So it is said I live a life of panic and because of that fear is gripping everybody – the truth is rather in terms of government office that my work has become too big for State Provided security to Police which is something I am trying to clear up as I did create the work to accompany the size applicable, just complications by media creating that such an unhealthy sense i.e. for example my relationship with society means fundamental involvement with men people like to target and abuse because I have a work Court of female journalists and so when the same idiots abuse me they think my reaction serves them instead when it does not in any way stop creating questions they need to answer as I am not theirs and have not got a clue what they are on about. In terms of my panic in its own right, the reality is that these idiots need to stop addressing me without appropriate permission from the correct quarters and we all know it’s been 12 years of financial problems because of that and where their health and safety is concerned the crisis of encouragement for organised criminals but they think rather they are Fathers of circular society sensibilities that I have taken over being too young to get that sort of respect and this sort of nonsense of which never seems to abate on that stupid media, who have no respect for leaders that are below their age and it will end really badly as well not least over the matter of attacking women around me so I might need to hold them down for the women to get their own satisfaction as well and for my case of which the reality is that we will gradually get to a point where they feel like touching me all the time until it ends really badly too and we are not talking about this being a matter of some career piracy either – in terms of that I really enjoy their insults and attempts at doing my job and how they hurt themselves with it so I can kick them after. I mean they are the boss but my fear apparently is their fear and nobody will ever explain why it is that way; while they talk rubbish all the time about being on their own side but will not stop addressing me knowing it creates financial problems for me and encouragement for organised crime where their own problems are concerned. I mean the need to ensure they can attack others and there is a campaign to ensure others cannot defend themselves was criminal enough but now they want to talk about how I want to keep an eye on everybody which is utter nonsense as nothing of that sort is going on around here; the story about me and women apparently runs in the family and that is all I can say about it – I need to end a process of dealing with their insults so I might get the books sold and finish the job. The old story of a need to have their relationship with their mothers and stupid women intact so that those can attack me for supporting women around me and so they might have the right atmosphere for beating up their wives; I cannot make it out anyway, as I said it runs in the family – the incentive and benefits of beating wife does not exist anymore so it is my fault by the way of which the fucking idiots are still beating up wife and I am just the guy that is interested in what happens in other people’s homes, whose feelings is used to spice up their stupid sex life to provoke him in the first place. There is no career piracy here they will ever succeed with and I am fed up with their foolish men insults; it needs to move on and for the blacks the story is the same too; they know I don’t believe racism exists until there is one happening that cannot be denied so they can keep their insults where it might be appreciated. In the end it does seem they want to exist in a condition whereby they are able to harm people and have people chose another alternative way of relating with them to solve such a problem and if considered objectively the reality is that they know things about women the rest of us could never dream of and are getting corrupt with it and I don’t see any reason it should be associated with me at all in anyway whatsoever. They will say I don’t seem to realise people to handle women in these ways are fundamentally psychopaths but I have no idea what their case is anyway –they are the ones that keep making out psychopaths are the stuff of our dreams, so it seems they have a problem with the poorer ones and don’t like them so much. I mean I know why evil people avoid me and they know why I avoid them, it is difficult to see which part these fools are playing but I suppose it does come back to the old story of the rich getting richer as it were; as far as I know of which there are these people that like to abuse lower classes and for that reason I have a Media based work Court and rail worker and Labourer getting finger in his bum regularly as fantasy and so on about which people need to be groomed can work out as the relationship between National New operatives and local news operatives and end with HM giving people Honours when they achieve something great – I see they have conscripted from friends from Africa to chase my anus and penis as it were but I cannot make out, every time it happens to a point of driving me insane I think men are in trouble somewhere and that I need to act, technically it means they are not that person and might want to move aside but it has not yet gained any meaning with them so far and we are looking at a gamble of abusing me in such ways to extricate my privileges and use it to glorify themselves in Africa making them poor and lower classes in the UK rich and then there will be complains about the British Empire and you start to imagine how bad it can get when you conquer them and put a society man in charge so we might hear of it as a planet –the rich getting richer is a matter of people’s fears because they do not listen to anybody and wish to be civil and criminally disobedient, they are complaining because those in charge of the systems have decided to secure their own interests by making sure very wealthy people do not turn to crimes that will force government to dispatch secret service operatives to keep the peace and spark off some new cold war, so it is their turn as it were and when I write books they can want the contents but without plans to buy their own copy because they are that stupid and it turns out therefore that any goon that tells them any tales about getting rich and famous can have them in a team at any time and in anyway, so that all this rich getting richer is all provisional stuff waiting to be paid for at the music CD sales and the celebrity and pop culture and they are talking as if I am the one doing the paying, so of course it’s a story of what will happen to them if they don’t, which means I win again. This process of dealing with them by making hem famous seems to work a treat; I mean they have gotten the millions now, Music CDs all sold and everything but the fans are part of their lives now and we are hearing the other side of the story. They do claim I like it and have made use of it but am now being the hypocrite – not true at all; reality is that it did reach that point where they savaged my academic work to ensure I was stuck at the communities which will ensure they had it all figured out when they got famous and the claim persists even now that being a Christian means I am good for sex with their grandmothers and so on and that is where the problems really kicked off and those societies and communities were made by me to follow them everywhere they went no matter how famous and wealthy they got; you know driving the population of the world insane by grabbing the fame of the Prince and making sure he does not have it anymore to ensure it has been taken from him and the part where I also get off to the see what insanity really looks like routine too; all I need to worry about is making sure the bad things do not happen to me and so these facts are aptly placed on a blog and are not worth a page on any of my Books.

