They say in the wake of Armed Forces Video about people being accepted into the Military if they were homosexuals, that it is the same Arch Prince whose position stood against such things the most that encourages it, which is utter nonsense, what does is the fact that the increased exploration of homosexuality today is a matter of simple opportunism, where all other processes of abusing me to make money have been shut down, so pick up homosexuality becomes the one that has not yet been shut down. We hear it all the time where we see that it has gone beyond the fact that the blacks love to strike peoples bums because they think they are superior, to the fact that what they are playing at with Celebrity culture is to clip my finances due to the fact I did not think it was a good idea to deploy my life for the purposes of getting rich and need to be taught a lesson, a lesson which involves an outcome where once they are done with the historic sexual abuses, they will then be in a position to get after me because I get them stuck with the people that will do the lesson teaching and it leads to a process where they get sexually abused. So the whites want to be able to cling to my public image while having access to racists while the blacks are most keen on the sexual abuse stuff so that it does not happen when I get them stuck with the gangs. It is an old story where I am a Christian that does not wish to compromise with them and will be made to go the same way that Jesus Christ did; apparently of which they need a whole National Media, National Parliament and National civil service to prove I am cursed by my parents for the purpose but their main problem now is that they will not go away and spent more of their time with their own mates all together. So if I mentioned that we lived in a country of drug addicts who spend most of their time screwing around until they ended up with a personality that suggests that anybody can take jobs and careers from them, thus feel like screwing with me on media everyday, I would have been told that I was being discriminative but so we can see the threats issued in my direction and that the way I write my literary work having involves a process of setting out the facts and then their involvement alongside so that when I complain about them I do not lose credibility, has not been enough a distance to put them off such fun. Where it plays out of course is the Celebrity culture as we find them buy films and entertainment that has been made brokering with me, only to make their own that will force me to open my whole life to all the problems in their society so they might be rich and democratic, which does suggest that from where I am as well enough have not yet died on the matter; we see it play out about media squandering everything I have and telling me what was like some squatters waiting for me to secure muscle that will get them moving – hence their business with me everyday is always some phenomenon involving my Books and how they wish to spend all of it on themselves, blabbing insults about my disrespect as well while the whole thing is meant to replace a process where I am addressed as a writer and their involvement is to buy the Books. Then we hear that the Books are an affront to American Citizens who turned British, which makes me wonder what their own is about then, if it isn't paedophilia and ageism – we all know it is the only form of abusively insulting leadership that American democrats provide on this planet all together and in my case particularly, I was to be dominated spiritually before I can complete my academic work, while whether or not I did anyway, finding a job will depend on my attitude of which we can see its a matter of making sure when they deploy my property without signing a contract they will be too big to be stopped. They are always a predatory front themselves to a legitimate processes by which people earn money – the school and the college and the University and the vocational training stuff and apparently it is of their opinion I know about it because I am also incapable of performing such predatory acts. So it begins with basic stuff such as threats having to do with me having anal sex with women, which I do not deny that I do anyway, save when I have them beaten up as well, it will be a matter of the prove that they have got all together – it begins with little stuff about the celebrities and film makers taking it seriously that I want nothing to do with them and that if they want to do their thing they need to look to their own backyard and stay out of mine lest I cordon off their own backyard and lives and use it the way they have used mine until I secure the complains they have gotten from me as well, about which it would be a good point from where I can watch them talk nonsense about me playing with fire all the time, while reality rather says I will handle their case and get away with it. These are very stupid people; endlessly we have to make it clear the Industry villages are like a cake shop and even if you have millions to spend, you will have to go back home and put in your order on the internet and wait for three days like everybody else considering that the owner of the cake business does not want a dissatisfied customer and will never consider your money to be worth losing his livelihood for – they enjoy hurting themselves and then hurting me for it instead like some very twistedf and evil vindictive scum determined to destroy a British Arch Prince out of admiration and envy in equal measure and I have had enough of them too. The Industry ones say they will then go off to secure some serious money from oil and gas ans return to handle me after I had set them in their place for chasing my Books as a contact point from which to gain access to what matters to me and use it as leverage to manipulate me – its the same idiots that want big business but have no plans to go along with the rules and the same idiots who talk nonsense about war all the time while they are busy knowing that millions of people can see what belongs to them does not belong to another but are happy to abuse those millions of people by grabbing my work and then trying to make people think it belongs to somebody else – what it is talking about then is the old case where they tell me they can deploy my property anyway they wish and that there is nothing I can do about it while reality is more that they can deploy my Heirlooms in the British Territory and need see they are not hurt yet deploying