Now the blacks especially say I have been pushed into violence because I keep seeking attention by tempting fate of course which does not make any sense whatsoever since the truth is that I may be in charge but they are older than me and nobody will ever work out what it is about me that they enjoy insulting so much; hence based on the fact if I abuse them in such ways as well it becomes an advantage when they get on media to resolve it but if they do me they wreck my finances and foster organised crime, hence it does not appear to them to be something they wish to put an end to yet with that big mouth about how I cannot do anything because I do not have the means but whilst they are always after my book sales will not get off it so we can put that theory to the test as well either.  I don’t keep abreast with their International Community decadence and partying and clubbing and binging and general lewdness and loutish nonsense for the fun of it, it is because I need to met out consequences for each occasion they handle any of my work or office possessions in ways I do not appreciate – so when I do mention it I am only being helpful and they will end that too the day they get off the Christians books as it were; we all know about their neo-liberalist boasting and all kinds of nonsense that comes with that too. I don’t think it is a matter that calls for any form of over thinking, they simply said I tempt fate and my life has been ruined right down to quality of life and I need to clear out the fact I am in charge and they are not and the fact I am not because they are older than me is a stupidity that does not have a good ending at all; as for the culture and society of which they will not recover in hell. I mean we see them everywhere around every means by which trouble can be made and I cannot figure out what seems to be the most amusing aspect of being the women that get to tell younger men how they are supposed to live their lives as violently as they possibly can and I fail to see what is so important about behaving like a Jew and dressing up like a Jew when that is their chosen lifestyle as well. I mean I do say the hung parliament could be the least of their worries when they are mad about making statements to link me with people who are being violent and behaving in deviant ways every single day of course and it is actually possible that I am bluffing too; so that we all know if I told ISIL for instance that terrorism is no way to look after a wife and children there is actually very little probability at this stage that they will get rid of it while these idiots are around and about. It is always all about anything concerning the money they had put away somewhere and will deploy to do popular culture and wreck the lives of those who are taking away their freedoms, getting rich and famous in the process claiming they are protecting careers others might steal when they see but always certain to support those who do and attack those who don’t cause them any harm because they know that money gives them the power to, so they cannot understand why others would use their own for terrorism and why I should not be serving them or acting in their purposes; there is that sense as such people like me exist to get stuck in a corner so they can turn out to experiment with intolerance and so I find it insufferable when they mention what has happened to me because I have been tempting fate. They do believe it is as amusing as their inventiveness suggests that it is, so when they have money stacked away and deploy it to attack innocent people because they have the power to while supporting those that are hurting them in the first place, it is tough working out why it is not my business to help them when others deploy their funds to create terrorist groups, they wish to complicate the war and tell me I have no choice with a big mouth and now have no plans to live with the consequences of that too. I don’t think it is a complicated matter, it’s the same old case of the fact they are the way they are not because they were not born somewhere and heading somewhere but because they believe everything down to the ability to tell a simple truth is built on money and so there is no reason to lose mine to them in anyway; I have that culture and society since I cannot keep it outside of my academic work and my personal life and studies and they can come round and get it too if they feel I have not had enough of them and that they have got the fucking guts for it and then they can continue to threaten me as well. I have no idea why they still think they are a threat to me if I with next to no money in a bank account gets the white house and British Parliament to do what I want as regularly as I do – at this stage of which people cannot tell if letting it be or cutting off my benefits is worse as it were, if that is translated into a process of arms and killing people they will be the ones to fire the first shot as it were; as I said I don’t think it is an issue, they were born somewhere and grew up somewhere and are heading somewhere and they are stupid because people made them stupid and there is reason for that but there is no reason to lose your own on account they believe everything right down to an ability to tell the truth is built on money – we live in the real world, we know they are liberals and freedom freaks.They do say that these really foolish liberalists now control my feelings and especially my temper which is just like that old story of how HM does not support my activities when in actual fact One does not wish to be a part of it in the sense that I have a Royal Estate but have confiscated peoples culture and society just because it provokes me. They don’t control my feelings; it’s just something we know their stupid women can get off and do relentlessly all day long without second thoughts or remorse if they can get you to fight those who do terrorism instead for instance. Like their bunny boys children will walk around the streets seeking easy life that means when people come to harm you contributed to it and do continue to think it does not matter, when you were neither the person beating people up or the person getting beaten up in the first place, so these are two examples that are at the heart of it and controlling my feelings is a dream they have with their toy soldiers. I am simply the Christian that now wants to make a living with popular culture and I don’t care what anybody says, it has now reached a stage where I feel I have a right to as well – so it is something The Queen does not want to be part of alright, but it does not mean I do not get any support from the Monarchy and if they continue to wreck the markets so will I continue to dig up even more of it to make the products attractive to the customers: I mean it started with setting out a perimeter on female matters because it had reached tipping point and then that along with what I had already done in male society made me the hero losers can beat down to end the sense they are coupled with the threat of feminism is an example of how good these fuckers are at looking for trouble. It’s never been an issue even though they like to think I am vulnerable to feminism, I am not vulnerable to a group of fools who think that when you are in a relationship with women that are older than you are, finding another man in your matrimonial bed leads to a result whereby nobody comes to harm, which means she is in charge of the relationship; every time we see them we see them behave as though they were Jews, we see them act like ghetto