So we hear there is this act that I must drop and it is utter nonsense that has developed from the other case where it is said the way I address them and their Politicians will get me into trouble while they organise themselves into communities that strike my bum every moment on account they want to get around with Celebrities; its about Public control – something to do with their very bad behaviour getting involved with me to draw attention to any state provided security I get and me getting obsessively involved with them the way they do me, to draw attention to their bad behaviour which makes it less profitable; in the end it tells me that it would have had a break in life if I was not so stupid as to prevent people peddling my faith and personal life and public image because I have no respect for what they have been through on the left and on the right and I think they will get what they are after somewhere in hell as well. The part where they say I just believe I can handle Media and Celebrities and therefore should is the one that brings to bear how I make my decisions i.e. struck my bum again because it had warned me that describing myself as an Arch Prince is provocative even though it got itself involved with my concerns while it has no respect for my personal priorities and I am about to take the Celebrities and the Journalists and the Fashion Models away from him and find out how much of a physical and violent threat to me he really is too. In the end they say the problem was that I encumber peoples fame which is utter rubbish; these are individuals who are so good at the only thing they know which involves making use of other human beings in a way that does not proceed as Nature intended and it fits into that whole story of my war on communism while what happens is that whenever you had worked on a project, others will build crowds and get half of it and whenever you have a personal life fraternity, the whole business of peddling it for money will take the same form as well, so it comes to a stage where the funny things they do to please themselves is imaginary whacking me over the head without risking security and so I had to sack their own right through to the Americas too, so as to make their insanity much less amusing. Ido not encumber their fame; they are damaged goods with history of handling people in ways that makes people less human and this means every publicity they build for themselves on any account whatsoever has a negative effect and adds up to a process where they hurt themselves and blame others, what they do because of that is point out my Royal Estate on Media everyday and tell me I will get into trouble for mentioning it belongs to me with a big mouth, once through pretending they pay me to keep their secrets so they might get famous. I mean apart from their Politicians saying you are discriminating if you did point out they were addicts who plays stupid games about random people doing their stuff all the time until they ended up with a personality others want to take jobs from which is incredibly stupid, there is the fact that they hate me because every insult is now being followed up by building them and their Politicians unemployment and financial problems as well a crowd that suits each other and so there is that talk of how I will never have a Public image naturally which is utter nonsense; reality is rather that their case only brings up the memories of when I sat my GCSE and become aware of the world and the civil service for the first time; their point is that they want my own and are really interested in insults that will prevent me from having it, we all know it is not difficult at all to take care of such nonsense but then the main point is that I say what I say because I want society goons that like to chase me around and trap me to play practical jokes to know what I know, hence information put there to run a Book shop by, they pick it up for the trappings of power because idiots with Media at their finger tips simply cannot spend all their time on the job that gets to their heads – so it is becoming a case of deciding what is to happen when fame is no longer a process of going into the city to seek their fortunes if they have a set collection of things that they can do to acquire it. I do get asked how difficult I find living in the UK to be as such and its that old story that goes beyond them telling me my position is not tenable because I live in a multicultural society and other cultures will not like an Arch Prince from the Black race, it develops into the fact they have always done these things, right down to the goons that park and re-park their cars near my Bedroom door until they had parked it well and when I am ill their children can play around with my tummy story, looking like they want to kill somebody all the time with that big mouth; apparently of which we can tell when the Afro-Caribbean ones especially eventually develop their neighbourhoods into the tribal settings where people will be doing their stuff like they blab at total strangers they want to make use of all the time, they will end up with that war we hear them talk rubbish about all the time too; I have always rather been clear about what is not their kids on whom a usage for their future depends but the whites do always want to prove this point about not being ashamed of how they have raised their children on account of how I have turned out and set about labelling me all the time and the most abusive of it all is the talk of being the kid that gives respect these days that kids do not give any more, so I have to make several turns at the mirror before I set out everyday, to be sure I do not look the part that is. Eventually it becomes so obvious they will likely say that they did not think anybody could do it, when I rip up their celebrity and popular culture for them as well now that their salaries have become a tool for damaging my finances and pretending their rights include a process of deserving forgiveness for it on my part, until it becomes too late to do anything about them. They say I do not fancy freedom fighters but we all know blabbing insults at me does not add up to any body's civil rights; besides the bit about getting rid of them because I have written Books and they have set it out for practical jokes that suggest I am providing a service that takes care of peoples bottoms while claiming they want nothing to do with a low life like me at the same time, creating the idea it is what I am stuck somewhere doing – what happens with these goons is that they chase deviance to a point where it is a part of their lives and they are stuck all together and then it will be followed up really soon with a process of blaspheming peoples religion all over the world while issuing threats to any who thinks about shutting down their culture too and then claim that since they are always showing up around my concerns it is what I am complaining about – reality of which is that it is all their own lives and nothing to do with me but when it really winds me up is when I drop out of University and they told me they were able to prove that at some point everybody fails at something, thus I am in a place where failure is not yet a trend and their big mouth will make it one pretty soon. So my Books a written to describe their insanity and it is a career developed to ensure they kept their practical jokes outside of my academics and kept their celebrity insults away from me; although they want it, they never are motivated to buy because it is elitist, served with tainted processes such as the use of swear words which I have already obtained permission from my audience to deploy.