it overseas without my permission – the same story that runs along the reasons it has to be clear that Middle class without the hustle is evil and lower class without the employment is pretty much the same as well; they do not have heirlooms like I have, where people say I should not be talking about money if I am Royalty and I have to explain I have all the wealth I need for my purpose and they say its a diplomatic answer until they realise they own some millions and can make much more than that if they got involved with an Heirloom and it becomes a question of whether it was the involvement that was interested in buying Books I wrote to fight for global peace because they wanted to stand with me and fight for something, which is what they are all complaining about from Fashion to Media and Celebrities and Politics, always talking nonsense that leads down to that question of being stupid and rich than poor and clever but having an insatiable need to sort out their lives decisions at my expense the whole time. The Politicians love their insults where they like to think they are in my boat basically, talking over and running it all together as well; reality of which is that it has become a case of Fat Cats getting around with Politicians who want economic recovery that involves teaching people it is okay to subvert the processes of preparing oneself to join the work force and it has never gone better for me with regards to a group of people who offices are places where decisions are being made that affect the lives of criminals and come down on me like a Ton of Bricks for not co-operating with their needs, people who take my Books to the highest levels of government where the sales get killed off all together, such that the grass roots are afraid of getting involved. For the rest it has become a question all together; they want to make money they have not worked for and so when they are told it is not building up to a future, what becomes of being told it is not building up to a future is an iron clad argument that those who created the economic crisis never cared about anybody and do they do not have to, however which I would fancy they looked upon me as a writer and got involved for a Book not tell me the Politicians fancy my work, I will no sooner had completely destroyed the celebrity culture so they might become really surprised that anybody can do it. They do say the Politicians had a plan with Fiscal and Monetary Policy on the matter but we all know they make their decisions to get along with interest groups and Unions and it would be nice if the decisions were not made to damage my property for a change; I do not care what the story is, much like it is with the Celebrity culture being replaced by backstage Court people making Cartoons and Pokemon to entertain young people at the backyard while they chase serious money at oil and gas so they might return to run a ten year money making pipeline on my life with a big mouth, this was always the risk i.e. that they would stand up somewhere and ask another person with government business to comply with their need to see their faces splashed over a sky scrapper or no affair of the day will proceed – they were warned to keep out of my life but preferred ending up in this situation where they cannot address me as a writer and cannot get involved to buy my Books and its about to blow off a fight with the media and end really badly. Apparently its no longer about handling what I would have done to get rich, its about handling basic sustenance all together because if I have that they will have no control of what does not belong to them around here whatsoever, it is set a fundamental form of corruption and wants to find out what I can do about it too; what we find when we look again on any stupidities that are meant to help Politicians gain more power is at least a decade of quick riches and show biz money making pipeline laid out on my public image and personal life fraternity which is what is being protected all together with that big mouth making people feel sick all the time. They do say I am not a part of what Politicians and doing and even so will not make the choice to be until it is too later after whence I blame others and it is so annoying since we all know the Politicians spend all their time trapping people, which purpose serves to ensure that when those who are happy and content are made to suffer the happy and content spreads that ways and gets used by those who want to get rich quick which makes for a progressive society, while being completely miffed by where I get my ideas every time I wish to ensure their enemies need not struggle to catch them whenever as well. Its never clear why they enjoy their insults so much but what is clear is that stopping them from deploying government office will feed into their stories about revolution, so stopping them from being famous alongside the Celebrities we see show up to perform extreme versions of the services from my Book simply because they have seen the cover and have experienced some phenomenon that should make them want to read it, then tell me if I want them to look to their own Hollywood backyard for film making it is not something I can back up, whence we also see it is the sort of characters that became the Capone personalities we had to deal with between the 50s and 90s – stop the fame, stop the criminality, stop the criminality end up with a good national frontier with which you can host the world and get a state office job done. When it comes to the insults of the Politicians especially the females however, we shall put it to the test yet again when each time I want a goon who wants to move into my right hand to move into his left, get an education and get a life, their stupidities spend tax payer funds on madness and show up to wreck my finances in order to see how I will react and it means the females especially can blow off their big mouth at me about what I should be a part of lest I complain along the lines of threatening me with those stupid boys from the neighbourhood on account I did not think deploying my life to get rich was a good idea – the part where telling them to clear my space means they make me a deal with a big mouth as it were. So I am aware I am expected to live in fear of abusive racist goons who are willing to kill abusive civil rights scum that are used by a collection of trash throwers to make good their foolish personal decisions in life but having said so; the reality is still that they get off