people every second of their lives so they can do those things. So far considering a reputations of mine that involves a process where I am not to be feared and people can do with me as they please; there has been considerable intolerance for palm trees and sex on the beach and homosexuality and homo lifestyle around here but they are not getting the brief yet as it were – they know me that well. So far it is my inability to tolerate their homo lifestyle and homosexual culture and the decadence and everything else 60s to 90s about it that is getting them all over the place, so they say I refer to a history of attacking peoples culture as a sign of what I can do all the time and that they know better and so they talk too much and I need to find another thing to keep them occupied since we all know their yapping is usually a problem when they have found a media way out of where you placed before as it were; I mean the part about culture and society was concerned with the bit where those who mess with it get killed and that it meant I can get out of bed and walk out of my door to deal with subliminal messages in their communities suggesting I ought to find a cause in which I will die so that they can make use of my life on account I will interfere if they try to while I am still alive, so they have found a media way out of where I stuck them the last time I get to it as it were, so I do need to find a new one now: I mean it is the easiest way out as far as they are concerned every single time and yet they are the worlds trouble all together, so they have started talking too much again and I bet if I behave like I am homosexual and dish out some of the worst consequences for any suggestion of it whether or not the part where I am not going to read the Bible one moment and rubber stamp it in the next being enforced by Politicians led to problems before, then we will have the issue under control again; then they can organise their Political parties to go out and spend other peoples royal work – I mean he is not to be feared, it is fun for me as well as they can see. So do I expect an entire Labour Party to bow to my wishes? Well it is a matter of being able to fathom how grownups could target people with so much childish destruction and pretend it is amusing but it is becoming a civil rights issue when I have to work many times as hard for what I already have because they are all over making my hands full all the time: so the answer to the question is a yes, it will serve an add on they don’t need and is violent too. I hear I am said to be the guy who tries to fathom what parliament is up to and is all about when I cannot which has no basis on reality, reality that is rather a matter of the fact people feel when they have some need for abuse and violence I am a prime target with possessions that can offer them fringe benefits and a faith that commands me to turn the other cheek – so it is all their version of who I am – like the old stuff about my suffering; case being putting work on line while they are savaging finances over female fundamentalisms, confiscating culture and society and living with the fact you have not been paying attention to your finances and that it shows, technically of which is none of their freedom business as it were – so if we are talking about stupid black women with insolent children and money to spend and the need to steal things to protect themselves with and have things thereof as such that will ensure they never feel inferior to any, they are as stupid as they are because people made them that way and obviously of which they had reasons. So of course they do say it’s a matter of fanaticism and people liking me; but of course this result of my activities leading to hear disease is the only result they will get from it too as it is one of the best ways of dealing with a people that never listen and like to think you are their timid dog that thinks when you do a shit you can deploy the instrument of time to escape being punished for it and so on – besides which I have no business with them unless they are buying books here and have deployed twitter to set out clearly what I think my personal circles comprises of – they need to go off and screw with their own stupid careers for a change instead. They do claim I have no plans to talk about the HSBC saga but of course the reality has always been that when the people of this Country want to hide behind things that are more than the wishes and desires of one man alone to ensure they hit you every time and get away with it like it is some kind of fix, you can never work out how they got to put the parliament into it and how they got to use the entire financial system or even how they get to use the entire civil service for it, so you are left to be forgiven for thinking they must be the cleverest organisms of the planet, until t HSBC saga where others have had enough of their desire to help every idiot that wants to make a popular culture celebrity rich to the profits they need and people start to handle their taxes and feel they have no obligations towards them as well and it is much the same with the great old story of deficit reduction at a slower pace of which nobody knows what they intend to do with the finances that will be the result of the economic growth anyway or what indeed they think is the prime spearhead of the economy and its Policies at this point. So it’s the insults and abuses towards me of course but we can hardly see any tricks they have up their sleeves any time soon – I mean I know I can buy off insecurities at the global markets for industries and can do it under the guise of Intellectual Property Administration – I can do it and grab and take over peoples societies and cultures and get a Working Court of female journalists to decide what I take from it so I might decide when I work and when I don’t and I can finish off with social issues used to garnish the equitable property and put it into writing as a book which people say is really stupid because they see their own stupidities in the stories which of course is one of those behaviour from them that I am really interested in exploring too as it were – I am so good at it I actually own the liabilities of the British currency as part of my Royal Estate and I had a long time ago, long before now turned that into asset so I can decide how bad it gets at all times as well, so I will really love to see what tricks the Politicians especially can come up with for their part when the insults take the form of what I am in no position to speak of or indeed what I do not have the expertise or right to do. I mean if they do bear with me I will finish off with a case of preventing the usual idiots from stealing my public work to run off somewhere and feel like an untouchable boss with claiming it is power of freedom and that can be done in tandem with the issue of Politicians ripping up my book sales and encouraging others to do the same considering they don’t know what is written in it or understand what it means: I understand they say there is a real need to have me dissected of course but there is really no need for it anyway if people understand they need to keep off the books and products that belong to another persons literary empire that was not built either because he is stupid or is a weakling and try to keep their insults in its acceptable condition and stop creating an abused statesman with their stupidities and assumed powers of psychological war fare and powers as it does actually jeopardise those who use such tools to carry out a career job.