Now it is said that I interfere with other people’s very important job which does not make any sense to me as the only type of Politicians that earn more than front line journalists for instance is Prime Minister type and Cabinet Members type Politicians for example, the rest insultingly earn as much as your average factory Manager and have not been having any silly important job interfered with by me; what has been happening is that each time every criminal goon in the neighbourhood takes a swipe at me and wants somebody to complain to, he gets a hearing from them and then matters are set off like a bomb on media which I have to respond to, ripping up my academic work while they chase my bottom to make me smell and issue threats that allow them build shopping centres.

They speak of me interfering but this nonsense continues endlessly while they find it amusing and also a source of power in equal measure; their Politicians will claim that the route to economic recovery is to trap those who know what to do and torture their secrets out of them, presumably of which they will not deeply the secrets to  defend themselves, so we find the same reasons for their insults to be the reasons these things happen i.e. they want to own like a piece of item, a person who achieved to the top and threw away the money to become their toy. The result is that I dropped out of University and cannot return to finish my academic work since over this matter of how they make a mess of their very important job and then make out I am to blame for it and it was the exact year in which the recession global took hold i.e. 2007 – to add to which they told me that they were now on course to make me a symbol of suffering on the road to recovery, which got that recovery winding me up in a big way as the first time was the bit where they were completely innocent people that got attacked by Church people whose academics and finances must be determined by homosexuals and gay community, considering religion and not those insults that get them making a case of peoples diet and building a crowds that make people smell like the loo in Public was the problem of the world. I mean I had just finished with the process of making it clear to the big companies who were chasing recovery matters, that I do look talented but it is not from taking advantage of the effects that their companies have had on the world, before I got stuck with them and their need to become the rival companies by taking advantage of Political Office and its access to majority population – so at this point they have started claiming I would not own up in Public for getting them stuck until they are past it as well, bearing in mind they are always preaching wealth inequality problems but have never ceased to be the biggest crisis that faced any person who succeeded by merit.

They have however continued to set out that they are cleverer than I am but I am a Legal studies student and they are starting to sound like Legal studies as well; so it’s the Legal studies media job these days, where people have decided they were really interested in the things that happened when somebody had the parents and then the siblings and then the teacher and then colleagues at school complain before the judge did over a certain period of years and yet again it is all my fault; on the whole they are not cleverer than I am, just have no respect for my patents and I want to see their involvement with my derivatives ended completely – I do get asked what these derivatives mean but its an old story that goes beyond the fact we are not taught to do violence at Church and they never stop putting violence into people, like in my case to tell me I am breathless which means that I will be breathing the culture and society if I feel as though I am mortally threatened by them, which end done I will certainly get the free air back or else there will be more – it goes beyond the fact that when you had given up on the emotional bits that you struggle with but are not good at so they can make you smell all the time and show up in Public to claim something important for, you have committed yourself bearing in mind by the way that it is the fact they are not three times and four times your size as they were blabbing about in the first place – it goes beyond the fact the party that brought the recession is over and now the party that brought about the recovery is over too while they have ended up with my Books in the head without buying a copy to surround me with a history of insults with which they can control my finances with Media, disregarding the fact as insultingly as possible considering they do not pay any bills around here, that what I do for a living is write Books and that there is no such thing as not owning up to getting them stuck until they are past it as well going on, just reality that these sorts of businesses may be good for them but when they take up my time for it bearing in mind after the onslaught of their Politicians, they were neither in need of money on self-confidence, but when it takes up my time, it has become a real problem. They do claim there is nothing I can do about them naturally but we all know it does turn towards a question of whether it is good or bad to chase popular culture people who cannot let other people be; usually the way it happens being that you likely think its not clear why some people do it but in 90 seconds of meeting them for the first time ever in your life, access to personality and the fact they know how it can be used to make a lot of money means it makes you smell like your loo and is off to claim something very important on Media thereafter, so when you unhinge yourself, you are usually left thinking you are going to beat it up one way or the other, in this life or the next. Personally however it still goes back to the University one where the Politicians are complaining about their very important job but help them wreck the academic work and when it is wrecked they then have unfettered access to wind me up and complain to the Politicians who then give them first hearing setting off public matters which will cause me to respond all the time; it is the basis on which they make out that I grab talents that should belong to the Daddies and never stop boasting that Politics is a world where people do your stuff all the time and happens to be the only thing we find them do at industry, making a mess of people jobs and claiming I will get into trouble over the way that women praise my actions; so again it’s a matter of the fact I am a legal studies student and the kind of Industry they have built along with their Muslim friends means wrecking my finances to get me depending on them for money, while they chase my bottom to ensure I never return to University to finish the academic work until they had taken from me whatever it is they wanted – same case where they are finding out they are not as good at making the trouble their big mouth blabs about all the time; so the question of My Asset derivatives was the old one about basically all we see Communities Authorities do with their Economy when the Oligarchs want to get more people involved with business – it is a free market economy and I have to do it for myself at Private expense; the spending to facilitate community relations, to chose which society I want to identify with lest my products end up facilitating the wrong things and I am even said to be making a living from something that harms other people, then eventually when all is built and I am left with peoples expressed intentions concerning my work, my products and my Books, I have ended up with Asset derivatives – so what these idiots mean by being cleverer than I am is Media salvation letting them make money from this, so they have always after years of abuses and insults that will make them more important than an Arch Prince ended up with my Books in their heads while they have not paid for a copy of their own and we are hoping they will not be complaining about civil rights soon as well.

The other part where they say somebody else is always fighting my battles is much the same as the case of how I plan to get out of the mess we have found ourselves in with respect to Communist Economies; where people are always fighting my battles, it shows up to be important at my expense endlessly and then I will give up and allow it to be important, that will then work out as a writ by an Arch Prince which certifies them as important and then they have to get a job with that – soon enough somebody beats them up and rather than learn the lesson, show up to claim its my fault and that people fight my battles, now claiming the same people will be after me soon, which will never happen. The China story will be when Liberal America takes these sort of nonsense to a Global stage and my Business with China was one where I was required to set up my Asset and Trading base in China because although the Japanese were fans, our outlook on environment clashed and the Japanese Economy was mainly built on the Hype about technology and the handling of environment concerns, besides which Japanese are not as kind to the needs of women as we British are and the Chinese are more in agreement, even though there are some tough women in Japan who get along well with anything British and that was trade that had to be gulped. What has really complicated the China issue which was basically a business arrangement that would help tackle black markets and illegal trading is the Americans who have gone there to presumably take over my concerns in China and it is much the same as the threat of Russia, except Russia wants to know what your economic interest are, then get you spending money to protect it from them while the Americans on the contrary want to spend money on international criminals. So it’s a matter of relaxing, not paying attention to them and letting it blow over – what I look after meanwhile are the firms that brokered Assets with me to a point where they made Physical products from the Assets, some of which are kept in vaults all over Europe and Asia, the Americans however now have to do some serious Political restructuring and the usual leeching abusive dependency is about to show up and make an enemy out of me the way it is going currently as they do wish to make it easy of themselves as it were: so I have written a book that causes nostalgia and is a threat to the free people of the world, I have done something on the right hand side which stops Liberal America from existing and the lies and lies and practical jokes with my property from a group of fools that have made out I will end up in a difficult situation if I described them as such continues unabated, no idea who is playing them, who seems to be a mate as such.