their lives where stupid poor people work for stupid rich people and its okay to be bottom whipped and tummy whipped, while stupid rich people do stupid things with other peoples jobs because they do not wish to be taken advantage of while it is obvious we have a minimum wage law in the Country, they get off it and cling to my whole life and public image as a means of making fame and opening shops, talking nonsense about wealth distribution that they assume their stupidities indicates they are suffering from such a problem all together. Its like when they say it is impossible to push me into violent activity while it is rather quite clear I can make a record of their stupidities and make use of their own lives until they complain as well in the same way. In the end it becomes very clear that if somebody said that he will mess with racists society and then if they prick him he will sell it, so they can clearly see its not worth bothering him, what we find is that these scum will take it up and turn it into a means by which civil rights can kill people, so you have to decide racists need to start getting famous, while they show up to blow off their big mouth all over the place for it as well as though what they are after was where they were born and raised and had childhood friends and attended school and others are completely incapable of predatory behaviour that targets peoples studies and then finances later like we see their insanity express all of the time, which is the usual outcome of all these nonsense i.e. they passed exams and their victims did not; while we see their society fools take it up from here and then anything I would have done to go down in history as a hero will be taken up and done on my behalf specifically to make me feel fundamentally unsafe, driving public transport and looking for some convenient idiots stupid sacrificial lamb for the fact it has a criminal record all the time, talking its own nonsense down my way endlessly to make use of me as well. So I get told my activities create Political instability and I would never know anyway since it is the fact every time people have a cliché to express it has to be expressed around what I must become when people are stupid enough to spend time making me feel distressed – it has only progressed from insanity of their claiming that discrimination is good if it is not widespread, meaning I end up in a condition where people feel as though it is okay to make me feel distressed with National Media once I get out of bed. It is very cultural obviously and for which reason I cannot have a break due to usage of my personal space by ignorance that spreads itself around i.e. changes to personality due to the practice of ignorance that has become a part of life and so everything it expressed to ensure its stupidities can continue is about my tummy and my private parts all day long – very cultural but nobody can sit around any culture to pass exams in school when their foolishness is around and we are here because when I do not want them showing up on my concerns it becomes very important to try all the time. Sometimes it seems that it is okay to allow the really stupid people become famous since the effect is that civil rights idiots will build self expression pipeline on my personal life and public image in order to create a sensational feeling where they say their stupid civil rights looks like that, at a limit. In the end what I am doing may be considered at face value but I do not want them to do it – we can clearly see that they need this interference of religious people in other peoples affairs to make their stories look good while they mess with peoples lives so much that what I do with my religion in my own bedroom appears to bother them, blabbing about Political instability the whole time. What we have here in a real sense is that it might sound like nothing if I said that their insanity is really cultural but nobody can sit by any culture and pass exams in school when they are around but the reality is that somebody has gone off to Hollywood to build a 15 year film making pipeline on my royal Estate which explains the reasons for the increased levels of abusive insults – what will happen with it quite naturally being that children will stop watching those stupid films and watch pokemon created by backstage Media women instead, so we might also have a vantage point from which to observe what will become of it – so it is rather far more serious than it looks. Its never really a problem all around, the same case where being seen with a Bible is when a stupid woman wants to find a way to get married and will completely destroy your whole life and make sense of her idiocy with another fool that threatens you while putting a ring in her finger at the other end – it seems that I end up in this disposition each time they are in a place where they would fancy doing anything if the price was right, meaning that those who would not do anything no matter how right the Price was were actually their toy to place with and so they are out of their depth now talking about how this is all a very small thing and nobody knows why I take it so seriously, while reality is that five years old and it already knows where my anus is located, while I am over 30 and do not even know where younger persons have put their own – parents have raised it very bloody well then talking nonsense at me the whole time. As for it being a small thing; first I had to ignore it if as a Christian I was interested in getting a life, then I had my finances and academics and public image pillaged to secure my attention and now it thinks it can tease me on media it is certain it has a way of making me return to where its stupid life is located whenever it wants and apparently it will not be the last time that they see it if I get my hands on it as well – it got away with profitable insults, now it wants me to keep a record and make use of its own as well. They speak about insults all the time and how these are a product of me dishing it on others but reality is that these fools do not think an Arch Prince's Office is important because it is simply okay not to recognise the achievements of those who are not related to them and I have never had a problem with it until they came up with their own stories about insults while the history they have created with me is the reason Royalty in Europe are never able to get involved with me directly and there is the bit about the sex Industry basically contaminating it all as