

If they are not busy telling me I think I am important when I am not while the business of vices people should only be tangled up with when they leave their homes to get involved with bad company is imposed at the top levels of government and then followed up on Media in people’s homes – about which they complain but there are indications this was not necessarily an intended result as it was something they just did for the evil they pursue, we will hear them then claim I do not see their activities as sexual behaviour and that it is the reason I am frustrated and ill, of which I rather do but it’s the story of villainy and the behaviour that will continue until they became terrorists or just got off winding up the Police so a weapon might be discharged upon their own has never been an emotive one in the matter. So, heroism and villainy are two very different arts and I do see their insanity as sexual behaviour on the contrary and yes, the Heroes who do the wars and kill people of course is what they claim but either way wherefore the system works when they are the ones that want conflict the most while at the same time the ones that fear it the most and job well done at the security services.

They say I think everything ought to happen at once but I do not – making them suffer is the way to be alone as we can see they are very proud of their profitable insidiousness; much the same as the case where it is said that people are surprised at the relations that exist between the US and the UK but it is not actually true; we agree with the Americans on so many things as to say that it is basically almost the same Country but that said, we do agree on some very fundamental issues such as when you do to others, it will be done to you as well depending on how you say you have done it, and of course at the Monarchy especially with the most successful Monarch in British history setting the Bench mark with simple rules such as not complaining about your Royal duties or interfering with Politicians, we both believe a certain percentage of the population should be educated or good at a trade they have learned, not because the state had set a bench mark but because it was their passion – the passion is very important. Consequence in my Office for instance is when the criminals and society trouble makers say they have the better of me but it will always be a case of getting popularity gurus to chase the alimentary Canal of those who refuse to give them personality items they desire to own for money making purposes but it is the idiots who work on Media building publicity for the situation of their victims which really piles on the anxiety that causes the health effects that can be used for distant violence – the latter being the goons who are fighting for their lives presently because they understand pushing people into social issues is the wrong thing to do but it is never the wrong thing while they are having fun with it, only when they are complaining about the consequences of doing it do we hear faint acknowledgments from time to time of the fact it was the wrong things to do. For those that are asking it has always been about social and moral corruption, not the type that you get out of home and family to engage in and get wasted for, the kind that says it is somebody’s civil rights to sit around the streets taking drugs and getting involved with you when you are on your way to school, the one that is imposed from Government Office to target you specifically and get you spending your lives savings on prostitutes, the one none can really make out why people think the effects that reach them should not after they have engaged in it as Politicians. I do get told that Celebrities get the better of me all the time but they don’t; what happens with Celebrities is largely due to the actions of abusive older Man characters getting around with Estate agents and anybody that has got an expensive Car or mobility craft, turning a process where they are not to be helped when and even though a lot of the times Celebrities get into trouble sometimes it leads to the worst outcomes, especially when their conditions was brought upon them because they harmed you. What these older cracked up out of my league goons then do is set about such nonsense that they help to put pressure on those who are considered to be small powers that middle powers like to attack and abuse in the system of state, the most prolific being the case of the sexuality of grandmothers in Spanish villages to play with in order to bottom whip little women and make quick money when needed a predatory behaviour, which here in the UK sits slap bang in the middle of me being attacked by some stupid Politicians who end up having the Monarchy decide which National enemy they want to handle to resolve the mess they have made. For me however everything Celebrities do with respect to my person is either something they feel is too much for them but have taken up anyway or perhaps they found me do something nearby while at it or a process of getting some help outright from my public engagements to follow up something they are doing – I do get told I need to stop them but I do not, I need them there so that Arch Prince can enforce social morality while having a sex life with a partner, otherwise people will never remember their place, just like older men bullies like to think their insanity will have a very good ending. I hear that I have a difficult existence too which I don’t; just the one item of having my finances wrecked so they might get society and culture goons chasing my alimentary canal all the time and we can see from the way I work too, the sheer incentive of getting involved thereof, now they are out of their depth and the abuses are affecting them and their celebrity stupidities even without me taking physical steps to drive them to kill themselves as well. I mean if people play with me while I am respected nobody gets hurt, I simply cannot make out why those who do it because they are being disrespectful perform such behaviour but we all know they complain and get physical but never go through with it since the society goons can pick it up from there and they can think any relationship I have with others is a social problem if their stupidities and its greed has a bit of media to play with.