In terms of terrorism, it becomes one of those issues where what I say about it is so important but at the end of the day where the British fit into the picture is rather simple; soldiers have died to push the matter from a Nation to Nation terrorism to a local and lone wolf attack which now means it becomes a Police matter instead – apart from Syria and Iran, most Middle East Countries now have functioning governments and we can work with them and the local Police to help weed out the criminals that have joined up with terrorist groups to have their prize without being questioned and if these idiots tempt me with those tales of how things are looking up on account a terrorist group has said something like “know this when majority of people want something you will eventually have to give in” or there is the other part where their version of criminals joining terrorist groups is a process  where the function of their media is to hold the government over a barrel in order to get rich and bring about revolution – the story of working with Imams and others to weed out criminals in terrorist groups to prevent surprise and lone wolf attacks not paying off is an old case of how I don’t care for example and neither should anybody else – we have continued to put up with their stupid Media cameras and its insults and the attacks in France two days ago is something about which they want a sacrificial lamb that enjoys being a coward to say its middle class Muslim killing middle class journalist not an attack on freedom of speech: I mean the freedom of speech part in specificity besides the one about not telling Imam to preach the wrong Islam so as to avoid extremism when working with institutions of law and order was always the better alternative aside, it seems fantastical that these goons are getting themselves killed by terrorist to increase the chances that some inferior person that has dared to become more important than they are might be blamed for it but that is the truth of what is happening here and I have no idea how many times the pattern will show up before people start to realise it is serious anyway; I mean it started years ago from the normal prognosis of me being targeted by them because I serve God and they serve the devil and my dedication to God thus means that attacking me yields the highest possible dividend of power or even wealth that is based on sucking up to the rich and so on, besides which it will count as their daily wickedness so they can serve the devil but because I was not paying any attention to it my attention had to be secured and it progressed to the part where I will end up being attacked on grounds I sleep with peoples wives when there is no evidence of that whatsoever and then it progressed to the full blown case of somebody has undone the power we had through modernity which meant that nobody cared if either God or the Devil existed which meant we could do whatever we liked with you and people will only care as an excuse to enhance their own human feelings and so my chest hurts like hell because they like to knock it all the time every each case they are seen on media on account I have not opened it to a demon to possess me and the claim it is because they are challenging me to a fight and I cannot remember the exact point at which we decided we will run media and Government and even Celebrity on the basis of violence and who can beat up who either, same old case being they avoid me because when they tickle me the evil has already been done and I avoid them because the corruption of that is a bad thing and cannot make out which part these media idiots with a need to find somebody to sell out to industry scum to get rich and famous are playing in the matter either: of course at this point they will say its nice to have reduced me to abused preacher boy which I really am, which does not matter anyway since the last time we checked every attempt at making me abused preacher boy who is being criticised by modern priests, the result is that those priests cannot do it without reading the Bible which rather criticises them and makes it difficult to work out how that is supposed to harm me or hurt my feelings and so the Priests do Gods work with Gods property like it or not too; these are the conditions in which people live in the same neighbourhood as a collection of Muslims and get off to draw Mohammed having sodomy with bad consequences resulting from it which is everybody else's fault to bring about some revolution - should it then be said further that they are evil and are aware that I know it like the back of my hand too: I understand it is said I think it is okay to get around bothering them which is not what I am doing at all - the reality is that each and every politicians that have been party to their hounding of my finances over the last 13 years is very well aware each insignificant contribution they have made has had the effect of making sure that the case of my company is that I am building market worth millions from an expectation of money from other peoples superior race and so on and so if they keep off my book sales numbers they will be okay and if not, I will cut their own to pieces as well now that I am not only prepared but well informed by the experience they have given me about how to be destructive and how to make excuses for it too when done, if I lose everything I will have revenge, change the west as they know it.