well; does not seem like much when they sit around their realms doing things with me from a distance but these goons are not the ones loosing the money bearing in mind this was their own lives; so I am still the one who bears insults that others find profitable, very lost as per how I insult them from this Office. I mean, I was described in 2002 at 21 years of age, as the kid who gives respect to people that kids of today do not give any more, this is 2017 by the way and regardless of the number of turns I have to perform at the Mirror to eliminate anything of my phsyical features which may encourage such insults, I am never really successful enough to go anywhere without being made to smell like my toilet, it is impossible to figure how the same group of fucking idiots are now the ones complaining about disrespect. We hear I talk as if I can actually handle the problem but of course we all know if I wasted all that gets to their stupid heads on the left and then wasted all there was on the right, I will step out of my door comfortably whether or not they were driving around those insolent cars, without feeling abused and insulted all over the place and we can all see that an even bigger problem will emerge when they get past the big problem that involves catching me when I am finished all together as well; for now its the blabbing, when it gets really serious then it will be obvious how much stupid and insulting practical jokes they really can play out in this world; its like those times when I take Buses to Church and the prevalent sensibility will be that I was soft arse shit, now I am attending Church as well, such that it becomes quite obvious I have been educated about what happens when people mess with the business of criminals. Frequently it is said people wish me peace but I rather have all those thing; what we are dealing with here are things that are not being said while I have the ability to administrate them, such as whether one might engage oneself in setting off conditions that gets the scum who celebrate the gangs and crime and racism so much into dangerous situations, considering that the same tribalism and nepotism that is used by none white people in Countries that are not European or American etc is the same appeal that racism has for the people who do it here in the UK; the fact it is a tool for a small group of majority population, to express how superior they feel they are to everybody else; since it is clear that playing around with it well enough will cause death, some people do need to explain why these sorts of nonsense is celebrated to the extent thatit is at other peoples expense and what the stupid Cliche they feel like talking all over other peoples concerns until it causes financial complicated that foolish media can get themselves all over is all about. The Politicians say that mine is a dangerous position of course but it is not to me; what I have just done is get absolutely every body very, very, very, very, very fed up and tired of playing practical jokes on me especially their wicked and evil stupidities in the Houses of government that talks nonsense about going abroad to find more if I clear out the resident ones that bother me all the time and then show up around my financial concerns passing around incredible insults to better their very stupid personal life decisions. They always say their practical jokes pertain to me being an Arch Prince but we all know its the guy who does Church stuff and was adopted by the Queen who thought that the way he does it is in Ones interest and not that of the Church directly - which over the years have proven to be the case, the rest of the time, it is the idiots getting exactly what they deserve and looking good for it, wherefore I since became Arch Prince lord of everything and we are finding out what they can do about it – while they blab about me risking war and we all know the only thing their stupidities in the Houses of Government risks of having to deal with what they cannot see after picking a fight with people they have never met. The media is just the ones that wish to see if messing around with my Books will blow up in their faces as I had promised when everything I do to ensure I am secure along with those I care about concerning culture and society is taken up and then broken apart while they invent pleasurable male practical jokes on my finances. We find them after gather their foolish television personalities and Celebrities and Politicians to talk rubbish my way about me thinking about not calling people stupid with a big mouth – what we find is me asking what is going to happen if I don't; I mean these idiots will take up peoples University study as a means of practicing how to get out of being themselves and then becoming somebody else – since I met them at 23, every 24 Hours gives their stupidities another 23 years to catch up on and then we find them blame others and shoot off that big mouth when the Politicians have damaged some finances and help them to that stupid confidence I am definitely not going to extract and beat down mercilessly too. But if we are wondering where the insulting stupid girls and women fit into the picture, especially supposing I mentioned that the men had me for 22 years before I built a court but what they did with me was insolent competition over who is the best man aesthetically, ruining everything around here – now they want to ensure my whole life is being done for everybody, looking for more trouble – where the insolent women fit into the picture is that stupid retard has gone off to build another decades worth of film and entertainment get rich quick making pipeline on my Public image, looking I do suppose for more of what its stupidities is complaining about already and the big idea is that I will get into trouble if I told them they were fucking idiots especially the way it takes up my time and the way their foolishness needs to depend on them as well – the blacks will be the extra who have no wish to put in anywhere near 60% effort to achieve what they want if they can ensure I do not have a salary at the same age that they had a salary lest I break their record and they are no longer able to play practical jokes on me over power and influence. The insecurity they say my position causes me being naturally of course the process of using racism to control their misogyny and then using their stupidities to control racism too when that gets out of hand at a later date and going round and round in circles that way.